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Mindconnection eNL, 2013-09-08


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1. Good News

Here's some good news about a big step toward the restoration of law and order. Special thanks to Howard for contributing this most uplifting item:

Howard also contributed this good news; perhaps these criminals will finally be shut down: "Federal Judge Rules Bernanke MUST Testify: The Federal Reserve on Trial"

The crime has become so rampant and odious that these kinds of things are happening with increasing regularity. The criminals have so over-reached that they've created a blowback effect.

Let's keep the pressure on. Wherever possible, speak out against organized crime and speak up for law and order. Perhaps some day, a law-abiding government will replace the theftocracy that now occupies the District of Corruption.

And that will be truly good news.

2. Product Highlight

No habla Espanol? No problem! We have the English-Spanish LUX translator on sale now. For our readers, we will give you an additional $10 rebate after you order one!

  • Best translator available anywhere, at any price.
  • Speech-based sentence translation. You talk, it translates.
  • Largest available vocabulary.
  • Wi-Fi, browser, camera, HDMI port (TV connector), Skype.
  • Easily carried: 5.2 x 3.9 x 0.9 in.

Partner LUX2 is by far the best linguistic device in the world. Nothing else even comes close. It has free speech voice translation, offline complete text translation (95% + accuracy), and programs that teach you the other language(s).

Even includes 183-language universal translation dictionary.




3. Brainpower tip

It puzzles me that anyone can think Obama was elected or that we have a "two-party system."

So much prima facie evidence destroys this myth, it's almost ridiculous.

For example:

If you were a power player in the "Democratic Party" and this weren't just a sham, wouldn't you try to nominate someone competent who could do great things? Or at least not make a royal hash of things? You would want your party to succeed, to have a great track record.

Instead, "we" have this poser who never accomplished anything prior to occupying the White House. And he had the worst record in the Senate, never once voting no for a spending bill or a bill that would enhance the safety of violent criminals (as if they need protection). He never voted FOR anything except bills of this deplorable nature--and for such bills he always voted yes. For all other bills, he merely said "Present" or wasn't even there.

Since being elevated to POTUS, he has committed a long list of egregious crimes, done massive damage to the economy, fomented racial tensions, embarrassed and weakened us on the international stage, and racked up the worst financial track record of any POTUS in history.

By the end of his first year in office, he had already established himself as a disaster heading for the worst POTUS of all time. Even before he began that year, he took GW's awful $400 billion deficit and bloated it out by another $800 billion. And, of course, he blamed Bush for that.

He clearly has the goal of being the worst, most damaging POTUS of all time. It's not clear yet if he has beaten Wilson, who gave us both World Wars, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS.

So, OK, if the "Democratic Party" somehow made a mistake--then if they were a legitimate party instead of a sham, they would have refused Obama the nomination in 2012. They would have selected his successor before the end of 2009. I think three times in history, the incumbent's performance was so dismal his party nominated someone else for that second term. As noted above, Obama's first-term performance was worse than dismal.

Yet, in the last fake "election" in which the state-run media pretended Ron Paul wasn't running, Obama was on the ballot. How much more evidence does anyone need that we do not have elections in this country? The idea that we do is just absurd.

And if the "Republican Party" were an actual party instead of just pretending to be one, those folks would have run someone who could easily beat him. But that is not what they did. Out of 310 million people, the best they could do was Mitt Romney? Is that supposed to be funny? What a cruel joke.

That alone proves the "D vs. R" sham is a sham. The idea that the millionaire, scheming Republicans in CONgress somehow "oppose" the millionaire, scheming Democrats in CONgress is absurd. All evidence points to the fact that they collude in crime.

For example, nothing ever gets fixed when one wing of this party is in power versus the other. We still have that same broken 1040 tax code that has provided a very thin excuse for systematic abuse of, and terrorist operations against, innocent American citizens for over 100 years now. Such a thing can continue to exist only because there is ZERO real difference between the Genoveses and the Gambinos. Er, I mean the Democrats and the Republicans.

The brainpower tip in this issue is: Look at evidence that's in front of you. Trust that, not the delusions of others or the constant stream of BS (booger samples, for those of you with an aversion to more Saxon language).

This should not be a new lesson, as we all heard the tale of emperor's new clothes and similar stories while growing up. The problem is very few of us apply the lesson when a majority of others ignore reality.

Don't let mass-zombie behavior and non-thinking be a signal to  put your own brain in "OFF" mode. Just because other people spew absurdities does not mean you should accept the absurdities.

At one time, it was commonly believed the earth was flat even though there was ample evidence it was spheroid. People just chose to go with convention rather than reality. Don't make that same mistake, yourself.


4. Finance tip

The state-run media act like it's great news when the jobs report shows 160,000 new jobs in a given month. Here's what they don't tell you:
  1. The report has a margin of error of 160,000. Which means there might not be any new jobs at all.
  2. During Obamageddon*, the rolling average of new people filing for unemployment has been about 340,000 each week. That is, we might be gaining from zero to 160,000 new jobs each month while we know for a fact we are losing at least 1.36 million jobs a month.

* A period defined by the Obama misadministration's job destruction policies, which began with the 2008 budget that Obama larded with enough additional deficit spending that he actually tripled the deficit of the original Bush budget and then he blamed Bush for the whole amount.

This instructive.

First of all, anyone who cares at all about being informed rather than brainwashed must boycott the mudstream media. Taking in that mental sewage has no upside and can only make you less smart about how you see the world.

Second, Obama is serving his second term in the White House instead of in prison and the fact he has a second term at all despite the documented damage that he's done from Day One is a huge red flag.

As JFK said in a speech, "We have subterfuge instead of elections." Why people continue to go along with the chicanery of the fake "Demopublican vs. Republocrat" nonsense non-choices on the "election" ballot, I have no idea. It's like your pants are on fire and you are choosing between gasoline and kerosene to put it out.

All this job destruction does affect your personal finances, even if you aren't directly hit by job loss yourself. Think about why this is so.

If we are going to have any hope of change, we must boycott the criminals who keep doing the stealing--and get others to join in the boycott. During the fake elections, we do have an opportunity to put a dent in the stealing and the rampant job destruction. Voting for the status quo is not what that opportunity is.

If we voters can at least get the voting right (voting rationally, instead of going with the D vs. R scam as if it is somehow plausible), we will be making a huge step toward restoring law and order. And that is very, very good for our personal finances.

5. Security tip

A reader wanted to know how to protect his family from the world's most notorious terrorist organization. One question he asked was "What if I just don't file a Form 1040?"

Unfortunately, though this terrorist organization is both morally reprehensible and illegal, it does have the full backing of the criminals who need it for the subjugation of the people. You have to file that form. Not filing it just alerts them to come after you.

It's not optional. You have to disclose information that morally bankrupt individuals can (and do) sell to various other criminals. Because of the sheer firepower at their command, you can't just not comply. There's no legal remedy, either.

However, there is good news. Because these terrorists like to maintain a (very) thin veneer of legitimacy and an even thinner veneer of following some sort of rules, you can reduce your chances of being hurt by them.

Typically, they don't target real tax cheats like Chuck Rangel, Kevin Brown, Lois Lerner, or Timothy Geithner. But they do look for fairly defenseless people they can go after, plus they like to skewer a celebrity from time to time. What they did to Joe Lewis is reprehensible in the extreme; look that story up and ask yourself why this organization hasn't been either abolished by CONgress or taken out by our military.

Usually, the terrorists need some sort of excuse, something you did "wrong" so they can pretend you deserve to lose your job, have your bank account(s) cleaned out, have your retirement assets wiped out, have your name smeared, and lose long-term friendships after your friends are lied to about you and then harassed and repeatedly threatened.

Don't give them that excuse, and they will usually look for easier prey because they are usually too busy visiting p*rn sites at the office (according to the GAO, they spend half their office time on p*rn and gambling sites) to invent their own excuses (however false). They prefer an excuse that's ready-made.

Gee, you didn't declare $125 you made mowing lawns; twelve years later you receive a notice from your bank that they have a court order to surrender your checking account to this bunch. Then your overdraft protection kicks in and it goes to the bank credit card and that $1400 balance is now an additional $9,000 in debt at 24% interest. The terrorists have three years to assess, but they don't have to let you know about the assessment. They can apply interest and penalties that multiply the original "debt" by orders of magnitude (unless your name is Rangel or Geithner, in which case they don't apply interest or penalties).

Some tips:

  • Always file your return. You don't have to file it by 15APR; there's an automatic extension. But do file it. And make sure you use registered mail, or they can simply claim they never got it.
  • Keep meticulous records. You can use these if you happen to be audited and the audit is conducted by a non-criminal who happens to work at the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. Some folks there, a tiny minority, are just doing their jobs. Don't give them a reason to do things to you. if you're a scam victim, the records won't help. But keep them anyhow.
  • As repugnant as this terrorist organization is and as awful as most of its members are, don't spew bile at them. It just gives them an excuse to do things to you. They really do slam people very hard over petty things like insults. Some time, look up the story of the lady who put "Here's your blood money" on the memo part of her check. They went berserk over that and totally ruined her life.
  • Don't make false claims, exaggerate deductible amounts, or in any other way give them a foothold into making you the bad guy. It only feeds their delusions that they are, somehow, a force of good.
  • Don't participate in any tax avoidance schemes. Don't even attend seminars on such things.
  • Make sure your name isn't Joe Lewis. What they did to him was unconscionable, and should have resulted in breaking up this terrorist organization. Look up the story and read about it.
  • Make sure your name isn't Willy Nelson and you don't put on relief efforts for financially devastated farmers. Also make sure your name isn't Wesley Snipes, or you may go to prison.
  • If you're really scared they will get you, change your name to Chuck Rangel. Even if you're a woman. It also helps if you have millions of dollars stashed away in offshore accounts even though you've been a "public servant" as your sole source of the income you reported.

Following those tips should reduce your risk of becoming yet another terrorist target. To totally eliminate the risk, we need to restore lawful government. To that end, always vote some way other then Demopublican/Republocrat. Both wings of The Party are responsible for the continued existence of this terrorist organization, which means neither can ever be trusted to do the right thing. Voting for either one is the ultimate exercise in self-defeat.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Why do arteries get hard? This video provides five reasons:

Notice that it's not an inevitable consequence of old age? In fact, your arteries can be completely free of plaque at any age. This type of dysfunction should be as rare as an honest CONgressman. Yet, it is extremely common.

If you consistently follow the nutritional advice in this column, your chances of getting hardening of the arteries drop to less than 1/1000th of 1%.



At age 51.
Click for more detail.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Heroin is the brand name of morphine once marketed by Bayer. Have you noticed that the antics of CONgress and other groups of criminals have become so bizarre that it seems we live in cartoon land and all the clowns are on drugs?

8. Thought for the Day

As noted previously, Will Rogers was brilliant. Here's another of his gems:

"The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth it, except they keep coming back!"


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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

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