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Mindconnection eNL, 2013-07-07


In this issue:
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1. Good News

In this video, a citizen's representative points out how her government has been sycophantic to an international criminal:

Notice the dishonest retort to what she said. And notice how she responds to that. There is hope. Smart people are standing up to gross abuses of power and countering lies with truth.

2. Product Highlight

Due to a truly sweet inventory deal, Mindconnection has special pricing on the LUX-series translators.
  • Best translator available anywhere, at any price.
  • Speech-based sentence translation (via Wi-Fi).
  • Text-based sentence translation (no computer or Internet needed).
  • Largest available vocabulary.
  • Wi-Fi, browser, Skype.
  • Easily carried: 5.2 x 3.9 x 0.9 in.

The English-Spanish and English-Russian versions have a camera and a TV connector. This translator also has the universal 183-language translation dictionary onboard.

Partner LUX is by far the best linguistic device in the world. Nothing else even comes close. It has free speech voice translation, offline complete text translation (95% + accuracy), and entire courses and programs to learn the language. Even includes 183-language universal translation dictionary.

Smart QWERTY and virtual keyboards. Powered by Android OS. microSD and microSDHC card support, to 32 GB.

With this handsome, powerful device in your hand, you'll easily communicate with non-English speakers.




3. Brainpower tip

Recently, I watched a documentary, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi."

This was about an 85-year old man whose sushi restaurant is, according to experts, the best in the world. Even at his age, he seeks to improve.

He has two sons. His elder son will succeed him. His younger son already opened another restaurant. Both sons apprenticed under him. A sushi chef apprenticeship lasts about 10 years, and he has other apprentices now.

The main point all three men made is that to succeed, you must apply yourself. You must seek to improve. You must work toward being at the height of your craft, whatever it is. One of their suppliers is an expert on rice. This may sound trivial, but in the documentary it becomes clear that this man takes rice very seriously.

If you watch the documentary, and I highly recommend you do, you will find several great pearls of wisdom. But let's take a closer look at that principle of applying yourself.

I forget the exact number now, but something like 70% of USA high school graduates cannot pass the standard written test of English (it's called the SWE). How can this possibly be? After 12 years of "education?"

Suppose one kid does the homework assignments in a sloppy, half-involved way, doesn't focus in class, and rarely cracks a book that's not assigned by the teacher.

Another kid does the homework assignments with passion, is fully there in class, and makes ample use of the public library's supply of books.

Which kid do you think stands a better chance of passing the SWE? Which one do you know will pass it?

The brain is like a muscle. You use it or you lose it. But as with muscles, you need to train hard to develop much strength. Whatever you do, apply yourself fully to the task.


4. Finance tip

The big banksters have been so egregiously bad that even the very gullible among us don't like them or trust them anymore.

Amazingly, the really bad stuff is not what the state-run media cover. Things like the sort of stuff you'll read about in "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Or things like the $49 trillion (that's 49 followed by 12 zeroes) counterfeited by the nonFederal nonReserve and given to the largest banks between 2007 and 2012.

Yet, many people continue to use big bankster "services." They pay all kinds of nuisance fees to companies that get their product for free and sell it at a premium.

Do you see the self-defeat aspect in this kind of behavior?

To save you money and to weaken the big banksters, use alternatives. There are many. Use your imagination, and start switching over. Here are some ideas:

  • Bitcoin. It has some big advantages. But I personally don't use it because it has disadvantages I'm not comfortable with.
  • Barter. The banksters are out of the loop when you barter. Goods and services are both fair game. Barter is hard to do one on one, which is why barter clubs are gaining popularity.
  • Credit unions, regional banks, and other institutions not part of Big Banksta. Pretty obvious how this helps.
  • Private lenders. Generally, it's not good to borrow from friends or family. But that's usually because expectations are not spelled out in advance. Be explicit, then put it in writing. Get the agreement notarized.
  • Private currency. Allegedly, this is illegal but the nonFederal nonReserve does this so why can't you? And it's exactly how trade credit works. You can issue your own IOUs, invoices, etc. You don't have to make them redeemable in dollars, but generally people won't accept them unless you do.

One caveat with these alternatives is the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths might accuse you of "tax avoidance" and unleash upon you pain that civilized societies prohibit. This is especially a risk for small businesses.

To prevent such an outcome, "separate cash from accounting." That is, it should not matter how you pay someone. Record the transaction on your books. My company does this, and IRS auditors don't have any problem with that. What they don't like is when people use their payment method as a tax avoidance scheme and those people aren't named Rangel, Giethner, or Google, Inc.

So think about how you can avoid paying the banksters their fees. Just make sure you're not giving the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths a thin excuse to make you an abuse target.

5. Security tip

Secret: Something you tell to one person at a time.

If you really don't want others to know, don't tell anyone.

Don't write it down, either. Don't say it aloud, even if alone.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

This issue's topic is for men and the women who love us (or tolerate us, as the case may be). It's about the prostate (not prostrate, which is an adjective describing your position).

How can I protect myself against prostate cancer?

Ask the typical doctor, and s/he will want to monitor your PSA. Ask a doctor who actually has knowledge on the subject, and you will hear that the PSA is about as useful as a weather report. At the end of this column, I will tell you what to monitor. By the time we get there, you'll understand why.

How does the medical establishment treat prostate cancer? Answer: They typically don't. They treat the PSA, which is like putting a bandage on your toe if you hit your finger with a hammer.

As the disease progresses, they will try giving you drugs to lower your testosterone. This never has a good outcome. It is, in my opinion, murder.

At age 51.
Click for more detail.

Why so? Well, testosterone signals your body to store calcium (that's one for you, ladies--commit that to memory), burn fat, and build muscle. That is, low testosterone means your body increases fat and loses muscle.

This is bad, because the single largest risk factor for prostate cancer is body fat. Every 10lbs of the stuff increases an average size (lean tissue size) man's risk by an order of magnitude. Not double, but 10 times. So 20lbs of excess body fat, 100 times the risk.

The typical 180lb man is under-muscled, and has only 130lbs of lean body weight. He's carrying 50lbs of body fat. That's hugely asking for prostate cancer, which is why the typical male has prostate cancer well before age 70. The medical establishment refuses to connect the dots. Or even ask why lean men almost never get this disease.

Why is fat such a problem, here? Because the fat that exceeds what your body needs is essentially a cancer cell factory. The prostate is especially sensitive to the types of cancer cells produced.

So knowingly "helping" someone to get more cancer when they come to you for help strikes me as murder.

Note to medical professionals
: If you're a medical professional, you should at least care enough to know what you're doing and how it will affect the patient. Anyone who's been in the prostate cancer treatment biz for even a few months should "get it" just by observation. The standard treatments are on par with the bloodletting that quacks performed 100 years ago. Whether willful negligence or malicious intent, these counterproductive treatments are cruelly killing people by exacerbating the disease. Shame on you who practice this barbarity.

In addition to chemically lowering your testosterone, these malpractitioners sometimes recommend you "go to a gym." So you go, and some pencilneck nitwit has you doing half an hour on a treadmill before lifting weights. But instead of helping you, it raises your cortisol, further lowering testosterone. Note: The typical gym rat looks no different on Day 200 than on Day 50. Their routine does not work, and they are living proof of that!

Prostate cancer can be cured. There are two sure-fire ways (unless you're past the T2 stage). The first is to remove your prostate. Women do just fine without one, and so can men. This, however, does not address the underlying cause of the cancer. It merely removes the primary target. Without behavioral changes on your part, you're likely to get some other cancer soon.

You can prevent or cure this cancer by addressing its causes. The main underlying cause is putting too much food in your mouth. Other contributing causes are eating the wrong foods, failing to do high intensity exercise, failing to get enough rest, and reacting to stress instead of controlling it. All of these are behavior-related. Only you can control your behavior. Only you can cure your prostate cancer or prevent it in the first place. Let's examine the causes:

  • Too much food. This is easy to solve. Just eat less. Control the sizes of the portions by serving the food in specific amounts and then putting the food away so there are no "seconds." For example, a small serving bowl of rice is all that goes on your table. The big container of rice you made gets put away before you sit down. Relate to this is the correct practice of eating six small meals a day; I didn't break meal frequency out separately.
  • Wrong food. Also easy to solve. Shop in the produce section. Make sure that when you buy your food, 3/4 of it is fruits and vegetables. The rest should be eggs, beans, whole rice, and a few other items. Totally excluded are soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, meat, fish, coffee (powerful anti-carcinogenic), and GMO grain products.  No meat, because the supply is contaminated. No fish, same reason.

    Since chocolate is a basic food group only for women, men should eliminate this as well just to avoid the sugar. But powdered cocoa gives you hugely powerful anti-carcinogens. Also buy spices--nearly anything you buy helps fight cancer.

    When everything you buy is nutrient-dense, there is no way you can eat wrong.
  • Failing to do high intensity exercise. See my article on intensity. This one is not so easy to solve. It takes a total mental shift from the typical program, and you must truly desire to get the results. If you can't push yourself, this one aint gonna happen. If you want to eliminate prostate cancer, then make it happen.
  • Not getting enough rest. See my sleeplessness causes and cures course, if this is a problem for you. To tell if it is, time how long it takes you to fall asleep. If less than half an hour, you are in sleep deprivation and need to make some changes. Also, you must rest between workouts. If you do squats every week, you're going to have overtraining issues. The normal response is to dial down the intensity, and you don't want that.
  • Living in stress-out mode. See my stress management course. Maybe you've heard the expressions, "Life sucks, then you die." I disagree with that, but it does convey the fact that life is full of stress. You can't get away from that. It's how you deal with stress that matters. Here's a free tip: Go out of your way to be nice to people.

So, what should you monitor? I promised you the answer, and here it is.

Instead of measuring PSA, measure your body fat. Tanita makes a great line of body fat scales (sorry, we don't sell those but maybe someday). A man's body fat should be about 7% or less. Anything above that is too fat. In the double digits, you are talking seriously too fat.

Don't ask your doctor about the ideal body fat percentage; you will get an inane answer devoid of fact or reasoning. Look in the mirror when you are below 7% and you will see why this "magic number" is where it is. Or pinch under your belly button to feel that. The cancer factory in that region comes into existence at about this point. Stay below it, and you have no cancer factory.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:

  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Q. What is the only food that doesn't spoil?

A. Honey.

But don't expect it to be around much longer. Thanks to protection from our criminal CONgress, Monsanto continues to kill off the bees with its RoundUp product (yes, it's a fact--look it up).

If you like honey and/or aren't particularly happy with the idea of a world with no more bees and with half our food supply gone, then take action now:

  • Don't buy RoundUp for your own use.
  • Tell others.
  • File complaints on the Websites of stores that sell this.
  • Don't buy GMO wheat, corn, or soy (it contains RoundUp, and the RoundUp that kills the bees comes from the HFCS made from GMO corn).
  • File a complaint through Monsanto's Website. If they get enough of these, they'll stop the insanity. They don't have to be a bad company, they just choose to because they make more money that way and people don't seem to be bothered by the damage done.
  • Gird yourself for propaganda. Monsanto has a "RoundUp is Safe" propaganda video; it contradicts rigorous research conducted in Europe. In other words, it's lies, lies, and more lies.

8. Thought for the Day

As noted previously, Will Rogers was brilliant. Here's another of his gems:

"I'm not a real movie star. I've still got the same wife I started out with twenty-eight years ago."


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