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Mindconnection eNL, 2014-01-19


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Here's a very uplifting video: -- that contains a timely lesson.

Thanks to Gina, the widow of the great Ronnie Powell (a mentor, role model, and sage I was very privileged to know), for sharing that.

And here's something of a Faustian bargain: We can maybe afford our coke habit, er, I mean fossil fuel addiction, for a bit longer. More time to muck up the biosphere with pollutants, but the cherry on top is we are more motivated than ever to destroy major aquifers. Good news for everyone except the inhabitants of the biosphere....

The Do More Evil company has been soundly rejected by Chinese users of the Web. When will Americans catch on that Google stinks? The good news here is 1.4 billion people are not drinking the Kool-Aid:

But, wait. There is good news in America as well:

Back to China. While the criminals who own what pretends to be a federal govt have been dissipating our nation's wealth on wars and multi-trillion dollar transfers to banksters, the govt of China has picked up where we left off four decades ago. So there is hope for humanity yet, even though the USA has taken itself out of the game (pending a restoration of law and order):

But wait. Even in the beleaguered USA there is new hope rising. Here's an astounding development:

And in a previous issue, I had mentioned that engineers have been making progress in water purification (making potable water) using nanotechnology. The December issue of The Institute (an IEEE publication) focused on nanotechnology in general and one article in particular was about making potable water using nanotechnology. This effort is still ongoing, with many encouraging developments.

Another bit of good news on the nanotechnology front is that nanosensors can now detect odors from melanoma. The traditional method of detecting skin cancer is to look for discoloration or slightly enlarged moles, but this methodology isn't 100% reliable. It has a history of missing the signs, even if done by a dermatologist (who may not have a baseline of what's normal for your skin). Specifically, the sensors detect dimethyl sulfone.

We don't need sensors to detect corrupt politicians. We just need people to stop voting for them. Waiting for the good news to arrive there....

2. Product Highlight

Stay ahead of bad weather, with this weather radio. Works even if the power is out!

Emergency Crank Midland Weather Alert ER102 Weather Radio

This emergency crank weather alert radio from Midland provides a digital AM/FM radio and NOAA All hazards/weather alert. The dynamo crank allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime away from a power source.

If you're listening to the AM/FM radio, the alert overide automatically switches to emergency weather alerts. This Midland emergency crank weather alert radio includes a digital AM/FM Radio and provides all NOAA hazards alerts and weather alerts. Its dynamo crank allows you to recharge the device during a power outage or anytime away from a power source.


Removed, 2015-01-10



3. Brainpower tip

See what lessons you can learn from this example of what a major brainwashing program has done:

4. Finance tip

Elizabeth Warren on retirement. Good info in here, may help if you want to do something about the problem: 

5. Security tip

Here's an interesting comparison between two cities. One has laws that ensure violent criminals are protected from their victims, and the other recognizes the right of victims to protect themselves from violent criminals. Can you guess which city is which? What can you do about this security concept in your municipality?


Chicago, IL

Houston, TX


2.7 million

2.15 million

Median HH Income



% African-American



% Hispanic



% Asian



% Non-Hispanic White




 Pretty similar until you compare the following:



Chicago, IL

Houston, TX

Concealed Carry gun law



# of Gun Stores


184 - Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 - legal places to buy guns- Walmart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc.

Homicides, 2012



Homicides per 100K



Avg. January high temperature  (F)



Here's another representation:


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

A reader asked me if I'm on a low-fat diet. Well, I go through about a liter of olive oil each month so I guess the answer is no.

My intake of eggs averages about 10 per day, and the Vitamin D rich yolks are fatty. There are also important oils in the kale I eat each day, and I have a fondness for peanuts.

It's common to be led by macronutrient myths, but don't be. Rather than counting carbs, eliminating fat, or reducing protein (or going in the other direction with any of these), look at the quality of the food you are eating.

Foods that are nutrient-dense are the best choices for having a lean, strong, healthy body. They also happen to be the best choices for making delicious meals. Not only that, you smell better when you eat this way.


At age 51.
Click for more detail.


In my lifetime, I've eaten a huge number of apples. Far too many to count. Why is that every time I eat an apple, it's almost a new experience in terms of the flavor kick I get? (I buy organic apples, not the ones that taste like Styrofoam and are laden with chemicals).

There's a long list of stuff like that. I grow my own basil, and just smelling it is a treat for me. Has been, for many years. I also love the smell of the olive oil I use. I was eating my great-uncle Larry Pozzi's super delicious, super nutritious tomatoes half a century ago. I grow mine the same way every summer, and guess what? Still a treat! Peppers, even more so. I bring a couple of my peppers into the house, and after a couple of hours the aroma throughout is too delicious to describe.

The reason these foods delight our senses is they are good for us. We have a natural means of determining what we should eat. Unfortunately, many people's natural systems have been reprogrammed to be grossly dysfunctional. If your system has been reprogrammed this way, my advice to go cold turkey on poor food selections. Just say no to the garbage, and your system will reset such that you get great delight from good food. Yes, you really can enjoy eating and have ripped abs even late into middle age.

If that sort of change is a struggle, then get a jumpstart this spring with fresh strawberries (if they are available in your area). Don't cut them up to make strawberry shortcake (a true waste of the strawberry). Just eat and savor them one at a time, slowly.

Don't want to wait until spring? Good! Get started now with organic fruits from your produce department. I keep at least one bowl of fruit on my dining table at any given time. Have a mix of pears, different types of apples, and citrus (don't limit yourself to oranges, try tangelos and other citrus) or whatever's available.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Because of the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun, it is impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

Similarly, because of the speed at which corporate sponsor money fills their offshore accounts, it is impossible for members of CONgress to follow the law for more than 8 seconds in any given year.

8. Thought for the Day

A penny saved is a Congressional spending oversight.


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