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Mindconnection eNL, 2014-12-07


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1. Good News

Item 1

LED "direct replacement" lamps get cheaper:

Item 2

The Evil Empire gets a free pass in the USA, but not in countries that have an actual government. Increasingly, Google's restraint of trade crimes, which get no attention from federal law enforcement in the USA (such that it is), are bringing it under fire in countries that have rule of law. Here's a great example:

Item 3

This battery break-through makes wind and solar power much more viable:

When you consider the huge water footprint from generating electricity from coal, this will also have implications for the looming water shortage. Unfortunately, fracking permanently consumes large amounts of our limited freshwater (renders it un-reusable) and fracking is growing. But reducing the coal burning will help offset that somewhat. Maybe reducing the coal burning enough will render tuna fish safe to eat in only 150 years or so from now, too.

Item 4

Now, a way to cool buildings without using electricity:

It seems to me this would also be a way to totally counter any anthropomorphic heating of the planet, thereby ending the global warming "debate." And we have real environmental issues that the "tax us for carbon" scams have been distracting us from. So maybe with that particular circus put to rest we can focus our attention on real issues that really matter.

Item 5

There soon may be a way for people to browse and text twice as fast while driving:

Well, OK, that's not the real benefit of this. What I see as the primary benefit is Websites that adjust to mobile devices will be able to offer content that's more rich instead of just laming things down. Another benefit is if you're on a capped data plan you might save money.

The most effective way to fix the major defects of the mobile computing experience is to increase the size of the device to, say, an ATX case. Then add a 24-inch LCD monitor, full size keyboard, and mouse; finally, connect it to the 100MB/sec access coming out of your cable modem. Gee, doesn't that sound a lot like a desktop computer? Of course, the whole reason for a mobile device is the ability to take it with you; supplement your desktop, don't try to replace it.

Item 6

Maintenance Technology Magazine reported that, in October of this year, Phoenix Contact opened a newly expanded development and manufacturing facility at its USA headquarters near Harrisburg, PA.

This is a three-story, 125,000 square foot addition. It has 50,000 square feet for production and 50,000 for offices and laboratories. The other 25,000 square feet includes an expanded cafeteria/kitchen, training rooms, and wellness office. It also includes a new combined cooling, heating, and power system. Pretty serious stuff.

Why did they build it? This is a German-owned company, and the corporate office back in Germany said they expanded to accommodate the operation's growing workforce and the increased demand for local (USA) manufactured products. The workforce at this site totaled 521, as of October. This can't replace the millions of jobs destroyed over the past 5 years by Obama's 80% increase in the federal debt combined with his Unaffordable Care Act, but every little bit helps.

And it's good news that job-creating companies can still function in America, despite the Obama mis-administration's extreme efforts to kill them off.

Item 7

Three links that bring hope for the 51% of Americans of working age who are unemployed:




2. Product Highlight

If you have an iPhone 5 or 5s, get one of these recharging cases for it (you will be very, very glad you did):

Sold out! Removed 2015-02-01.


Power when you need it. Erase your iPhone 5/5s power boundaries, so you can have more time to talk, text, surf, work, and play. With 2300mAh of extra power, you get many hours of extended use. Up to 359 hours of standby time--that's 15 days!

  • Provides a full 100% charge for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.
  • Simultaneously charges the phone and battery pack.
  • Black Rubberized Case with access to all ports.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • LED power indicator for battery power level.
  • On-off power to control when to use the extra power.
  • Includes: Micro-USB to USB charging cable, Headphone, Extension Cable.
  • Capacity: 2300mAh = 1 full charge provides hours of extended use.
  • Input: 5V/1A - charging the phone from the battery pack.
  • Size (LWH): 0.59 inches, 2.56 inches, 5.43 inches.
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces.
  • Standby Time: Up to 359 hours.
  • Talk Time: Up to 13 hours.
  • Audio Play: Up to 64 hours.
  • Video Play: Up to 16 hours.
  • Internet Time: Up to 13 hours on 4G LTE; Up to 16 hours on Wi-Fi.

Hot tip: Order two of these, charge them up, and just "reload" when you get low.

We offer free shipping.



If you like breathing clean air in your home, we have on sale the Fellowes 9286201 AeraMax 290 Air Purifier:

  • Effectively purifies air in a 290 sq ft room.
  • Aerasmart(tm) Sensor monitors the air quality & automatically adjusts the fan speed.
  • True HEPA filter With Aerasafe(tm) antimicrobial treatment safely removes 99.97% of airborne particles.
  • Aera+(tm) Mode for allergy and cold/flu seasons.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.

Get yours while supplies last.

Sold out, offer removed 2015-02-07



3. Brainpower tip

Correlation is not causation. Many people believe that cognitive decline is a normal consequence of aging. The reality is that cognitive decline is a normal consequence of not protecting yourself against the stupidity epidemic.

Yes, age does take its toll on the brain. But not to any degree that explains the huge IQ drop that many people experience as they get older. Consider a few facts:

  • Younger people are often in study-based lifestyles. Going to school, learning a new job, etc. A problem arises when a person treats these experiences as phases to get past. What's that problem? You stop a huge area of mental stimulation.

  • Younger people often must puzzle out the answer, while a person with much more experience can simply draw a solution from memory. This is the classic "use or lose it" game, and most people choose to lose it.

  • People tend to become less physically active as they mature, thereby violating one of the foundations of brain-building. Overwhelming evidence shows that heavy exercise done regularly is very, very good for the brain.

Think about the many factors that can contribute to losing your smarts, and you can see you have many choices that can make your IQ go up or down over time. The reason it goes down for the vast majority of people is they stop working at being smarter.

4. Finance tip

Here's some information about one of the biggest, most devastating criminal scams in human history. This came out some time ago. Notice all the predictions? Notice how many have come true?

Once you get to the investment advice, you can quit the video. The point is the predictions have come true. What's the solution? Now that our dictator will presumably be facing a two-branch government system, there is hope for change. It's unlikely this illegal scam will be repealed in toto, but it can be dismantled bit by bit.

Send a letter of support to your representative (or misrepresentative, as the case may be) and to both of your senators letting them know you are counting on them to help end this scam by any lawful means. Using the word "lawful" send an additional, highly relevant message.

If your misrepresentative voted for this scam, write a scathing letter to that criminal. If that criminal lost the "election" this past November, this exercise isn't pointless (it helps ward off recidivism). If the criminal survived the "election" or was not up for "re election" the letter will help let the criminal know maybe s/he can make amends by helping make things right.

Also, it's important to challenge any zombies who support Obummercare. You do not want these people spreading the poison. Always refer to it as a devastating criminal scam, because that's what it is.

5. Security tip

Most savvy Internet users know not to use the Google "search engine," a spam site that has morphed into an ad-selling spy machine. Greed has a funny way of corrupting people, and at Google the corruption is truly astounding.

Bing and Yahoo provide a better search experience, and they don't (as far as we know) spy on you. So boycotting Google is a good first step in personal security.

As for browsers, Mozilla is the best major browser for security. You can find more information about that on the Mozilla site. Because Mozilla is security-oriented, they recently added Duck Duck Go to their roster of search providers. See:

Note: If you use Mozilla for personal privacy and security reasons, don't contradict that effort by setting your default search engine to Google. Note that Mozilla itself recently bumped Google out of this spot in favor of Yahoo. It's unclear whether the reason was the vastly superior search experience Yahoo provides over Google or the reason was Google's total lack of ethics and accountability made the folks at Mozilla nervous.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Science News mentioned an interesting Website, in its 18OCT2014 issue:

This site tracks obesity rates in states across the USA (only 50 states, not the 58 states mentioned by Obama). It has line graphs showing these rates back to 1990, so you can see the changes over time. All states have deteriorated, but some especially so.

The real health picture is far worse than obesity stats indicate, however. Most people who aren't fat enough to be classified as obese are still far too fat. The obesity data are not nearly as useful as the over-fat data. Not only that, but the definition of "obese" seems to be a moving target. The % body fat to be "obese" is higher today than it once was. But it really doesn't matter, because talking about obesity when the real problem is being over-fat is just an exercise in self-delusion.

Men are too fat when their body fat is in the double digits (it's not clear if the high single digits are healthy, either). For women, the picture is a bit more complicated due to the variety of breast sizes and other factors. A simple test is to flex your back muscles; if you can't clearly see them, you are too fat. They don't need to be in stark relief as in the photo at right, but you should be able to see them.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
The causes of being over-fat are well-known, but simply not discussed honestly. If you want to see the causes, just look in the shopping carts at your local grocery store (more about that, in a moment).

Here's an experiment. Go into the produce area and look at the people there. You will notice that most of them don't look very fat, although some might. The more their carts are full of produce, the less fat they are likely to be. Why do you think that is?

In any other part of the store (except maybe the "health foods" area), you will not see that phenomenon. Why do you think that is?

Now, walk along the checkout lines. Look at the fat people. Look at what's in their carts. Do you see soft drinks, processed wheat products, convenience "foods" and lots of stuff in boxes and cartons? Now, look for a cart that does not have these things. This may take you a while, because of the huge popularity of the disease lifestyle. When you find a cart that does not have these things, what do you see? Quite a bit in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables. Notice the person who has that cart. This person looks lean. Not anemic or skinny, but lean (there is a difference!). This person also doesn't have that sallow complexion that you'll notice if you look around at the fat people. Why do you think that is?

It's not some mysterious obesity that is the problem.

To have a healthy body composition (fat to lean ratio), you simply have to make smart food choices. Those choices will be very, very different from the damaging choices made by the person whose fat body shows the evidence of making damaging choices.

Yes, how much you eat is also a factor. But again, you just need to match up bodies with shopping cart food choices; do this, and you'll see what factor overshadows all others.



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted. Not a particularly useful bit of information, but at least now you know. This sure saved a lot of money versus today's diamond ring thing.

8. Thought for the Day

The future may start tomorrow, but you can prepare for it only today.


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