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Mindconnection eNL, 2012-10-21


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1. Good News

Obama is increasingly looking like a One Term President. The alternative isn't great, but when you have someone draining the economy the way a Florida developer drains a swamp....

It's heartening to know that many Americans can actually do math at the second grade level. Thus, the illogic of the Porkulus (one of the economy-draining crimes) that you can add by subtracting does not resonate as true to most Americans. And just to drive home how damaging the Porkulus actually was, here's a video:

Yes, people are thinking! That's good news.

2. Product Highlight

Stay ahead of office gossip, layoff planning, and general sneakiness on the part of others who leave you out of their conversations for whatever reason.

You no longer need to be excluded, or unaware of plots made against you. Now you can listen and know what the heck is going on and who is responsible.

Discontinued, as of 2014-01.

The E2000 can detect voices and sounds up to 100 feet away, with zero interference. It's discrete because it's an in the ear device.

People will think you have an ordinary hearing aid giving you ordinary hearing, when in reality you have super hearing and can listen to conversations they think are private.

Listen. Hear. Be in the know.

Save 24% by ordering yours now, before the price goes up.



3. Brainpower tip

People often reach conclusions based on unsubstantiated assumptions. Let me illustrate by commenting on current events. You can draw your own lessons on thinking, as you read.

A good example of the "conclusions based on unsubstantiated assumption" method is how people participate in these sham federal "elections."

Amazingly, over 90% of voters suspend reality, logic, and basic brain functioning to go along with the idea that, somehow, the "contest" for:

  1. Misrepresentative in the House is between two unqualified morons selected out of the sizable population of your CONgressional district.
  2. Senator is between two unqualified morons selected out of the entire population of your state.
  3. POTUS is between two unqualified morons selected out of 310 million people.

While there are some exceptions (for senator and misrepresentative), the above characterize these shams in nearly all cases. Does that even pass the smell test? How much more can the folks running these freak shows insult your intelligence?

And why only two inDUHviduals? What about a second party candidate? For example, Gary Johnson, who is bright and highly qualified, is running for POTUS on the Libertarian ticket. Which means that, unlike his D/R counterparts, he at least claims to respect the law.

Of course, The Party won't let its fake candidates debate Mr. Johnson. That would mean exposing them for the scofflaws they are. That would also mean bringing up actual issues, instead of the nonsense that misdirects attention away from anything that actually matters.

If it's true that a D or R will be "elected" regardless of how you vote, and whoever it is works for the same bosses as the D/R guy who is pretending to run against him, does that mean these "elections" meaningless?

That depends upon your viewpoint and whether you've actually thought about this charade.

The "election" is meaningless in terms of any sort of democratic process. It's not an election, it's a test. It has NOTHING to do with putting someone in office, and that will be true until such time as enough voters in each state vote for a second party and that party doesn't need to pay through the nose for petition drives.

Side note:
Many people aren't aware how much their vote can change things, in that regard. Sometime, look up the requirements for getting on the ballot in your state. Your party needs X % of votes in the previous election, or it needs buckets of money to pay people to get petitions signed. And even more money to bail them out of jail when they are arrested on pretense in an effort to stop the petitioning as they were in Oklahoma in the 2008 "election."

The "election" is extremely meaningful in regard to its actual purpose. It tests how many people DO NOT THINK and thus mindlessly select one of the two "I approve of crime" boxes instead of voting.

Anyone who puts any thought into what's going on can see quite easily that you aren't choosing between two real candidates. Out of 310 million people, the two D/R "candidates" on the 2012 ballot for POTUS are the best we can come up with? Does that seem even remotely logical?

  • One guy has spent the past four years aggressively devastating the economy (with measurable results), isn't even Constitutionally qualified for the job, and has managed to be the second most damaging POTUS in our history. And yet, the Democrats didn't pick someone else? Were they doing serious drugs, or is it not actually up to them? Four presidents failed to be nominated for a second term; Obama should have been the fifth.
  • The other guy believes that if you wear magic underwear and meet a few other requirements, when you die you will be the god of your own planet. But only if you are a white male. This is based on "scripture" that an illiterate conman dictated to another person, twice. The wife of the scribe destroyed the first copy, and the second one turned out to be untrue to the first. The discrepancies get worse from there.

One must ask why the Democrats didn't find a competent (or at least not America-hostile) candidate, and also why the Republicans couldn't find someone other than Mr. Magic Underwear to oppose that candidate.

The answer: It's a farce.

These fake elections have been farces for over a century. This becomes quite obvious to anyone who has even moderate awareness of what has transpired over the past 40 years (50, 60, etc.).

You can quite easily see it does not matter if the Ds "control" the federal gangsta govt or the Rs do. The result is ALWAYS the same: war, inflation, unemployment, corporations getting away with egregious crimes, international crimes subsidized by CONgress, unlawful conduct in the extreme, IRS abuse, lies and more lies, idiotic legislation, Constitution ignored, freedoms squashed, kangaroo courts, no balance of power, no checks and balances, etc.

Is that really what we want? If not, why does anyone check the box by a D or R "candidate?"

Answer: Not looking at the reality and then not thinking.

Some people cling to the delusion that the "election" is a choice between ideologies, as if the Ds are "liberal" and the Rs are "conservative." Fine for the rhetoric, but not at all what the reality is about.

It's not a choice between ideologies. The only ideology is crime. Choosing between the Ds and Rs is like choosing between the Crips and the Bloods. Does it really matter what colors they wear, when either way the result is the same?

Some people cling to the delusion that they are choosing the better candidate (lesser of two evils theory). But at the egregiously low level of competence and the even lower level of knowledge on the part of the voter as to actual qualifications, it's not a choice between qualifications, resume, experience, competence, etc. A choice made by mere speculation is gambling. A choice based on propaganda and lies is even worse than that.

Any moron can be POTUS and a moron usually is. Ditto for being a senator or a misrepresentative in the House.

The idea that you're picking the "better" candidate is irrational in the extreme. A simple look at how we hire people in a real competition, by comparison, illustrates why.

In a business situation, you would choose among several qualified, but imperfect candidates. You might not even choose the best person for the job, but any choice you do make would probably be good. If you've done the standard due diligence, you will be hiring a competent person.

Suppose you're hiring a CFO. Your candidates all have an MBA and a Master's or undergrad in finance, plus significant CFO work experience and no prison record. All of your final candidates have distinguished themselves with some pretty remarkable achievements.

All of your candidates were presented to you by a recruiter. So they are already screened and you don't even look at any morons or criminals. Nor do you need to consider someone who hates your company. Or whose driving goal is to become a millionaire by year three at your company on a salary of $180,000.

Starkly different from how candidates for POTUS get on the ballot.

In elections for city, county, and state offices this same "real world" dynamic is fairly typical though not as rigorous. It's fairly easy to get on the ballot, so qualified people can and do. Not the same as hiring a recruiter to go out and find someone, but still people usually aren't screened out simply because they have morals or actual qualifications for the job.

This self-selection process can (and does) produce some bad apples, folks not even remotely qualified. I suppose that's why we have elections for these offices. We get to choose from who got on that ballot without signing a contract with Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, etc.

For the federal farces, look at the resumes of the folks in "elected" office today. Mostly lawyers. Not that lawyers are necessarily bad, but a bunch of lawyers who became millionaires after only a few years of public "service" hardly represent the population and can't possibly understand the reality most of us live in. They CAN understand shady deals, extreme corruption, malfeasance as standard operating procedure, and stealing with impunity.

Few of these useless idiots have done anything significant with their lives (look at their lawyer career track records, and mediocre is an accomplishment among their ranks), other than be a political prostitute.

Sure, you have a few doctors (including that crazy Bill Frist) and some folks who've run a business or worked in the real world in some way. But most of these lawyers have never held a real job or if they did they weren't very good at it--that's their resume.

So for the federal farces, you're presented with unqualified candidates nobody in their right mind would hire. That is not by accident. If you had reasonable ballot access, the situation would be entirely different. You'd have highly qualified folks running for federal offices. Maybe even the cream of the crop, instead of the turd that floats best.

I think our last competent POTUS was Grover Cleveland. TR did great things, but was more like a manic-depressive POTUS than one handling his office with competence. And he had his share of screwups. Hoover was almost competent, but not quite. The others since GC were obviously retards, psychopaths, or both.

Then you have your members of CONgress, such as Chuck Rangel who managed to accumulate millions of dollars offshore while his only reported source of income was his salary as a CONgressman. The Department of Injustice gave him a free pass on this egregious criminal conduct, as did the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths.

Consider carefully whether it makes any sense whatsoever to check the D or R box on the ballot. There is only one correct answer. If you get it, your brain's working properly.

In the above discussion, we used several elements of critical thinking. These include comparative analysis, basic fact-checking, and deductive reasoning.


4. Finance tip

Do you keep old cans of paint or other VOCs around, just in case you need them?

This is actually quite expensive. Not just because whatever's in the can becomes degraded, either. The real problem is these cans can't provide a perfect hermetic seal. If you keep them around, whatever's in the can will be in your lymph glands and your lungs.

This is one reason people get lymph system cancers. If you think keeping $4 of paint in a leaking can is less expensive than years of treatment for a progressive illness, then it may already be too late for you.

On the other hand, if you understand the economics here then take action. Find your county's hazardous disposal location, and make sure your hazardous "whatevers" get there in the very near future.

5. Security tip

As Obamageddon rolls relentlessly on, millions of desperate people are looking for any way to make enough money just for food. Shelter is less of a problem; tent cities have sprung up outside most metropolitan areas across the country.

With so much financial devastation resulting from a series of wealth transfer schemes (to the ultra-wealthy), capital infusions OUT of the economy, high inflation due to several rounds of massive counterfeiting, and the costs of carrying the staggering debt created by this gangsta government, regular American citizens are less secure in every way than we were before this long nightmare began.

We don't know yet if the criminals behind the WTO, IMF, Monsanto, etc., (those who actually run things) have awarded Obama a second term in office rather than the life term in prison that he deserves. But if they have, the presumed replacement isn't any great shakes either.

So, optimistically, things might get a little better over the next four years. But we have little hope of real change before 2017.

When times are tough, the number of scamsters and con artists grows dramatically. And as noted above, these are tough times. With no real end in sight for a while.

The basic rules for not becoming a victim of a scamster or con artist haven't changed. The need for them has intensified, so they are of higher importance than they used to be. Some of these rules, just to refresh your memory:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • "Get rich quick," when translated into English, means "get fleeced."
  • You can't get something for nothing.
  • If it's touted as a "once in a lifetime opportunity," it's probably something you will regret for the rest of your life.
  • When you're being pressured to act right away, that's a big red flag.
  • Look for the value, not the alleged savings or the profits. If there's no value, it's a scam. What are you really getting for your money?


  • Republicans and Democrats don't need your money so they can "save" America from each other (in fact, they collude to conduct crimes on a massive scale). Don't donate to their campaigns; it's a complete waste of money.
  • Scamsters are often in the business of selling false hope. Don't let your hopes lead you to the poorhouse. Do some research to determine if they actually have a solution, and personally contact recognized experts in that field. Allegedly having a cure for Alzheimer's is a big area of scamming, today.
  • A stranger has a great deal and is willing to share it only with you? And is now suddenly your best buddy? Does not pass the smell test.
  • Someone who has huge amounts of money for you can't afford postage or some other small expense? Right. And Richard Nixon was an honest man.
  • The IRS is not trying to find people who didn't collect their refunds.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Asking the US CONgress to balance the federal budget is like asking a mugger to balance your checkbook. However, there is another kind of balance you can do something about. That's your body balance.

If you observe carefully, you will find that most people do not actually walk. They just repeatedly fall forward. This is why most people easily fall down if, for example, they suddenly encounter ice or loose gravel. They fall forward because they are off balance. It is possible to tell this from the wear patterns on their shoes and also from the sound they make while walking (the sound of the feet slapping, rather than embracing, the ground).

Draw a line between their upper body and hips. What you find is the angles are off, they are out of balance. Note: Probably, you'd better do this line-drawing with just your eye. People don't take kindly to strangers drawing lines on them with a magic marker, especially on their hips.

Watch a martial artist, professional dancer, gymnast, or climber walk and you see something very different. These people are balancing their weight over their hips. It's why they are able to move so gracefully and often seem to float in the air.


Age 50.

This balance seems to come naturally to some people, but actually it's a learned thing. Some people pick it up as kids, due to the activities they are engaged in and the guidance they get from their parents. Other people never get it.

Being balanced has many advantages, and if you think about that for a bit you can generate a long list. On that list, of course, will be reduced back pain. Along with reduced fatigue and greater energy, of course. And that list would be incomplete without "presence when walking into a room."

Good balance starts with good posture. While it's been the butt of many jokes, the old military admonition, "Head back, chest out, shoulders back" is a good place to start. Good posture is so rare in western culture that people notice those who have it as somehow "standing out." The reality is those with good posture are merely standing up (upright). You can find a good posture coach in any reputable dance studio or martial arts school. If those aren't for you, then a chiropractor can fill the gap there.

Martial artists and dancers go through many drills for developing balance. So do "dedicated" and pro athletes in nearly every sport. I personally still do these drills on a regular basis.

You can use your imagination to come up with balance-enhancing exercises that fit your current ability level. A little trial and error, and you'll see what works for you. Then decide on two or three that you will do on a regular basis, perhaps daily (no less than 3x/wk, though). If a particular exercise becomes too easy or starts to bore you, replace it with a new one.

For beginners, here are some simple balance exercises:

  • Standing with your feet together, raise one foot a few inches off the ground by simply bending your knee. Hold until you start to shake, then go back to the starting position and work the other foot. Do this back and forth maybe six times.
  • Do the previous exercise, but this time raise your foot by slowly raising your leg out to the side (only a few inches). You will need to compensate by leaning the other way a bit.
  • Do the previous exercise, but this time raise your foot by slowly raising your leg (heel first) behind you (only a few inches). You will need to compensate by leaning forward.

When doing balance exercises, imagine your hips to be a ball bearing. All of your weight balances on this ball bearing. The balance should "zero out" the muscular effort required to keep from falling. This is a fundamental concept of the eastern martial arts, especially the various karate and kung fu styles.

Climbers and other highly balance-dependent athletes carry this line of balance through their hips to whatever foot is supporting their weight. Not only that, but the line is very thin, ending in a particular point on that foot. It might be the ball or the heel or some other part.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:

  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks; otherwise it will digest itself. Kind of like Obama is doing to the country.

8. Thought for the Day

Doesn't the phrase "health nut" epitomize the meaning of oxymoron? What isn't nutty about seeking the opposite of health?

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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader.

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