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Mindconnection eNL, 2013-04-21


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1. Good News

No nukes fired on us. No nukes is good news!

2. Product Highlight

This compact, easily-concealed recorder can hold up to 75 hours of audio recordings. Also records quality color video and still images; can even function as a Webcam.

Save $29.96 plus get free shipping.

  • Records and stores up to 75 hours of audio.
  • Functions as a Web cam.
  • Records color video.
  • Takes still images.
  • Records 180 minute audio clips.
  • Records 60 minute video clips.


  • Internal memory: 4GB.
  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480 @ up to 30fps.
  • Video File format: AVI.
  • Webcam: 0.3MP/1.3MP/2.0MP.
  • Still image resolution: 1280 x 1024.
  • Video size: .9 MB/min.
  • Power supply: Internal 300mAh Li-Ion.
  • Storage: Internal 4GB.
  • Size: 86.5mm x 30mm x 19mm.

Voice Recorder, MiniDV

Free Shipping


3. Brainpower tip

This article has many "flaws" per today's standards:

1. Exceeds sound bite length and actually covers the subject. Bad!
2. Lacks the requisite spelling errors.
3. Contains actual information. The lack of bland, useless filler is appalling!
4. The use of complete sentences, proper syntax, and cogent statements is distracting.

But I'm providing a link to it anyhow.


4. Finance tip

In the early days of this column, I provided simple tips such as how to reduce your gasoline costs. But since Obamageddon hit, those kinds of things seem like a mouse compared to the elephant that's really hitting us in our pocketbooks.

While I'd like to ignore Obama rather than give that narcissist any additional free publicity, it's not possible to talk about the current financial mess without griping about Obama. Our economy-devastater in chief has driven the eye-popping spending that has resulted in the massive job losses, homelessness, food stamp rolls, and other signs of economic devastation.

Last year alone, he racked up a $6 trillion in deficit. Our misrepresentatives in CONgress let him do it. They all belong in prison with no hope of parole. Ever.

Wait. Did I say $6 trillion in 2012? Do I not mean, instead, $6 trillion since he took office and $1.2 trillion of that was GW's fault? No. This is what the state-run media say, and they are lying.

The GAO (General Accounting Office) looked at 2012. They release a report earlier this year saying that when you apply "honest accounting methods" (their exact words), the actual deficit spending by the Obama (mis)administration was a staggering $6 trillion in 2012. That year alone. It is not the "mere" $1 trillion of misallocation of resources reported by the state-run media, our criminal CONgress, or the other retards, conmen, and psychopaths involved in making this crisis what it is.

The GW thing is another fabrication. GW left office with a budget deficit of around $400 billion. Yes, that is the actual number. This was bad, but less than a third of what Obama has repeatedly said it was.

Normally, the incoming POTUS uses his predecessor's budget during his first year and proposes his own for the following year.

What happened in 2008 is the Obama folks larded up the incoming budget with an additional $800 billion of spending, swelling it up to a $1.2 trillion deficit. Then Obama spent the next four years spewing the lie that he "inherited" this mess from GW.

Let's get something very clear, here. You cannot add by subtracting or vice-versa. They are opposite operations. You know that and I know that. But undergirding Obamanomics is the idea that you CAN add by subtracting and vice-versa.

The govt doesn't have resources of its own to stimulate with, it must remove resource from the economy and reallocate them to do a "stimulus." So it is subtraction, not addition, being performed. Therefore, the more "stimulus" spending there is, the weaker the economy gets.

The spending does not go toward creating wealth, so it does not create jobs. It's diverted from that use, so it actually costs jobs. This, my friends, is exactly why we have had record unemployment, record homelessness, and record numbers of people on food stamps--record spending since Obama took office.

Clipping dollar off coupons is chasing a mouse while the Obama elephant stomps all over your living room (and everyone in it). Why do we know it's Obama's fault?

Think of NASA for a moment. When NASA sends a rocket into space, they are very concerned about the payload weight. They know it takes far more fuel to hoist a 200 ton payload than a 5 ton one.

Somehow, the logic of this completely escapes the proponents of economic payload-increasing Obamanomics. They "think" that the more burden you put on the rocket of the economy, the less fuel you need to go a certain height. But the reality is we don't have enough fuel to support the payload they've inflicted upon us, and the economy is thus in Depression.

The more burden you add to the economy with the overhead of federal spending, the more you pull the economy down. Increasing federal overhead does not "stimulate" the economy, it saddles the economy.

When companies are struggling to survive, they reduce overhead. That's why we have layoffs (and other sorts of cutbacks). While this nation struggles to survive, Obama aggressively pushes to increase overhead. The basic concept of doing like the rest of us and reducing your overhead totally escapes him. This should not be surprising, I suppose, considering the sliver spoon treatment he's had his whole adult life.

He just can't comprehend normal financial management. He thinks money grows on trees. For him personally, it has done just that (almost literally, as he made millions off dead tree sales, that is, sales of his idiotic books).

Obama is personally driving the Depression deeper with his aggressive spending. Granted, he was a D-student who nearly flunked out of Occidental, but can he really be THAT stupid that he can't differentiate between addition and subtraction? Or is he doing this intentionally?

Hard to say for sure, but I think I know the answer. And if I'm right, there is hope for change. Even if Obama isn't arrested or doesn't resign, there is hope. I think it's possible to get him to change his destructive behavior, by appealing to his narcissism.

You can write to His Highness directly. Tell him it's obvious that diverting limited resources from productive uses and engaging in record deficit spending hugely damages the economy. Adding overhead such as massively more debt to the economy and expecting it to "recover" is like adding massively more payload to a rocket and expecting it to get into space on the same amount of fuel. Aint gonna happen.

Tell him that having record numbers of jobless, record numbers of homeless, and record numbers on food stamps is the legacy he will be remembered for. That is, he'll be remembered as a failure. We see what he's doing, because the evidence is so overwhelming. But he can stop.

Tell him that his spending deficit last year was more than three times what it cost us to prosecute World War I and World War II combined. Let him know he is failing as POTUS. Not doing badly, but totally failing.

This guy lives on the glow. He wants to be adored. If, instead, he is told the plain truth that he is failing spectacularly, perhaps he will understand he is better off changing his extremely bad conduct.

Note that if you send anything angry-sounding, it will be dismissed out of hand. And there is that drone thing...

Be respectful, and you may get your opinion heard. Copy the letter to your misrepresentatives in CONgress. If you don't like sending paper, write a letter, spell check it, proofread it, and submit it via their respective Websites.

5. Security tip

Here at Mindconnection, we have strong reasons not to like Google. This company has, in my view, made a mockery of its "do no evil" slogan and morphed it into "do more evil." I've made Bing my default search engine, partly because I don't like Google, Inc. anymore but mostly because Bing just does a better job.

For our readers who use gmail or other Google services, here's an admittedly agenda-driven video with a reason you might want to avoid having your e-mail in the cloud but especially with Google:


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Recently, a person very close to me had surgery for cancer of the colon. Like many cancers, it's a terrible disease.

While I'm not saying he deserved the cancer or could absolutely have prevented it, I do want to "get a learning" from this that I can pass on to you. Please pass it along to others.

There is a substance that's marketed as "food" and it is such a powerful carcinogen that it can reasonably be called a cause, rather than a risk factor, for cancers of the lower GI. That includes colon cancer, bowel cancer, etc.

What is this substance? It's hydrogenated oil. Next time you're at the grocery store, take a look at a product called Crisco. This is 100% hydrogenated oil. The Crisco company is owned by J.M. Smucker. You can find the bald-faced lies and propaganda about this toxin on the Crisco Website. Please write J.M. Smucker a letter and ask them how they can sell this toxin and sleep at night.

Age 51.
Click for more detail.


I wonder how Crisco execs would respond if colon cancer victims mailed them their used colostomy bags? A campaign worth considering!

But Crisco isn't the only villain in this arena. You will find hydrogenated oil in many processed "food" products, especially in baked goods. Read the label. If it says "vegetable oil," it is probably hydrogenated oil and may be a brand other than Crisco.

Don't let the healthy-sounding "vegetable" part of this deceive you. There's not a plant called "vegetable" from which we get oil. When you see a container of "vegetable oil" it is almost certain to contain oils that are health-damaging, but cheap for the conscience-free manufacturer to use.

What's the alternative? Keep in mind that Crisco did not exist until 1911. Somehow, people baked goods without it prior to that time. And they did so for many centuries. What did they use?

One ingredient Crisco "replaced" is butter. While excess butter consumption does result in coronary conditions, there is not a single study showing any deleterious health effects from using butter (organic, not butter from factory cows--which are diseased) in proper amounts in your baking.

If you consult with a genuine French or German pastry chef you will find they use very little butter in their baking. Toss out American recipes. This, I have heard from more than one practicing chef. In fact, I spoke with a German pastry chef not long ago on this very topic while he was visiting relatives here in the USA. He was also aghast at the amount of sweeteners used. "How can you eat this stuff?" he asked. I don't eat it, so I couldn't answer his question.

You can also find certain oils that perform reasonably well in baking and don't damage your health. Peanut oil is one of these, as are most nut oils. Walnut oil is excellent, but pricey. Almond oil, same thing. But the taste--wow!

Safflower oil is commonly used in place of "vegetable oil" but it's not as benign as many people think and I recommend not using it. Do not confuse this with sunflower oil, which (like butter) is health-promoting when used in proper amounts. Canola oil--are you kidding? Do not use.

Another great cooking oil is olive oil, and I consume about a liter a month of the stuff. I also like it "raw"--that is, having never been heated. I use olive oil in my salad dressing (you do have a cruet and make your own non-toxic dressing, correct?).

Of course, you don't want to be baking cookies and pies with olive oil. Wrong flavor.

Now, wait. Did you just read that I'm in favor of baking cookies and pies? Yes. But again, the choice of ingredients makes a big difference. For example, I use no soy, wheat, or corn flour. I do use other flours that cost a bit more (well, they cost less because you don't get the big medical bills). And there are older wheats that are not GMO and that do perform very well in pie crusts and in cookie recipes. Kamut is one such variety, and I like its taste. Oat flour is very good, so you can use that and avoid wheat altogether. Be careful you're not getting GMO oat, though.

Do keep in mind that when we are talking about flours of any sort, we are nearly always talking about grains. Amaranth, being a nut, is an exception to this. You want a small part of your diet to consist of grain. So that little bit of non-factory butter in your home-baked (and thus safe to eat) cookies (that do not use GMO flour and that use Stevia instead of sugar and that use a healthy oil instead of a cancer-causing substance) isn't multiplied by eating a bagful of cookies.

Eating four of my cookies, you'll get the equivalent of an eighth patty of butter used strategically so you do taste the butter. The amount of grain you eat is maybe equal to what you'd get in a slice of bread. Not the same as what you get by scarfing down a bag of sugar-laden, GMO-grain based cookies.

Proportion is the critical factor, here. I bake a batch of cookies once a week (using two cups of health-friendly flour). I freeze some of them, and it takes me a week to eat the batch. That's not a whole lot of grain in the course of a week. About 70% to 80% of my diet (by volume) consists of things you find in the produce aisle. Basically, fruits and vegetables. And I buy a variety of those; various cabbages, squashes, peppers, etc. I don't buy iceberg lettuce or white potatoes.

In the summer, I grow a considerable amount of produce and I do that organically. Using compost, I have built a soil that is a very dark black and produces foods that are nutrient-dense and delightfully tasty. All of these are very high in anti-oxidants.

Giving cancer cells a whammy with every tasty meal is never a bad idea.

Don't work against that with hydrogenated oils. Eliminate them from your diet. This toxin is too powerful to play around it.

Maybe we can't get Crisco off the grocer's shelves, but at least we can make sure we don't send our money to the psychopaths who peddle that poison.

Spread the word. You may just save someone from the agony of colon cancer.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:

  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on 04 July, 1776 (John Hancock and Charles Thomson). Most of the rest signed on 02 August, but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later.

Woodrow Wilson effectively negated this Declaration when he signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. By surrendering our currency to a private cartel (whose origins are in England), he put us back to the vassal status we had prior to Independence. The only difference was it wasn't the monarchy this time. Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

8. Thought for the Day

Why isn't there a mouse-flavored cat food?


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