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Mindconnection eNL, 2015-04-19


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1. Good News

Item 1

Some candidates in the upcoming fake election for POTUS next year have made elimination of the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths part of their fake campaign. This kind of rhetoric about eliminating state sponsored terrorism against our own citizens probably won't result in meaningful change any time soon, but the good news is the banksters and other elites are obviously aware that the rest of us are angry about the situation. So our message is getting through.

Item 2

Hillary is running for POTUS! That is really good news, because she is so entertaining. Here is a person who, as Obama (real legal name, Soetoro) did, is approaching the fake election with a zero accomplishment track record. The difference is she's "served" as Secretary of State and a as a senator. Yet accomplished nothing but a few scandals.

So the lies and spin should make for some real LOL moments.

A little comedy can brighten our days, epic comedy on this scale falls into the good news category. With Hillary's comedy show putting us into stitches, we'll be better able to cope with the disastrous results of Obama's reign of error.

Item 3

It does not appear that Barry Soetoro's handlers want him to have a third term in office. That's really good news, since this whacko doubled the national debt and did much other damage to the country. A third term in office is probably not something this nation could survive. I would like him to have a third term, but not in Washington, DC. I want him to serve that term in Guantanamo, where he should have been sent in 2009.

The one caveat on this cheery prospect is Soetoro is making progress on manufacturing a crisis that would presumably give him an excuse to have that third term as POTUS. I don't know the details so can't comment much, but a nuclear armed Iran sounds like it could be just the thing.

Item 4

Not all of this issue's good news is about criminals and psychopaths. In its 07 March issue this year, Science News reported that a type of chemical reaction described in the 1800s may give lead-acid batteries up to three times their storage capacity. The trick is to use sulfur-manganese cathodes. A similar adaptation for mobile and portable device batteries would mean lithium-sulfur instead of lithium ion batteries for far greater energy storage in the same space.

Sorry, there's no chance that a sulfur-politician adaptation will improve our sorry excuse of a government. But at least cell phone users can complain longer between charges.

2. Product Highlight

This charger is perfect for business trips, carpools, road trips, and nights out on the town.

Never worry about a low battery while on a trip, ever again.

The stylish Wagan Tech Travel Charge Quad USB Power Hub 6.8 Amp EL2891 provides 4 USB ports to keep all of your gadgets charged while your vehicle is rolling down the road.

Perfect for business trips, carpools, road trips or nights out on the town; everyone in your group can charge their mobile devices. Simply plug into your vehicle's DC outlet (accessory plug) to use.

Includes mounting tabs with screws, or if you prefer something less permanent it also includes mounting tape.

We have it on sale now. What a great gadget!

Sold Out.



  • 4 USB power ports (2.4A each) provide 9.6 amperes total.
  • Powerful enough to charge up to (4) tablets at the same time (2.4 amperes each).
  • Quickly charges all your devices at their optimal speeds (up to 6.8A), including: mobile phones, pocket electronic translators, GPS, digital cameras, portable game systems, mp3 players, iPad, whatever charges from USB. No other charger on the market has this feature!
  • Multiple safety features include: on/off switch, independent overvoltage protection for each USB port, short circuit protection, low voltage shut-off, and overheat protection.


3. Brainpower tip

Don't use Google. The Evil Empire suppresses freedom of speech. See:

4. Finance tip

The criminal cabal posing as our federal "government" continues its lawless plundering of this nation's economy, businesses, and individuals. It is the single largest threat to your financial security.

Since Barry Soetoro took office illegally using his illegal alias of Barrack Hussein Obama, that criminal has pushed very hard to increase the crime. Consequently, he and his fellow gangstas have about doubled the national debt. The repercussions have been spectacularly bad.

This criminal cabal continues to exist because so few Americans challenge it. One place where we can challenge it is at the polls. Every two years, we have a fake federal election for members of CONgress (all misrepresentatives and 1/3 of senators), and every four years we have a fake election for POTUS.

These fake elections change nothing. And the reason for that is so many people wrongly conclude that they must "choose the lesser of two evils."

That's not a real choice. But you do have a real choice. In fact, you have two real choices. I'll get to those, in a moment. First, let's address this nonsensical assertion that effectively renders voters moot.

The idea that one evil is lesser than another though they come from the same source is mere propaganda. When you surrender your vote to the cabal, you agree to continued crime. A vote for a D is a vote for the R machine and vice versa. It is one party, controlled by the same people, spewing two brands of rhetoric.

These "elections" are fake as far as any effect on policy. All they do is poll to see who still has not figured out the scam.

You can abstain ("I'm not playing your silly game"), which many Americans are doing. That is somewhat effective. But voting in the affirmative for law and order is much more effective.

The point is not to pretend you somehow will determine who gets in office (a delusion if there ever was one, as the candidates are prostitutes hired and controlled from the get go) but to show you are not drinking the Kool-Aid.

When the % of people voting directly against the cabal reaches a critical mass, it's game over for the cabal even if their candidates are fake "elected." The fake "winner" does not matter. What matters is how many people have figured out that we all lose if a D or R gets voted for.

The worst thing you can do with your vote is surrender it to the cabal, as if somehow after decades of abuse this time it will be different. That's a fool's game, and you always lose.

If you want some other outcome, you must make some other choice. There is a second major party, and its platform is basically "Follow the Constitution." As the Constitution is our highest law (when it's not blatantly ignored, as is the case with the cabal that now runs the federal govt), this means that voting for the second major part is the same as voting for lawful government. And it's also the same as voting against lawless government run by corporate psychopaths.

In the 2012 fake election for POTUS, about 2.8% of Americans who voted chose the second major party. What was the message that the criminals got from this? It was that 97.2% of American voters either approve of the crime or simply don't get it. That's a rather emboldening message, and they have aggressively acted upon it.

We have another fake election next year. Now is the time to break delusions and communicate reality. Once the brainwashing and fear mongering start, voters won't be amenable to reality. They'll sink back into the "safety" of surrendering their vote under the "lesser of two evils" lie.

Things will only get worse if we send the same message next year. Let's work toward sending a different one.

5. Security tip

About personal protection:

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Jennifer wants to know the best form of cardio to lose fat fast. She asked specifically what I do for cardio.

The answer to both questions is, "No cardio."

Let's define "cardio" to avoid confusion, here. Cardio doesn't mean exercise that gets your heart rate up. Every workout I do jacks my heart rate way up and yet it's not "cardio." You can bet, however, my heart and lungs are getting quite the workout. In fact, I have verified the results with tests such as the spirometer.

Cardio is low-intensity exercise that you do for long periods (e.g., an hour or even two). Jogging is an example. This kind of exercise does work your cardiovascular system, and it does burn calories. But the cardiovascular benefit isn't all that great and the calorie burn stops when you stop the exercise.

The typical cardio workout triggers the cortisol response, but not the testosterone response. And the calorie burn stops when the exercise stops.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
That cortisol spike is a problem, though. It impedes muscle gain, thereby lowering your metabolic rate.

But get this. The cortisol may last for a couple of days, and during that time your body is putting back much of the fat that you burned off.

But what about weight lifters who run? Yes, there are some who do run. Take a look at how they run, though. They are sprinting (as in interval training) or running up steps (as Rocky did in the first Rocky movie).

Take a look at Mike, over at One of his early videos was of his "cardio" workout, which involved running at nearly top speed all the way around a running track. He was demonstrating interval training, which involves sprinting alternated with walking or resting. This challenges the leg muscles enormously, taking interval training out of the class of exercise we normally consider to be cardio. Heart rate? Sky-high.

Slightly elevating your heart rate (e.g., by jogging) for an hour gives some cardiovascular benefit, but 10 minutes of interval training will provide vastly more cardiovascular benefit. And interval training triggers an adaptive response that keeps the calorie burn going for days. Regarding fat loss, there's just no comparison. Interval training trumps any form of traditional cardio and you can readily see this just by looking at those who do interval training and those who do the traditional cardio.

I don't do interval training, myself (getting too old to recover from that and squats and calf work). And it's not necessary for me to do that for a strong cardiovascular system or for fat loss. If you think you can handle interval training, go ahead and add a session every other week or so and see how that goes.

You may need to give up one squats workout or deadlifts workout to be able to fit this in. Personally, I don't do deadlifts but do squats twice a month. Just listen to your body and don't overtrain.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight. The only exception is members of CONgress. They have no sense to begin with.

8. Thought for the Day

There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 3 AM.  For example, it could be the right number.


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