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Mindconnection eNL, 2015-10-18


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Item 1. Graphene is in the news again! Now it may revolutionize mobile electronics in all sorts of ways. Read the full story, here:

Item 2. As great as it is, graphene lacks a "band gap" (an energy band in which no electrical states can exist, a situation that's essential for switching). Black phosphorous does have a band gap, and it has some other properties that could make it the new "2D technology" darling that graphene has become. Read the full story here:

Item 3. There's a new treatment for some of the most intractible mental disorders:

Perhaps it could even be effective for the psychopaths at the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths, since prison apparently is not on the horizon for those career criminals (though it should be). Will Congress have the guts to order treatment? Probably not. But the (slim) hope is there.

2. Product Highlight

We have a fantastic deal on the Blue Tiger Elite Noise Cancelling Headset. FREE Second Day Air Shipping!

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  • Li-Ion Extended Life Battery - A new, high-powered battery combined with more efficient circuitry allows users up to 34 hours of continuous use and 600 hours of standby.
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  • Ear pillows are also wrapped in super-soft leather and designed for ultimate comfort over extended periods of time.
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You know you want it. Buy from us and save!

  • Pillow-soft Protein Leather - An extra soft material designed for better breathability and comfort over extended periods of use.
  • Redesigned answer/end button and the multi-function thumb switch allow simple operation.
  • Low-Profile LED - All the information you need without the distracting glare created by other leading brands.
  • Multi-media capable. Multi-point pairing pairs two phones simultaneously. Listen to iPod or Radio and GPS directions.
  • VoxPro Chip - The most advanced Bluetooth« 4.0 processing chip that comes fully featured with industry leading noise cancelation technology, multi-media playback control, and the ability to pair with multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Includes an AC adaptor, DC adaptor, USB cable, user manual and an accessory storage box.
  • Multi-Function Thumb Switch - Volume and playback control with a simple flick of your thumb.

You can buy from us with confidence, we've been making online customers happy since 1997.

3. Brainpower tip

Back in the mid-1990s, I was hired as the plant engineer for a medium-sized operation with severe downtime problems. Over the year preceding my arrival, the plant's main line had been down for more than 24 hours three times.

My predecessor was a pretty smart guy, but he could not get a handle on this. I made a point of talking with him to see what he had done. All of his solutions focused on what to do after the technician arrived. But the real problem was the delay between when the line went down and when maintenance found out about it.

Due to the downtime problem, the operations supervisors pushed the operators relentlessly in hopes of making up lost production. When the line went down, the operators saw this as a welcome break. They would just wait for someone to give them something else to do.

Production supervisors would eventually notice that parts weren't coming off the line, and they'd fill out a paper Work Order form and drop it off on a desk or other place in the nearest maintenance office. At a staff meeting, one of the supervisors working for me said the only reason anybody would do that instead of personally walking someone from maintenance to the machine was to CYA while not doing his job. Upon hearing this, the plant manager said he would go with that and fire anyone who continued to do things that way. Please note that only maintenance planners can actually issue Work Orders, so this whole process was pointless anyhow.

My solution to the downtime was this:

  • Designate one person on maintenance in that area of the plant as the crew leader. This person was issued a radio. This person would be the first responder to any trouble calls. Single point of contact and coordination.

  • Provide a radio and charging station to the supervisor's desk for that line.

  • Personally visit the line twice a day, having the maintenance supervisor for that line also do that.

  • Chart the actual downtime, actual notification to maintenance, and arrival of a maintenance tech.

We got a big reduction in downtime right away, but still an hour could go by before maintenance discovered the problem. And we discovered it not because anyone told us but because several of us were visiting that line daily.

At a first staff meeting, production again tried to blame maintenance for the shortfall in production. I pulled out my charts, showing that a qualified technician averaged less than 45 seconds to actually get there once notified (always by someone else in maintenance) and less than 25 minutes to restore operation. The other downtime was all due to production supervisors not using the radio we gave them.

My predecessor had focused on the wrong problem. I focused on the main factor. But as I said, my predecessor was pretty smart. So I have to give him some credit for the improvements in the area he did address, thus that 25 minute average instead of maybe a 35 minute one. However, the real cause of the hours of lost production was the lack of proper notification.

The lesson here? Truly leverage your brainpower by applying it in the right place. Going from 28 hours to 45 seconds is a remarkable improvement. Don't count on other people to do their jobs; quite often they prefer to remain clueless. Take the bull by the horns, and don't take any bull from anybody!

4. Finance tip

Selective heating and cooling saves you money. How so, and how do you do it?

I like my bedroom cool and my bathrooms warm. My office and my storage areas have different heating and cooling parameters, too. Yet, there's one thermostat in the whole house. What to do?

First, take a look at your cold air return intakes. In many homes, these are actually a mix of warm air returns (up high) and cold air returns (near floor). I added an intake to the top or bottom wherever one existed, to get a complete set (this is easy to do). Then I replaced the standard grill with an operational louver grill. In the summer, the cold air returns are closed and the warm air returns are open. Vice versa in the winter.

Next, determine which rooms will get the conditioned air as a priority. Open their vents completely. For the other rooms, close the vents almost completely (leave some opening, to get the necessary minimum of air circulation). Close or partially close doors as appropriate.

In the winter, I can open a bathroom door to take a comfortable shower in air that is ten degrees warmer than in the master bedroom or in the living room. In the cooler areas, I stay comfortable by dressing more warmly (a feat I have not even attempted to do while taking a shower).

By controlling vents, registers, dampers, doors, etc. to divide areas of the house into thermal zones, you can dial back your air conditioner in the summer and heater in the winter to save money without sacrificing comfort.

5. Security tip

The Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths does not, as many people naively think, adhere to laws or rules. Among their many crimes, they routinely violate such basic civil liberties as the Constitutional right to due process. See my story about such violations.

This situation of their not caring about your civil rights has personal security implications for you.

With no reason whatsoever, some mentally ill person at the Institute (nearly every employee of the Institute is mentally ill) can intimidate a bank into handing over everything in your checking account. With no warning or notice to you. Just, POOF the money's gone. And you won't get it back. Ever.

If you have overdraft protection, that will repeatedly trigger until it's exhausted (one poor victim had a $9,000 limit credit card available for overdraft, and it got maxed out). They will keep hitting that account, even if nothing's in it, just to stick you with 10 or 15 overdraft fees of $35 each.

They enjoy hurting people. As winter approaches, they hold contests to see who can render the most people homeless. Well, OK, I have not verified that second statement. But the first statement is absolutely true.

You don't need to have done anything wrong. They can pick you at random.

Remember, these are mentally ill people who believe laws don't apply to them and American citizens have no constitutionally-protected liberties. Unfortunately, the justice-agnostic courts and criminal-friendly legislature reinforce these beliefs by not doing anything about the crimes. The Department Of (in)Justice won't even investigate them.

It is up to you to take preventive and protective measures.

The good news is there actually is a defense against this kind of attack. These psychopaths can't attack a checking account they don't know about. They know about a checking account only if you tell them about it. One way people provide this information is they send a tax payment check drawn on the same checking account they use for everything else. This is a huge mistake.

Set aside a special checking account just for paying taxes (those relatively few that require positive payment as opposed to the automatic taxation by which most taxes are collected). When you send the Institute a check drawn on that account, it's the only account they will know about unless you give them additional information. So if they attack you, all they get is what little you've deposited in that account. This is a simple way to protect thousands of dollars from simply being stolen from you. And remember, it can be thousands of dollars you don't have (they can run a credit card to its limits, leaving you with massive monthly payments).

As a further benefit (if you do this correctly with prefunding of liabilities well in advance), you've set aside money for paying those taxes. It's like having it in escrow. You'll never bounce a tax check or have other dibs on the money.

Some cautions:

  • Always set up the account in a bank where you have no other accounts.
  • Preferably, hold all of your other checking accounts in banks in towns in which you do not live. For your main working account, choose interest-free checking so this one is never reported to the Institute.
  • Note that the Institute can check banks in the town where you live; this is why you want to locate your accounts outside the town where you live (makes locating an account to raid nearly impossible).
  • Note also that if they find an account at one bank, they can force the bank to reveal other accounts you hold at that bank. Thus, one account per bank.

Advice for this tax payment account:

  • Always make deposits in cash. One electronic transfer, and you leave a trail from this account to the others. Don't deposit checks in there, unless they are from a government agency.
  • Never deposit a government agency check, especially a 1040 tax refund check, in any other account. Deposit those in this account.
  • Know what tax payments are coming up, and make the deposits (to cover them) about two months ahead of time.
  • Don't use this account for any other purpose. Paying property taxes, driver license fees, etc., is fine because those are still taxes. But don't use it to pay any non-government payee.
  • When at the bank, don't talk about why you have the account. It's nobody's business.
  • Make smallish deposits. A limit of about $500 to $700 is reasonable. Much above that, and you start to attract attention.
  • If you must wait in line, wait patiently. Looking frantically around because you have other places to be is not a good practice in a bank. Just relax, you'll be done when you get done.
  • Always sort your bills and have them facing the same way. Make it easy for the teller to count them. If you have a $100 bill along with a bunch of $20 bills, set that one down first separately from the rest and put your finger on the denomination. Don't speak aloud what it is, the teller handles money all day and will understand.
  • Do not speak while the teller is counting.

Always dress appropriately for going to the bank, even if you're using the drive-up (it has cameras). This is just good manners, but setting this tone of respect can pay off in practical ways too. You want to dress about at the same level as the tellers, regardless of how inappropriately other patrons dress when visiting the establishment.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

One of the most common questions that bodybuilders get asked is, "How much can you bench?"

While the bench press is indeed a great compound exercise, this is the wrong question to ask. For one thing, if you go into most any gym and watch 100 people bench press you will see 99 do it incorrectly. They rotate their shoulders forward so as to heft more weight, and this cheats the pecs out of the work that gets the adaptive response.

If I see someone benching 180 lbs, I can usually take 80 lbs off that bar and then have the person fail to be able to do 3 reps in correct form. Underdeveloped pecs are the bane of the bench press crowd.

A better question to ask is, "How hard are your flyes?"

Not that he knows anything about bodybuilding, but 6-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger relied on flyes for chest development. And he had a 58 inch chest above his 33 inch waist. He was not really big on the bench press.

Arnold used an "open" posture, which when doing flyes really expands the entire chest. He also used heavy weights and focused on contracting the muscles. Slow movement, not inertia-based fake workouts. When done correctly, flyes also make your abs pop.

If you want a chiseled, powerful chest it's not about how much you can bench. It's about how hard you can contract those pecs during the negative portion of flyes. The more load you put on them, the greater the adaptive response..

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

As a child in Indonesia, Barrack Hussein Obama was adopted by his mother's second husband, Mr. Soetoro. Barrack's legal name was subsequently changed to Barry Soetoro. When he later traveled to the USA on an Indonesian passport, that had to be the name on the passport.

There is no record of his legally changing his name back to his three Muslim names, yet those are the names he uses for legal purposes. The implication? Every Executive Order he has signed and every bill he has signed has been signed fraudulently.


  • There is no documentation showing how he emigrated to the United States as a citizen of Indonesia. That makes him an illegal immigrant.
  • But he claims he was born here. When he was challenged to produce an American birth certificate he came up with an obvious forgery that listed his race as "Black" about a decade before that term was used in place of "Negro" (that's an historical fact).
  • His mother, being under-aged when she bore him, was not old enough to confer citizenship on him. His father was a citizen of Kenya.
  • Even if he had a valid American BC, it would not prove he's a citizen because just  being born in the USA does not make you a citizen of the country; both parents must be citizens or one must be a citizen and at least 18 (that's immigration law). The fraudulent BC does prove that Soetoro is a fraudster with something to hide.

Our dictator is not only an illegal alien, he's an illegal alien who is illegally using an alias to sign official documents while also fraudulently presenting false identification papers. Why is he not in jail on that basis alone, not to mention the many other crimes this psychopath has committed since illegally taking office?

It won't do any good to ask your "on the take" member of CONgress to uphold the law. Soetoro will likely never stand trial or even  be deported. But at least we can speak the truth about him. Let's get the word out.

8. Thought for the Day

Think of 3 or 4 beliefs that you have. How did you arrive at these beliefs? Odds are high that you didn't do so by thinking for yourself. We are all inculcated to believe without thinking. What does that do to us as individuals?


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