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Mindconnection eNL, 2013-01-06


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1. Good News

The ADP National Employment Report said the USA private sector added 215,000 jobs in December of 2012. This was significantly more than the 133,000 that economists predicted.

This was despite the massive escalation of theft by CONgress and a record federal debt. That massive debt has a massively dampening effect on the economy, so why all the new jobs?

Throughout 2012, there were several technological developments that permitted new opportunities for creating wealth. There were other factors contributing to new jobs, to be sure. But the failed statist policies of the past are still intact, and they still dampen the job growth potential.

Note on job creation:

  • Jobs are created, in net, when hiring people will lead to increased wealth for the entity doing the hiring. For example, your company makes widgets and if you add another widget line your company will increase its wealth. So it hires four widget line operators.
  • Contrary to the delusions of statists, the government cannot create jobs (in net). If the govt hires four new bureaucrats to harass business owners (and tie up their resources), the money for those new jobs has to come from somewhere. Money that would be used for productive means is used for this instead. There's a return on investment for every wage dollar spent. It can be a negative number, and with govt "make work" jobs it always is (with necessary govt jobs, it can actually be a high ROI).

Note on net numbers:

  • Don't be too hasty about drawing conclusions from aggregate data. Here's an example to illustrate why this is a bad idea. Suppose Company X lays off 200 people who made an average of $60,000/year. After lying low long enough to pretend this was due to a business downturn, Company X next hires 200 young people at an average of $25,000 a year. Wow, 200 new jobs!
  • But wait, it gets "better." There were 400 other people who, for several months, had to do the work of the 200 laid off folks with no extra compensation. Guess where their jobs are headed?
  • Of course, not every new job is just a change to a cheaper worker. My point is that there's a lot of information missing from the jobs reports--which are just aggregate numbers.

While the latest report may, indeed, be good news, we need to keep our eye on the main cause of job losses in the USA. It's the stealing done by members of CONgress, combined with the enormous costs businesses incur dealing with the unaccountable and malicious Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. These two problems have been exacerbated, not improved. So take job numbers with a few grains of salt.

Yes, we can:

  • I think the employment picture will greatly improve once Obama loses his job. Whether that happens this year due to his finally being indicted for his crimes, or 16 years from now after he loses his sixth fake Presidential "election," we cannot know. But perhaps we will have moderate improvement in the interim due to other factors.
  • One thing that would help is we all contact our misrepresentatives in CONgress and demand an end to such waste as the $21 million an hour burned up on "Pentagon Acquisitions."
  • Elimination of the IRS would result in a huge boon to the economy and thus massive job creation, because the compliance costs are staggering and because of the vast damage this agency does to both our entrepreneurial base and our economy in general. If you need an issue to get behind, this one has the greatest potential to improve the human condition in the USA.

2. Product Highlight

Here's another great flatbed scanner we offer. It's actually a medical-grade scanner, but it's at the high end of affordability for the home. For the small medical office or clinic, it's a super bargain.

If you work at such a clinic and deal with many paper records this scanner can definitely improve your business processes. Mention this to your physician, and you can help that office be more efficient.

The Microtek Medi-1000 scans any A4 printed medical document in 3 seconds, can covert it into DICOM format simultaneously. Its LED light source means instant-on, no waiting for lamp warmup.

Actually, we have an entire category of medical scanners. We even have a couple of scanners specifically for small dental film digitization and digitizing any dental films.

Removed 2014-06-02


3. Brainpower tip

Sent by long-time reader and very smart guy Don B. (in Texas):


4. Finance tip

Every debt incurs ongoing servicing costs. When the criminals in CONgress talk about the "debt ceiling," what are they really talking about?

Watch this short video illustration and see:

5. Security tip

Watch this:

Think about what you can do about this threat. Hint: You cannot do it alone. Nor do you have to. You can help quite a bit by making others more aware of this travesty.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Many people stretch before hitting the weights. Not only is this a fundamental mistake, it's normally not done right.

It's a fundamental mistake, because stretching (by definition) lengthens the muscle while lifting weights compresses the muscle. If you lengthen the muscle, tendons, and ligaments before lifting, you are lifting with weakened joints. That sets you up for injury. By lifting weights after the stretching, you undo any benefits of the stretching.

But stretching after the workout, if done right, helps flush waste and helps restore overall muscle balance. Only if you do it right, that is.

Simply bending over and stretching your hamstrings after having done the typical leg isolation exercises does nothing except give you weaker hamstrings and more muscle imbalance. This, unfortunately, is standard practice. But there is a better way, and I'm about to tell you what it is.

Age 51.
Click for more detail.

If you just finished your last set of a solid, balanced workout of a given muscle group using a large compound exercise as your basis, you should be a bit short of breath and your muscles should be full of blood. That is, you're breathing hard and you're pumped. So your first stretch is this. You stretch your whole torso.

How? Many people remember from the iconic movie, "Karate Kid" that Mr. Morita tells his young student, "Wax on, wax off." But what they don't remember is that he then reminds his student to breathe deeply. And he underscores this by saying, "Breathing very important."

You want to expand your entire rib cage by pulling your shoulders back and taking a really deep breath. Try to have a very "open" posture. If you look at any photos from the Mr. Olympia contests since Arnold won his first one, you will see everyone is in this open posture. They aren't scrunched down, but are instead as spread out as they can make themselves.

It's not just bodybuilders with this posture. Take a look at Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, or Jet Li. Chuck Norris also comes to mind, though he is a Karate man and not a Kung Fu man. This posture maximizes the body's natural leverage, while minimizing the "friction" between opposing muscle groups. It's the posture of power.

The deep breathing, combined with this posture, gives you a feeling of being very powerful. That's due to a "perfect storm" of reasons, one of which is you are very powerful (at least, compared to before doing this).

After you complete your last set, you should look very different from the minute just before you started your workout session. Not only should your muscles be full and your veins looking huge, but you should look taller and more commanding--because you are standing tall and open.

Sadly, this isn't the common practice that it should be in physical training. Some years ago, I visited my father in Florida and we went to this gym where he went three times a week. He didn't have a particular plan and he really wasn't in trying to get the most from his gym time. But he did burn some calories and get some other mild benefits. He didn't get the benefit of feeling powerful, however. The image I have of him is this. As I left the weight room, I saw him sitting on a chair all slumped and weary-looking with his shoulders rounded forward. Don't let this happen to you.

OK, so you get the idea here on the breathing. That's your first big stretch. Now, you need to stretch whatever muscles you worked. Use the standard stretches, but remember the goal is to keep the muscles from staying contracted. You just want to "loosen up" a bit. Do too much, and you simply weaken the muscles you just worked out.

As an example, let's say you just finished your last set of sissy squats (you did a few sets of sissy squats after a few sets of front squats, so as to hit most of the fibers in your quads and hamstrings). You could do standing one-leg quad stretches, doing each leg for about 15 seconds and alternating for four sets. Then you could sit on the floor and do a few sets of hamstring stretches. That's really enough.

It's very important stretch to stretch the pecs after a chest workout. Just a few sets of 10 - 15 second static stretches should do it. If you work the chest and don't stretch it, then you have your chest muscles pulling your shoulders forward for the next couple of days and that is definitely not good. The breathing stretch enlarges your rib cage over time, and the pec stretch after a chest workout prevents the pecs from working against that.

At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:

  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $ 16,400

The cost of supporting a medium-size member of CONgress: After about 8 years, several million dollars annually. Just look at their "before" and "after" financial condition. Supporting their crack habit, er, spending habit, runs into the trillions of dollars per year--and that's just for the illegal stuff.

8. Thought for the Day

Do you have specific goals and follow a plan for making those happen? A New Year's Resolution doesn't fit that description.

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