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Mindconnection eNL, 2013-03-17


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1. Good News

I've previously mentioned 3D printing, and how it (along with other technologies) holds great economic promise. Now, it's not really printing per se. That part is a "marketing lingo" aspect. You can read about 3D printing in more detail if you wish to understand it.

This technology is on the cusp of bringing us the ability to produce such things as a tissue-based artificial kidney. So we'd be able to provide a diabetic with a new kidney and not need a donor. It could be made from his/her own cells.

That's really good news, though we are a long way off from being able to provide politicians with a spine or set of testicles.

Another good news item is a product made by Freight Farms. It's a gardening system inside a freight container. It makes local growing possible year-round on a steady, reliable basis. Imagine a restaurant that can go out back and pick its own exotic lettuces and other greens. Or a neighborhood co-op that allows its members to buy fresh, non-Monsanto damaged food year round.

Our present food distribution system relies heavily on oil to transport grocery produce (aka, real food) long distances. Eliminating that waste produces several benefits, and any thinking person can readily list several. Something that might become good news if this takes hold is more Americans will switch from eating processed garbage (aka, disease-causing poison) to eating actual food. That would result in huge health improvement benefits among our populace.

I don't know if changing over to real food could overcome the vast cost hikes of the Patient Predation and Unaffordable Care Act, but it would be a big help. Perhaps instead of paying twice the pre-PPUCA rates for medical insurance we'd pay only 150%. If we had an honest Congress, this travesty would be repealed. And with Americans switching from poison to food, medical insurance rates could drop by 80% or more. Think about the implications of that on the economy as a whole; very, very good news.

While it's wishful thinking to suppose Congress might someday show evidence of nascent moral fiber, each of us can ensure we choose food over poison when filling our own grocery shopping carts.

2. Product Highlight

Its container looks like a motor oil container, but Epic will rev your workout to a whole new level of horsepower.

This is yet another great product from LG Sciences. It gave me huge pumps and a noticeable power increase during training.

I've tried many preworkout supplements. The most popular ones on the market are popular because the big brands behind them spend a lot of money on advertising (rather than on product development). All of those give me stomach nausea, a condition which defeats the main purpose in using such a product.

Epic replaces Anadraulic State, which was previously my pick for best preworkout supplement. Epic improves on Anadraulic State, and that is saying a lot.

We have this on sale for an introductory promotion, so get yours today.

You can read my review by clicking on on the product image and then the Review tab on that page.

Sold Out.



3. Brainpower tip

If something is completely unacceptable, calling it by a name that sounds positive doesn't change the underlying problems. Look past the name. Look at the reality.

What are some examples of language abuse involving completely inappropriate names?

  • Decaffeinated coffee. Normal coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and make a great fertilizer for garden plants. But decaf is an herbicide, if the coffee is decaffeinated using formaldehyde--and it usually is. Put the grounds on plants and watch them die. Correct name: Formaldehyde-enhanced.
  • RoundUp Ready. This implies that GMO grains are beneficial, and that somehow it's OK to spread a powerful neurotoxin on food crops. The fact that RoundUp is killing off the bees and the same company that makes it also gave us PCBs that now show up in penguin blood should be a clue that something is fishy here. And have you noticed how many more people get Alzheimer's now than before this system went mainstream? Correct name: Brain Death Crop System.
  • Labor Day. This is cynical in the extreme. If the federal government really wanted to honor the labor force, it wouldn't stick us with a national debt that is three times the GDP of the entire world while handing out $47 trillion to banksters in just four years (2007 - 2011) while allowing hard working people to lose their homes due to bankster mortgage games and the kind of crime we saw in 2008.

    None of the big guy criminals ever went to trial. But a working stiff can go to jail for smoking pot even though the federal govt lacks the legal authority to ban pot (see the 10th Amendment and 21st Amendment). Correct name: Spit On Labor Class Day.
  • Justice Department. Not one of the principal actors in the 2008 financial fiasco was taken to trial (see Elizabeth Warren's investigation clip on Youtube), yet this agency repeatedly spent 10s of millions of dollars to destroy a small player.

    Nor did this nearly useless agency lift a finger to investigate how Kevin Brown abused his position at the IRS to waste hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars scapegoating over 4300 innocent Americans after he and a few of his cohorts spent millions of taxpayer dollars making $103 million of federal money "disappear" (anyone not completely daft can correctly guess where it disappeared to). Correct name: Injustice Department.
  • Federal Reserve. The "Federal Reserve" is not federal and does not reserve anything. How can something not accountable to CONgress be federal? Start poking around and you see the non-Federal non-Reserve is actually privately owned.

    Prior to 1913, the word "reserve" in banking meant a bank would hold (reserve) X amount of assets to back its notes. But the non-Federal non-Reserve doesn't hold anything to back its notes, and actually advertises this fact. Also, since only 1% of the money supply exists in bills and coins and the other 99% is all database entries, the very idea of "reserving" gold or other assets to back the money loses all meaning in reality. The non-Federal non-Reserve does steal, and on a massive scale.

    Correct name: Theft, Inc.

    Well, maybe not. When this illegal operation was chartered, the psychopaths who inflicted it upon an unsuspecting nation said it would "end business cycles," "prevent inflation," and "prevent recessions." Yet, business started cycling wildly not long after the non-Federal non-Reserve came into existence. This culminated in a deep recession, which FDR subsequently turned into the Great Depression just as recovery was occurring (gee, history repeats itself!). Of course, the non-Federal non-Reserve is off the hook for FDR's abominable crimes such as ordering the destruction of massive quantities of food while American children were starving to death. They merely provided the conditions for such barbarity, they didn't carry out or order the evil deeds.

    As for inflation, there is only one cause and the non-Federal non-Reserve is it (you have to know what "inflation" means to understand this fact). The very purpose of the non-Federal non-Reserve is to inflict inflation. Though we had net zero inflation in our history up to 1913, we have had about 98% of the dollar's value inflated away since then. That value happens to go to the banksters who own the Fed, same as any counterfeiters get the proverbial free lunch by counterfeiting. So, Theft, Inc. is a pretty accurate name after all.
  • Tax Court. Someone accused by the IRS goes here, but has fewer "rights at trial" than someone on trial for murder. You can't for example, use discovery. When you get done losing here, you can file an appeal in an actual court but you can't introduce new evidence. Correct name: Jackass Court.
  • Daylight Savings Time. You lose an hour of sunlight each morning. This idiotic mislegislation has increased electrical consumption, morning traffic fatalities, and industrial accidents. Correct name: Daylight Wasting Time. It can also be accurately called Daylight Slaughter Time or Daylight Carnage Time, due to the increased carnage on our highways and in our factories for the three weeks following each clock change. And we get two a year.

    This extremely bad public policy wastes daylight, wastes money, wastes energy, wastes time, wastes human life, lowers productivity, drains medical resources, etc. It is yet another in a long list of things that CONgress should be deeply ashamed of inflicting upon the American people. Why we have not hauled those maniacs out of their homes and arrested them, I cannot fathom. Almost none of them belong outside a prison.

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Calling this travesty "affordable" is intellectually insulting to a garden snail.

    Insurance rates have already skyrocketed (in many cases, doubling), and other costs are going up as well. Even the costs of actual health care are going up (dental procedures are far more costly now, go price a crown; plus good food is way, way up, and just about any health-related product or service costs more now).

    Plus many companies cut employee hours to avoid the costs (for example--ask retail employees, such as folks at your local grocery store, about their hours). Correct name: Patient Predation and Unaffordable Care Act.

    You could also call it the Wage Reduction Act, Job Destruction Act, or WTF Were They Thinking Act.
  • Patriot Act. No way to get this name from what this mislegislation actually does. Its goal appears to be to make Americans ashamed to be call themselves citizens of the USA. Correct name: Antipatriotism Act.
  • Internal Revenue Service. They service us the way a stud bull services a cow. This agency actually reduces federal revenue, due to its hugely deleterious effects on the economy. The massive compliance costs divert limited resources from such things as creating jobs to wasting billions on trying to deal with an unaccountable bureaucracy that repeatedly proves itself to be very dangerous and very capricious. The compliance costs are estimating to be five to eight times the amount of revenue raised. Talk about stupidity.

    In addition, its agents will spend $100,000 to collect $500, thereby proving repeatedly that its mission is to subjugate the population through systematic abuse and terrorism.

    Correct name: Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths.

As you can see from just these few examples, the propagandists sure gussy up some awfully terrible things with positive-sounding names that have no relation to reality. Using names honestly would stand in the way of doing these things, thus the effusive lying.

Don't let language abuse confuse you. Calling things by nice-sounding names does not make them nice. When someone does this, use a name that fits rather than the propaganda one.

The missing example

Prior to publication, I sent this list to my friend Howard because I thought something was missing. He sent back some other suggestions, including the most obvious one. How could I have missed it?

  • Gun control. This has nothing to do with controlling guns. It has everything to do with controlling people. What the manipulators actually mean by this is making sure that only criminals have guns. Usually, they also mean that law enforcement officials and the armed guards of politicians also have guns. But not those who are most at risk of being a victim.

    Under this morally bankrupt scenario, violent criminals are far safer when committing violent crimes against unarmed law-abiding citizens than when sanity prevails and people have the means to defend themselves. This is immoral in any country, it is illegal in the USA. But immorality and illegality, not to mention the resulting carnage of the innocent, do not deter the whackos who run Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, DC from making this public policy and making their cities "murder capitals" with way higher murder rates than sane policy cities have.

    It's worth noting that EVERY ONE of the whackos behind these laws is conveniently exempted from them and has armed guards at taxpayer expense. So the Mayor of Chicago makes Illinois residents pay for his own armed protection but makes it a crime for Chicago residents to have the same protection at their own expense. Why would anyone stand for such a situation? Because they don't look past the language manipulation and lying labels put on these unconscionable and hypocritical policies.

    Correct name: OSHA for criminals. Other good names include Criminal Protection Measures, Violent Criminal Safety Programs, Mugger Shortage Prevention Programs, No Home is Safe, and Low Murder Rate Correction Programs.

    Is there really such a shortage of violent criminals that we need to protect them? I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest there isn't. Anyone who is for "gun control" needs to show that we are desperately short of violent criminals and that protecting them from their intended victims somehow benefits society.

    Taking the language abuse a step further, some people talk about "gun control debate" as if there is another side to the question of whether it's better to protect criminals from their victims or the other way around. Obviously, there is only one correct answer. But the language abuse stands reality on its head.
  • Related to this: H.R. 868, the Safer Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act of 2013. Nobody has been able to explain how making sure violent criminals have firearms and their potential victims don't will make the potential victims safer. I must have missed the video showing an antelope taking down a lion, which the antelope was able to do because it wasn't burdened with powerful claws and jaws but the lion was.

    Correct name: The Dangerous Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act of 2013. Whoever thought this up should be incarcerated. It's not just stupid and immoral in the extreme, it is felonious because it directly abets felonious crimes. Where is that (in)Justice Department when you really need it?


You can't confront abject stupidity by allowing morons and psychopaths to give innocuous-sounding names to its various permutations. When it comes to an extreme stupidity example such as "gun control," the danger of language abuse becomes more clear. Don't let people control your thinking by abusing language. Don't let them infect you with their stupidity this way.


4. Finance tip

We've heard a great deal of "sequester" and "budget ceiling" nonsense from the state-run media that propagandize for our misrepresentatives in CONgress, lately. Let's set aside that misdirection and the fairy tales involved. Instead, let's look at a real issue. Let's look at inflation.

Here's one definition: "Cutting money in half without damaging the paper."

Actually, inflation is the process of inflating the money supply, about 98% of which is not in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. And those FRNs (which we call dollar bills in various denominations) are actually printed on cotton, not paper.

When the Federal Reserve inflates the money supply, the effect is debasement of the currency. This is the same effect when, say, Columbian gangsters print up a few million dollars of fake bills. But the Federal Reserve does it on a scale more than a million times greater.

In other words, the Federal Reserve engages in counterfeiting to a far greater degree than any other body of organized crime does. Inflation is what you call counterfeiting when it's done by the central bank. But it's still illegal and it's still stealing and it's still counterfeiting. And it's very, very harmful. We feel its harm every day.

Counterfeiting is so deleterious to an economy (and the citizens in that economy) that Hitler's Nazis launched a major counterfeiting campaign against England and the USA during Wilson's War Number Two. As a weapon, a counterfeiting campaign does more damage to a nation's viability than does a major bombing raid.

The USA has a government agency whose primary mission is to stop counterfeiting. That agency is the Secret Service. Its primary mission is not, as many people mistakenly believe, to protect the POTUS and various other high-level politicians. Its primary purpose is to stop counterfeiting. In fact, the Secret Service has a major anti-counterfeiting field office in Columbia.

Inflation does not mean "a rise in prices." The technical term for that is "a rise in prices." Inflation is just one component of price. Yet, the criminals and their state-run media insist that inflation equals price increases and inflation just somehow happens.

Inflation is a deliberate act. The Federal Reserve inflates the supply of money, which is why it's called inflation. And because the Federal Reserve commits this crime without fear of prosecution, we now have an Inflation Nation.

Prior to Wilson's establishing the Inflation Nation by signing the illegal Federal Reserve Act, the USA didn't have an inflation problem. We'd have some inflation, but then things would re-establish around the mean for a net zero inflation over time. Since the Inflation Nation was signed into law, the Federal Reserve has stolen something like 97% of the value of the dollar.

Inflation is a tax on all dollar-based assets, and it is the single largest tax that most users of the dollar (including US citizens) pay. It has pernicious and devastating effects. What are some of its effects of the Inflation Nation that we get from the Federal Reserve?

  • Job scarcity. According to USA Today, about 15% of taxi drivers have a college degree and about 25% of retail sales clerks do.
  • Widespread poverty. More than a fifth of USA children are below the poverty level. Failed states like Bulgaria, Latvia, and Greece are ahead of us there.
  • Obfuscation. Because it's a stealth tax, the American sheeple don't see the real costs of supporting the criminal enterprise created by the criminals in CONgress. This means the crime continues, because there's a mental disconnect among those being robbed. Crimes such as giving the banksters $47 trillion between 2007 and 2011.
  • Wealth disparity. It facilitates wealth disparity; that is, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. In the USA, this has led to our having an enormous demographic called "the working poor."
  • Reduced benefits to citizens. Inflation allows those criminals in CONgress to cut Social Security payments without admitting they are doing so, while at the same time handing out to "Too Big To Jail" white collar criminals millions of times more money than Social Security pays out. It consigns the elderly to being treated like garbage.
  • Reduced economic health. Inflation reduces wealth across a broad swath of society, and that swath is carefully shaped to include everyone but the elite.

What can you do? First, realize that the reason we have inflation is it's a sneaky stealth tax that abets the larceny we call "federal spending." If federal "spending" were limited only to what's lawful, then we'd have no problem paying for it. But the vast majority of this "spending" is illegal and it is of such magnitude that it grossly exceeds federal revenues. Inflation is a way to decrease the accumulated deficits that we call the national debt, and thereby make the crime seem less damaging than it really is.

Contrary to the propaganda, it is not Medicare and Social Security that are racking up our debt. Many other countries have far more vigorous social safety nets, but no national debt. It makes a difference when the USA spends more on its military than all other nations combined, has half the world's prison population, and hands banksters $47 trillion in just four years. This kind of larceny is the elephant in the room; the cost of social programs is a mouse a mile away.

Some tips on solving for the root cause:

  • Don't toss your vote to the Demopublicans. The track record of that political party is horrendous. Nothing will change for the better by pretending that one wing of it is the lesser of two evils.
  • Protect your brain from contamination, by boycotting the state-run media.
  • Help other people see the truth, so they can leave the Matrix.
  • Support the NTU and LP, your two most powerful advocates for lawful government.
  • Review your own spending. In addition to eliminating waste, look for ways to eliminate financially supporting criminal corporations (you should know who they are, don't buy from them).

5. Security tip

Know the facts about personal security tools:


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

It's amazing how we treat some plants. For example, tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous and were, like any other weed, the subject of eradication.

Then there's weed, which is also treated like a weed, and it's the subject of eradication. But that's a whole other subject.

Another common weed is purslane. People yank this right up and toss it away.

That's too bad, because unlike the GMO corn, wheat, and soy that now dominate our "food" supply, purslane is high in:

  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids.

Age 51.
Click for more detail.

Not only that, purslane is a rich source of beta-carotene. In fact, it contains more beta-carotene pound for pound than does spinach.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:

  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987, 654,321.

That's an interesting sequence, is it not? I would make a remark about CONgress here, but since mathematics is the subject any mention of those mathematical morons would be out of place.

8. Thought for the Day

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:
  • Spades - King David
  • Hearts - Charlemagne
  • Clubs - Alexander, the Great
  • Diamonds - Julius Caesar

It's only a matter of time until one of these is replaced by King Obama. Now, think about the Joker....

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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader.

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