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Mindconnection eNL, 2014-06-22


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1. Good News

Rumor has it the Jimmy Page for President movement is gaining momentum. That could be astoundingly good news for the whole world, and for the USA in particular.

I don't know if someone as intelligent, competent, and honest as the esteemed Mr. Page could actually become POTUS, but it would be a welcome development.

While the current POTUS brings nothing but misery to the masses, a Page Presidency would bring great joy. And not just because of a sound fiscal policy in place of the debt-doubling crime that has gone on since 2008.

Competence and integrity, two concepts anathema to the White House for quite some time now, would be hallmarks of a Page Presidency. The benefits of that would be enormous.

Another difference is this; if you watch the amazing Mr. Page in a video, you see he is a very humble man despite massive accomplishment. That's the opposite of the accomplishment-free narcissistic psychopath he'd be replacing.

As a bonus, we could finally get a decent national anthem instead of the melody-challenged, idiotic-lyrics one we have now. Maybe we'd even have the best national anthem on the planet.

If, by some chance, you aren't persuaded to vote in the affirmative for law and order (Libertarian) in the next fake federal "election" then at least check the box for Jimmy Page or write him in if he's not on your ballot.


Maybe there's hope for civil liberties in America!

Here is some good news on the civil liberties front:

It's good that there is an investigation, but why so little so late? Where was the outcry when Lerner and Brown were victimizing 4300 families via the Hoyt Fiasco and stealing $103 million from the federal government? Where was the outcry when these criminals were raking in millions during the Amcor Atrocities?

The e-mail thing is really minor. Psychopaths at this agency have been engaging in gross abuses, felonious crimes, and capital offenses for decades. They are on the payroll of an agency that fosters such behavior and then commits massive resources to protecting these criminals from prosecution. You can bet that, yet again, Lerner will walk. She always does.

The real solution does not lie in probing about Lerner or any other criminal psychopaths on the payroll of her employer. It lies in abolishing her employer outright. Abolishing the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths would hugely move the USA toward being a civilized country with a lawful government.

It would also vastly increase federal revenue by removing the huge burden on our economy of Institute terrorist attacks, Institute "tax court" games, Institute harassment, illegal collections by Institute psychopaths, and the millions of hours wasted each year trying to comply with Institute regulations that even Institute employees don't understand.

There is zero downside in abolishing the Institute, except for the Institute employees who won't be able to run crimes for personal benefit anymore. Hey, they could always hire on with the Mafia except they'd have to live by a code of honor and many of them simply aren't capable of doing that. Maybe send them to North Korea so they can bring down society there instead of here....

The upside of abolishing the Institute is huge. It would be really good news if CONgress did its job for once and cleaned up this mess. Pester your member of CONgress until this good news materializes!

2. Product Highlight

The ReadingPen is one of our most popular products. And we have it on sale now (we beat the Amazon price).

You scan, it reads. The ReadingPen helps people of any age improve their reading skills. It's especially helpful to people with reading challenges such as dyslexia.

New, with 2-year warranty.

This mobile pen scanner requires no computer. It even helps with reading fluency and comprehension by providing immediate definitions from the American Heritage Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus, American Heritage College Dictionary, and Roget's II Thesaurus.

Further enhancing the user experience, the natural female human voice of the ReadingPen 2 makes it pleasurable to use.

This product has been superceded by the Rocket Pen Reading Tutor.






3. Brainpower tip

Back in the days when comedians were actually funny, several came up with skits similar to this one. Abbot and Costello meet common core:

Beware of the same type of screwy "logic" in other areas. It's actually quite pervasive. For example, it's used to "justify" the 1040 tax system.

4. Finance tip

Because of its damage to the economy (and probably your earning power), the 1040 tax system actually costs the government more money than it brings in. So it serves no financial purpose to the government.

However, it is quite handy for subjugating the population through systematic abuse and terrorism--are those really the goals we should be pursuing?

Please contact your misrepresentative in CONgress and both of your senators about this once every month.

Some people don't understand that eliminating the 1040, without adding any taxation system to replace it, would increase federal revenue. Probably quite a bit. Presently, every penny collected via this tax goes to paying the interest on the federal debt and from that you know the federal government has other taxes to raise operating revenue. You can find a breakdown of what they are if you search online. This tax does not fund the federal government; it actually reduces funding for the federal government.

Try running with a 40lb bag of topsoil strapped to your back. That's our economy with the 1040 system in place. Simply eliminating this idiotic system would result in far higher receipts to the federal government than the govt receives now. No need to replace it with anything.

Analyses that try to defend this idiotic system fail to account for the major costs of this system. These costs include the various and many 9-digit scams that IRS employees conduct for their personal enrichment, the sheer waste of resources businesses expend playing the compliance game, the huge costs of defending against the baseless legal assaults that these creeps are fond of hitting people with, and so forth. The real cost of this waste is in the trillions per year--actually more than the federal budget!

Also, this lunatic system is an excuse for the organized crime syndicate referred to in this issue's security tip and in the good news column above. Yet another reason any sane society would abolish the 1040 immediately.

Lately, there's been a big hullabaloo about the psychopathic career criminal, Lois Lerner over a recent crime spree of hers. I mentioned that above, but let me expand upon it.

Remember that Lerner has been a criminal for a very long time. Why only now is the Institute coming under scrutiny for abetting her criminal career? Lerner and her former coworker, Kevin Brown, made $103 million disappear in the Hoyt Fiasco. Brown violated a long list of statutes, and got away with his crimes. During his prosecution of the Hoyt victims, his lead prosecutor quit in moral disgust and said so publicly. She is now a law professor at Gorgonza University (leading law university).

Brown went on to follow his disgraced boss, Mark Everson, as head of the Red Cross. Everson was booted from that post due to a sex scandal, and Brown took that post next. Not long after, Brown left due to "undisclosed circumstances."

The murders, thefts, court shenanigans, and cover-ups in the Hoyt Fiasco make the current situation with Lerner look mild by comparison. I don't understand why there is so much hullabaloo now but when the Hoyt Fiasco was at its peak it was almost impossible to get any outcry.

The bottom line is that the agency employing Lerner must be abolished. The Congress has no greater responsibility before it than to get that job done.

This terrorist group serves no legitimate purpose. It is morally repugnant and costs the government more money than it takes in taxes. The fact the Institute of Reprobrates and Sociopaths is also illegal should have some bearing on this, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint alone it is long overdue for elimination. Personally, I'd like to see the U.S. Marines take it out.

5. Security tip

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the criminals who are members of the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. Now comes yet another scam:

Criminals pretending they are with the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths

How it works: The non-Institute criminal posing as an Institute criminal calls you and gives you a callback number. You call back, and someone answers “IRS.” Yes, some people do fall for such a ruse (just as some people went into a very deep, deep brain suspension state and voted for Obama).

The posers don’t know anything about you or your tax case. If you have a tax attorney, have your tax attorney call the callback number. That’s one way to cut through the scam pretty quickly. Or, you can have someone else call back pretending to be your tax attorney.

Just make up the name of a law firm and say something like, “This is Mike Brewster of the law firm Kravtiz and Rosenberg. We have power of attorney for our client, Amy Sanders.” (or use your own name, if you want). Most likely, they will just hang up on you. If not, then they will seem in a hurry to end the call.

Scam exposed.

So, what is their purpose?

Like the real criminals in the real agency, they are trying to get something out of you whether you are at fault or not. This scam typically puts the pressure on by claiming they are conducting a criminal investigation. They’ll say something like they’ll close the investigation if you pay the amount in full but will issue a warrant for your arrest if you don’t.

This is not how the real criminals do things; a criminal investigation by the real criminals takes a very long time. You will know about it months or maybe years before the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths even considers arresting you, and the investigation won’t be done over the phone. When you hear this line of BS, just hang up on the idiots.

The Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths doesn’t arrest you simply because you have a real or alleged tax liability. Having a tax liability, even one they create out of thin air, is not a crime.

Of course, the real crime is that the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths exists at all. And I mean that literally. This agency is illegal. Even if the agency were legal, the many scams, shakedowns, and other schemes hatched by the likes of Kevin Brown and Lois Lerner are multiple-count felonies. These felonies get committed with no fear of reprisal, because the criminals have enormous power at their disposal to silence any victims and intimidate any judges on the off-chance they actually would be indicted for their felonies. 

Preventing these “shadow criminals” is yet another reason to stop the real criminals by shutting down the Institute. We would all be better off with this agency gone, so prevail upon your misrepresentative in CONgress to help make that happen.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

A reader wanted to know how many sit-ups I do each day. The answer is an exact number, and that number is exactly zero.

First of all, I don't work any body part daily. Second, I don't do sit-ups. Ever.

Sit-ups really don't work your abs; they work your hip flexors. They can give you back problems, due to the abnormal angles involved.

I think the assumption behind this question was that you do sit-ups to "get abs." And that assumption is incorrect.

So I think the real question was, "How can I have a lean mid-section?"

Whether you want a six-pack or a just a belly that doesn't protrude, the answer is the same and just a matter of your degree of discipline.

Your first line of defense is to eat nutrient-dense foods and control your portion size. That alone will get you a respectable midsection.

To get head-turning abs, you'll need to  build some muscle in your abdominal "girdle" and that means exercises directed at your core.

Shawn Phillips, the author of The AbSolution, answered the "What exercises do you do for your abs" question by saying he works his whole body. Squats in particular are especially effective. I also like hanging leg raises. In addition to hanging leg raises, I do hyperextensions while hanging off a bench.

You can do the hyperextension exercise with an ordinary arm chair. Just lie in the chair facing the back with your butt all the way back and your legs draped over the back. Your upper back is hanging out in free air.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

This is the starting point of the hyperextension.

Now, put your hands behind your head or across your chest. Drop backwards (hyperextending), then curl yourself forward until you go a bit past being level again. That's one rep.

The beauty of this exercise is you can do it anywhere. If you're traveling, you can do sissy squats, followed by hanging leg raises (find something to hang from, such as the underside of a stair), followed by hyperextensions.

A final note on sit-ups

Some people mistakenly think doing lots of sit-ups will burn off belly fat and give you great abs. As already noted, it's not an ab exercise. And you have to do something like 4,000 sit-ups to burn a single pound of fat. That's not very fun.

If you have a belly you want to slim down, it's better to just eat right in the first place and let your body adjust the fat level to where you look good.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

When it originally appeared in 1886, Coca Cola was billed as "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage." Truth in advertising would require the peddlers of this poison to bill it as Osteoporosis in a Can.

8. Thought for the Day

Stupidity is a self-inflicted state of being. We all have a choice not to go there.


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