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Mindconnection eNL, 2014-08-03


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1. Good News

Item 1

Sometimes, super-dense isn't good. For example, most members of CONgress are really dense and look how that's working our for us. But in other cases, being more dense is good. Here's an example, and it could be a huge game-changer:

Item 2

Another great development is new screen technology that lets people over age 40 use monitors without having to don reading glasses:

Item 3

Even the propagandists in the mudstream media have their limits. As Obama's crimes continue to inflict ever more damage on ever more people, he is no longer merely unpopular. His behavior is so extreme and so damaging that he's passed the limits of at least one "news source" anchor:

More hope for freedom! The state-run media are losing their propagandists at an unprecedented rate, as Obama continues his brutal crime spree.

This could set in motion a total collapse of the state-run media system, opening the door for something called "Freedom of Speech." The concept is theoretical at this time, but holds great promise.

Another possible effect is that it's a sign that the state-run media will no longer propagandize Obama's over the top misconduct or other malevolence as somehow being good. Without that support, he's far more vulnerable to being formally charged with some of his crimes.

However, he can't be charged with treason (because he's not legally a citizen) and probably can't be impeached (because he's not lawfully the President in the first place, having obtained and maintained that title through fraud).

But he can be arrested and sent to Guantanamo or some other facility for enemies of the state, and that would be very good news indeed. A huge step toward rule of law, and an end to the predatory system that now victimizes all of us "regular folk."

Item 4

This headline from the MIT Technology Newsletter: "Research Investments Surge, but Beijing Hasn’t Approved Any GM Crop Since 2009". GMO crops are toxic via several modalities, from the neurotoxin that people ingest when eating this garbage to the fact that the grains used for GMO are highly modified to have inherent toxicity even without the GMO aspect. On this last issue, several books have been written by highly credentialed researchers. I don't eat meat, wheat, corn, or soy for this reason.

If you have a "weight gain" problem or low energy, totally eliminate "wheat" from your diet for 60 days. (What is sold as wheat today is not really wheat, as it has more genetic difference from the wheat of 40 years ago than exists between humans and chimps--documented fact). You will see and feel profoundly positive differences.

Anyhow, the fact that China isn't permitting Monsanto, etc., to make money by attacking its citizens is good news. Perhaps the USA will some day develop a functional federal government that also fights crimes against humanity, but don't pin your hopes on that. Just rejoice that at least some people are protected from this psychopathy.

2. Product Highlight

Translate French, with this pocket electronic translator.

Mindconnection made a sweet deal with the manufacturer, and we are passing the savings on to you. This device retails at $289.95 and we are selling it (for a limited time) for only $79.99. Yes, Wow!

The 400-series translator offers basic translation tools that help two people communicate, even though they don't speak the same language.

This translating device contains over 450,000 words and 1,100 phrases. Translation works in both directions.

  • Advanced word recognition allows you to find a word just by typing the first few letters.
  • MorphoFinder helps you find source words for English past participles, gerunds, and plural forms.
  • The "Slang lock" function allows you to toggle between "include" or "exclude" (lock in/lock out) slang in the dictionaries.
  • Pictured dictionary (for basic words, more info below). English phonetic transcription.
  • Real human voice for the words in the dictionary in both languages.
  • Vector Ultima spell-checker.







3. Brainpower tip

There was no reason to look in Iraq for WMDs, we have them right here on our grocery shelves. They are called "GMOs" but I prefer to call them Brain Toxin Enhanced Foods.

Researchers in civilized countries (those with legitimate governments) have found the neurotoxins sprayed on the plants as part of the GMO scheme persist. That is, they don't, as the execs at Monsanto claim, simply go away. They become part of the food. They are ingested by humans who eat these plants or products made from them.

So, for example, that soda pop that you thought merely gave you osteoporosis and esophageal cancer does much more. The HFC in it contains a powerful neurotoxin so it helps make you stupid, too.

It's interesting that the same federal "government" that puts people in prison for inhaling THC to allegedly protect them from the alleged brain damage allegedly caused by THC do nothing about the people who feed brain-damaging HFC to children. I'm just saying….

4. Finance tip

Debt is the single largest threat to your financial well-being. Actually, it's more than a threat. It is much like a metastatic cancer.

Debt permeates our economy. Consumer debt and federal debt are two types; there are many more.

In simplest terms, debt is the opposite of wealth. You can think of wealth as a stack of goodies, and debt as just a hole. That oversimplifies, because debt has cancer-like attributes. A unit of debt is not simply in the inverse of a unit of wealth. It's much heavier than that.

Theft plus debt

When someone takes your wealth without your permission, that is stealing. When someone takes your wealth and leaves you with debt, that isn't merely double-stealing but something much worse.

If someone stole your new car that you paid $18,000 for and told you convincingly that if you tried to do anything about it they would kill you and/or your family, that would be pretty bad. If they also forced you to assume the mortgage payments for the $250,000 loan they took out on a home they are living in (but you are not), the picture is now much closer to what the federal "government" does to the average American citizen. A similar pathos applies to citizens of many other nations. This has been the case for longer than any of us have been alive.

Many people can intuit the truth that adding debt on top of the stealing is a lot worse than simply stealing. So to prevent revolution, national governments engage in further fraud to mask the stealing.

Financial debauchery

One way that national governments attempt to mask national debt is by debauching their respective currencies. Everyone has more marks, francs, pounds, or dollars, and so feels richer than they would if they incurred the same loss of wealth if the value of the monetary unit remained the same. Just compare hourly wages from 1964 to those earned today; yet people today have far less spending power for their hourly earnings than people did 50 years ago.

The bandits change the measuring stick, but not the actual wealth being measured. Pretty sneaky.

This tactic is called “inflating the currency,” and it’s how we get inflation. Wikipedia claims inflation is a general rise in prices. That is not only a wrong statement, it is a blatant lie. Inflation occurs when the central bank increases the money supply faster than the basket of goods and services is growing.

There's a reason why the word "inflation" was chosen for this puffing up of the money supply. How anyone can think it applies to a general price increase boggles my mind, but many people accept this lie without question. Inflation is one input into prices, and, yes, prices generally rise following an inflationary move by the central bank. But prices on some items also drop, regardless of inflation--just look at the cost per byte of computer memory as an example.

Inflation is difficult to do when the currency is tied to a physical asset, and for that reason some people propound such a scheme as a cure for inflation. It's not a cure for inflation (there are plenty of historical examples of rampant inflation of asset-based currencies) and it creates other problems; it's tantamount to throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

That said, what if you tied the currency to the entire economy? That is, you have a means to accurately measure the entire basket of goods and services and have honest people charged with doing this, then you assign one unit of currency to x unit of economic value. That pretty much does the same thing as backing it with gold, assuming those managing the system do their jobs correctly. And it solves the main reason the typical asset-backed scheme cannot possibly work today.

Allegedly, Europe has done such a thing and the major European banks are committed to maintaining zero inflation so they don't inflate the number of Euros relative to the size of the economy.

Asset-based currency is no cure

A modern economy does not work with an asset-based currency (one in which each unit of currency is worth X units of some asset such as gold). This fact is obvious to anyone who does a little math, and we'll get to that in a moment. If you're a gold standard fan, please take the knot out of your knickers, for the truth is about to set you free.

Back in the 1880s, it was abundantly clear that the gold standard wasn’t working. The frequent money shortages and various crises that ensued were perhaps the major symptoms. There's a reason why this wasn't working, and we'll get to that in a moment.

The failure of the gold standard as a currency basis was driven home particularly hard after Wilson's War I (commonly called World War I). The flow of gold between nations is worth studying. In fact, that whole period is worth extensive study if you want to understand why asset-based currencies don't function in an industrialized economy.

This fact was also driven home particularly hard in the late 19th century as the economies of nations grew thanks to a combination of population growth and technology-enabled growth in output per capita. That's where the math comes in. Do you need more clarity, or do you get it now? More clarity coming, in a moment.

But just realize that a graph of the world's population looks like a fairly flat line until the oil age appeared, and with it huge productivity gains. The line shoots up at a steep angle, thus making the gold standard totally obsolete. And that's just based on population; it was also made totally obsolete with productivity and output gains. Combine the two, and it's hopeless for gold to work.

If you have 100 units of currency and 100 citizens, things seem pretty straightforward. But what happens if there are immigrants and babies and you have that same 100 units of currency and 150 citizens? What if those citizens used to produce 100 units of wealth a year, but now thanks to industrialization they can produce 1500 units? How do you pay them, without expanding the currency? Ah, there's one of several points on which mathematics and the gold standard can't get along.

And it's not just theory. In the 1880s USA, farmers (for example), experienced money shortages because the amount of money in circulation was limited by the amount of gold held in bank vaults. This limitation was fine in an economy that didn’t need credit or that didn’t need to grow along with population and/or output, but as the industrial age dawned and things like mass production made the rapid creation of wealth (and thus economic expansion) a reality, this artificial limitation on the currency created enormous problems. We will describe one of those problems, in a moment.

Monetary mismanagement

Following Wilson’s War I, the major nations had no choice but to move to a flexible currency. But the way they did it is a huge problem.

The reason stated by many leaders for going off the gold standard was to pay down national debts in cheaper monetary units; that is, defraud those to whom they had debt obligations by debauching their currencies. So stealing was the justification for, and motivator for, modernizing the currency. There were more compelling, and ethical, reasons for making that move. But since stealing was the main reason the method of managing the currency was inherently fraudulent. As it is today.

So we entered a new monetary age, that of a managed currency. Unfortunately, the folks “managing” it are unaccountable and have abused their power to inflate the currency to an extreme but only because their mission is to defraud.

We actually have is a (grossly) mismanaged currency. And it's because the "need" to defraud is the reason for the system.

Regardless of the monetary system, fraud is possible. You need proper controls, and when you are establishing the monetary system and your goal is to defraud people you make sure those controls don't get put into the system. That's how we got what we have. The solution to this is obvious, so I won't even mention it.

It was this mismanagement that Milton Friedman and other prominent economists blamed for turning a market downturn during the Hoover administration into an economic depression. They make a fairly air-tight case, using hard data.

The underlying cause was a shortage of money, exactly what you would have under a gold standard. This, despite having a "federal reserve" that allegedly was chartered to specifically prevent this very problem. As the record shows, the Fed didn't interfere, leaving things just as they would be with a gold standard. Thus, the collapse that eventually became "The Great Depression" once FDR began his attacks on the economy.

But then, the Fed wasn't created to help the economy. It was created to defraud.

In reality, the "Federal Reserve" isn't federal and doesn't reserve anything. And it wasn't chartered to actually prevent any economic problems.

It is SO depressing

Friedman gives a good analysis of The Great Depression in his tome, "A Monetary History of the United States." Basically, the problem would not have occurred if the "Federal Reserve" had done what its creators claimed it would do. But that wasn't its real mission.

Really, the organization is a nonFederal nonReserve and its main function is to convert wealth into debt. That is exactly what it has done, which is why now we have a grossly debauched currency and a national debt that exceeds the GDP of all nations combined--three times over.

The national pain didn't stop with a money shortage depression during Hoover's time in office. It got worse. Far worse. FDR's radical debt generation turned the Hoover Depression into The Great Depression. One could claim that somehow FDR just didn't make it through second grade math and so was merely incompetent. But that is really a stretch, to say the least.

And remember, FDR is the same psychopath who ordered vast quantities of food destroyed while American children were starving. It is more rational to conclude that he did this deliberately, than to claim he just couldn't grasp that addition and subtraction are opposite mathematical operations.

No protection from psychopaths

Unfortunately, the Constitution was de facto repealed after the War Between The States. One consequence of this is our system is not capable of protecting us from Presidents who, for whatever reason, seek to wreak massive damage on the nation. Wilson got by with egregious treason, and so did FDR. Both men were tools of the small cadre of criminals who put them in office.

To understand how FDR turned a relatively minor economic depression into the Great Depression, you just have to understand that removing capital from a capitalistic economy has the same effect on that economy as draining the water from a swimming pool has on the level of water in that pool. Pretty basic stuff.

He did this by violating the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment. While he should have been arrested or at least stopped by one of the other two branches, we were already more than half a century into lawless government that simply ignored the Constitution. So a psychopath like this could freely engage in a crime spree that damaged the nation immensely and nobody would stop him. Just like today.

Inflation nigh impossible to measure

Maybe the nFnR inflicted this monetary shortage to "justify" inflation, because rather than having a money shortage we have had increasingly too much money (relative to the creation of wealth) ever since.

Because inflation is relative (it increases as the supply of money increases relative to the size of the economy, which is also increasing in size), rather than absolute, it’s very difficult to measure directly or accurately. You can do inferential measurements, such as looking at prices to see if they are going up. But remember, inflation is only one input into price. If someone tries to tell you that inflation equals rising prices, ask them to look at the price of a byte of RAM over the past 30 years. Some things have gone way up in price, some way down.

But price is a useful way of indirectly detecting inflation, if you sample enough items and they are statistically representative (unlike the bull--- CPI). In fact, price comparison is exactly what the major oil producing nations have been doing. A sheik visits Paris and finds that a meal he buys in dollars costs twice as much as it did five years ago but only 15% more in Euros or Yen (or some other currency). This is why oil-producing nations are increasingly rejecting the Petro Dollar. The United States has been cheating them by paying them in debauched dollars.

But near-zero inflation isn't a challenge

With a properly managed currency, it’s possible to keep inflation within a tight band that averages out to zero. Several monetary theorists have proposed systems that automatically keep inflation at zero. So there’s no excuse for inflation, especially not for inflation of the epic proportions we have seen inflicted upon the US dollar. And as noted earlier, the Europeans claim to be there (zero inflation) right now.

I’m giving you this history of the Depression, info on monetary shortages, and thumbnail overview of inflation so you can understand what’s going on and decide to learn more about these related subjects. That will help you see how your earnings and your savings are being stolen and replaced with debt. Odious debt, at that. It is critical to understand that inflation is a form of theft, and it's deliberately done.

Remember that the main reason the nonFederal nonReserve inflates your currency is because it’s masking the hideously huge debt that is burdening our nation (central banks in other nations also do this, but nowhere near as extremely). Other reasons include cheating you the same way the oil-producing nations are cheated. The debt is the main driver, and golly gee who is the organization that holds most of our debt? Yep, you guessed it. And that's why they try to hide what they're doing. By inflating the currency.

Back to gold?

The idea of going “back to the gold standard” sounds attractive, but it would also mean going back to regional and/or local shortages of money. It would mean that sometimes you don’t have your paycheck because your employer can’t simply cut you a check; your employer must first trade goods for gold (or the equivalent thereof) and if the bank’s out of gold you don’t get paid. In 2008, we heard a lot about foreclosures but they were also rampant during the money shortages of the 1880s and 1890s.

If we did go on a gold standard, nearly all of us could forget about buying a car, buying a home, or using a credit card; all of these transactions create money out of thin air. Probably no online purchases, either. With a gold standard or any other type of static system, monetary credit cannot exist because it creates money out of thin air and thus violates the standard.

Pay as you go, if you have the gold-backed money on hand, just is not realistic unless you like economic depressions and major inconveniences. Such a system also makes "those who have the gold make the rules" more potent than ever.

Remember, the Hoover Depression was due to lack of dollars. That is also true of several depressions that preceded it. This fact was used to "justify" the Federal Reserve Act. But as we now know from actual events, the existence of this entity does not prevent or even attenuate economic depressions. It just makes them worse by adding massive theft to the mix.

A different kind of economic depression

FDR's Great Depression was due to a deliberate draining of capital from the economy. FDR's Great Depression is an exception to the rule of how depressions are created, and in fact we are still in that same Depression for the reasons it came into being in the first place (we had a slight reprieve following Wilson War II, because all of our competitors had bombed each others' factories but by the late 1950s factories in the USA were laying people off).

Obamageddon is basically a gross exacerbation of FDR's GD, accomplished by taking the FDR debt creation insanity to extremes.

The cure is to kill the Fed

On the spot money creation is not a problem in a properly managed monetary system, especially one in a growing economy. It is a problem in an abused monetary system, which is what we have.

The solution to the inflation problem necessarily includes vastly reducing federal “spending,” most of which is blatantly illegal (see the 10th Amendment).

Possibly, the solution could exclude abolishing the nonFederal nonReserve, and possibly you could talk a leopard into changing its spots. A solution that permits the nFnR to exist is just too theoretical and abstract for my mind to grapple with, and it would involve controls too complicated to be implemented and administered. So let's not even go there.

Realistically, the nFnR must be abolished. Since it serves no real purpose other than to defraud you, we don’t need another institution to replace it. But we do need to kill it.

We need a good monetary system, yes. We don't need another nFnR style organization that will only breed criminals and defraud us. There are plenty of alternative monetary systems to choose from. Though I don’t know which one is best, what we have now simply is not acceptable because it's based on fraudulently created debt.

Your vote matters

We aren’t going to end the lying, cheating, and stealing without ending “business as usual.” If you like our 51% unemployment and if you like the fact that the dollar has been debauched by 98% (by some estimates) or "only" 97% (by other estimates), and if you like the fact that the USA is in a downward spiral by almost any meaningful measure, then vote Demopublican / Republicrat and you’ll keep getting more of this same destructive, morally bankrupt criminal behavior. So Step One is to deny these crooks your vote at “election” time.

In a sense, we do need to go on the “gold standard,” but not the metal. We need a government that follows the laws that are suppose to govern it. We need representatives in Congress, not mere employees of large corporations in there stealing from us.

The United States Constitution is the “gold standard” for governments. Our government needs to return to that standard. It can start by following the Tenth Amendment, something it has not done in over 100 years. The Demopublicans have shown contempt for our laws during that whole time. Vote in the affirmative for law and order; vote Libertarian. You won't change the outcome of the next fake "election" for Psychopath In Chief, but you will be part of a growing portion of voters who show they want a lawful system. That message does carry some weight.

5. Security tip

How to achieve energy security

Many people are complaining about Obama's devastation of the economy. Gee, what is it about massive scale joblessness and homelessness that they don't like? What picky people to think it's a problem that millions of Americans lack access to adequate food, sanitation, and medical care! Two bucks for a single grapefruit, and they have a problem with that?  :)

And, besides, the homelessness problem is being solved by building internment camps and forcing the homeless to go into them. They can't leave. You can find reports about this from several sources, though probably not from our state-run media. Is this the "solution" we really want? To treat the victims of bad public policy as if they are not human?

Obama's huge increase in federal spending is inexcusable, regardless of the excuse he spews at us. Recall that when Clinton was POTUS, we had two years of a balanced budget. Eisenhower also balanced the budget.

Bush left office with a $400B deficit budget, which Obama bloated to $1200B before even taking office.

And that was just the beginning. Obama's aggressive spending has nearly doubled the national debt (80% increase by the end of his fifth year in office). The national debt is the elephant in the living room. Its sheer size makes it the determinant of economic health or lack thereof.

Consequently, the number of Americans on food stamps has doubled and today only 49% of working age American adults have a job. Homelessness is also at a record high, which isn't surprising.

People are complaining about this.

Ah, but how short-sighted they are!

What is really going on is our great leader is reducing our dependence on foreign oil and thus moving us toward energy-independence.

It's a proven fact that shuttered factories and homeless people just don't use much electricity. A person without a car isn't going to be buying very much gasoline, either.

So the more Obama's assaults on our economy continue, the closer we get to energy independence. You can call that energy security.

Can we obliterate the economy into a state of energy security? As it says on the bumper stickers, "Yes, we can."

Be sure to vote for Obama in 2016. And don't worry that it's unconstitutional for him to have a third term. His first two terms were also unconstitutional, as have been most of his actions as POTUS.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Those Brain Toxin Enhanced Foods mentioned in the brainpower tip have other pernicious effects on the body.

I'm not going to assume that readers of this eNL are apathetic about their brains; if you were, you wouldn't be a subscriber. But you would be in the majority.

Of course you don't need further reason to reject BTEFs. But brain-apathetic folks you know might need more reason to switch from the WMDs that are taking such a massive toll on the health of our population. The most common sources of BTEFs are things like high fructose corn syrup, which is an endocrine disrupter.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
Take a look around at all the guys today with round hips and manboobs (those are not "pecs", they are fatty tissue). And that's just one of the common symptoms. Talk to your BTEF-consuming friends about the toxins they are ingesting, and have them try some of the safe alternatives that you enjoy.

We can work together to change a bad situation. Do some research on endocrine disruptors, so you are well-informed about their effects. Then encourage other people to make smarter choices.

Sure, it's not your health that you're protecting here. But you will benefit immensely if we can change the disease culture into one that actually makes sense.

I don't eat meat, wheat, corn, or soy. Regular readers know why. If you want better health and can't do this all at once, pick one of these and eliminate it from your diet. Then pick another and do the same. Repeat, Repeat. If you start by eliminating wheat (in all its forms), you will see amazing improvements in your appearance, energy level, and general well-being. So I would start with wheat. It's much easier to eliminate than it might seem. You can get there by shopping ONLY in the produce department for one month. That's right, don't eat anything that you can't get in the produce department.

Some people say that's crazy, you'll die from lack of protein. Big clue, here. Kale is 40% protein. Take a look at a lowland gorilla, some time. That ape is far more muscular than you'll ever be, and guess what? Those gorillas live almost exclusively on vegetables. In most zoos, their diet is nearly all kale.

If the produce aisle thing is too much for you, then eliminate the even-numbered aisles (thus eliminating half the aisles)and make sure you eliminate the frozen food aisle, snacks aisles, cake mix aisle, and cereal aisle.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The song Auld Lang Syne is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year. When it comes to pillaging the populace, CONgress sings the same old tune, too.

8. Thought for the Day

You can choose your attitude. Do you make that choice wisely, or let circumstances make it for you?


Please forward this eNL to others.


The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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