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Mindconnection eNL, 2009-04-05


In this issue:
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1. Brainpower tip

One reason people may fail on a project or in some other endeavor is they solve the wrong problems. Simply working harder isn't the solution, though hard work is certainly essential to success.

If you merely do the wrong things better, the final outcome is the same: failure.

Put your brain to work on making the right outcome happen. To do this, first determine the outcome you want. Really think about this. Why that particular outcome? Don't think about the how just yet, but focus on the what. Is this going to provide you with the benefits you are really after?

Next, think about how you will reach that desired outcome. Picture the result you're after and then think about whether this particular result is worth the cost of achieving it. Might there be a different goal or target that produces similar benefits at less cost? If so, what is the catch (or is there one)?

Wasting brainpower on the wrong things is the same as not using your brain at all. Task your brain on those things that are going to have a payoff.

2. Finance tip

Last week, the Federal Reserve of the USA pumped up the money supply by 50%. Think about this. This is a devaluation of the US dollar by 50%. Theft on such a colossal scale is unprecedented.

If the USA were the world's snow cone vendor, everyone would be asking why the snow is so yellow and tastes so salty.

The US CONgress permitted this travesty under the delusions that:

  1. It was necessary.
  2. It would help.

Nobody sane could possibly agree with either contention. The brainpower article above mentions solving the right problems, which, in this case, is definitely not being done. The problems being "solved" are:

  1. The grossly irresponsible spending by CONgress.
  2. The grossly irresponsible way CONgress has passed laws over the past 50 years.
  3. The grossly bad public policies spewed forth by CONgress.

Stealing (which is what inflation is, when you do the math) doesn't solve those problems. It merely exacerbates them.

The situation in the world financial markets is dominated by a stand-off between two financial superpowers. We have a financial version of the Cold War MAD situation. China is actually buying more bonds right now, in an effort to prop up the US market for their goods. The problem with this MAD situation is the USA is controlled by folks who are absolutely crazy. That puts China in a position of inevitable destruction.

So, China is compelled to change the game. A new world currency would certainly accomplish that, which is why China is making noise about this. China may have other solutions it's working on, also. One thing is very clear: The US CONgress isn't working on ANY solutions. It's just letting its members get automatic pay raises while still ramping up the spending. Members of CONgress behave as the mere paid employees of the military industrial complex lobbyists for a reason. Since these folks are nearly all millionaires not long after gaining office, that reason is pretty obvious.

We need our CONgress to say, "Hi. My name is Chuck and I am a spendaholic." Then we need to get busy slashing our federal spending. Right now, our "defense" spending is 45% of what the entire world put together spends. That is, if you tally up all the military spending for every country in the world, the USA spends 45% of that total. A 90% reduction there would help our economy considerably and not leave us any worse of militarily (since our military isn't used for defense but is used for other purposes).

Addressing the entitlement side of the spending pathology, we can do such things as:

  1. Raise the SS benefits age by 1 year and repeat that every other year for the next 14 years. This would result in moving the age up by 7 years, still making it demographically "liberal" compared to the program's initial life expectancy tables. But it would help enormously.
  2. For medifraud payments, charge people for obesity. Right now, obese people get a free ride on the system despite the fact their compulsive eating generates enormous costs. The obesity-related costs need to be deducted from their benefits. Ditto for other blatantly health-adverse behaviors such as smoking. This isn't a "slippery slope" because the few behaviors we're looking at have profound effects and stand way out from sane choices.
  3. Pass the Fair Tax so that it is no longer a "crime" to save and invest. People who are retired get hit with income taxes, property taxes, and a slew of other taxes (see this article about our highly regressive federal income tax: If we stop taking from these people with the left hand, we don't need to give them as much money with the right hand. We reduce overall costs by eliminating one entire phase of transactions.

There are so many "easy" things that can be done to improve the financial situation of the USA. The fact these things aren't done is instructive. Since the people with the power to do these things are Demopublicans, it logically follows that voting for members of the Demopublican Party is a wasted vote.

You may have heard it said, "No matter whom we vote for, the government gets back in." It's time for change. Not the Spendbama "I will take so much of your money, you'll be lucky to have any change left" kind of change. But a change to the "spending as usual" pathology. We need to send a message to our misrespresentatives in Washington that they need to start behaving as adults. Perhaps the only way they will hear that message is if we vote against them. They haven't listened to that message via any other method.

The only way your vote can possibly matter is if you vote anything other than Demopublican. Yes, the next federal election is a long ways off. But as we "enjoy" the financial pain being inflicted as a consequence of failing to collectively exercise our right to vote this past November, perhaps the message can sink in to the voters that we gave permission to the inflictors.

Stop saying yes to it. Say no. Talk with friends and neighbors. Try to get them to see the light. If enough people vote against the Demopublicans in the next federal election, we can stop the spending. This is the single greatest thing you can do to enhance your financial position. Think again about that 50% tax hike that came out last week. It's not just 50% of your income, but 50% of the value of your assets that just went up in smoke. Picture taking a chain saw to your home and cutting it in half. Isn't that a bad financial plan?

3. Security tip

Ah, the mudstream media. Will they ever catch on that we are on to their brainwashing attempts? With non-news papers shutting down across the country and nearly the entire generation of 20-somethings "just saying no" to the boob tube's non-news shows, the message "we reject your lack of editorial integrity" seems pretty clear to me.

Here's a personal security example from the latest bit of mudstream malfeasance. You've no doubt heard reports about the killings and kidnappings in Cuidada Juarez. I've been to Juarez, myself, and have walked its mean streets.

Across the Rio Grande is Juarez' US counterpart, El Paso. What the mudstream media are silent about is El Paso doesn't have the killings and kidnappings that are going on just across the river. What is the primary difference between these two cities? Well, Juarez is under criminal protection legislation and El Paso isn't.

In Juarez, a criminal knows only other criminals have firearms. In El Paso, criminals know any potential victim may be packing heat. The mudstream media can't figure out why the two cities have such vastly different crime rates. People who have functioning brains can.

4. Health tip/Fitness tips

In our last issue, we talked about back pain. Now, let's talk about a related problem: knee pain. When you have it, exercise becomes difficult at best. And, of course, knee pain in itself is a problem well worth avoiding even if you can exercise.

We have this great article on knee pain here:

You can help prevent knee problems by:

  • Keeping body fat down (a fat body results in adverse torsional force on the knee joint).
  • Paying attention to your posture.
  • Never sitting with your legs folded under you.
  • Performing front squats twice a month.
  • Paying your gambling debts, or running quickly away from guys with ball peen hammers if you don't. (ha, ha)

And you can find more fitness tips at

Fitness supplements for bodybuilders
The inversion table can also help reduce knee pain. It does this partly by helping to realign the knee and partly by helping to realign the back.

While the table can't correct in all planes (that requires a chiropractor), it can definitely make a difference.


5. Factoid

Only one person in 2 billion lives to be 116 or older. Members of CONgress are determined to do everything humanly possible to tax that person to death.

6. Product Highlight

Translate Chinese

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  • Full text translation (enter your own random sentences).

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  • e-book reader and MP3 player.

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  • Virtual keyboards and other usability features.

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Chinese Electronic Translator Ectaco 900Ch

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7. Thought for the Day

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for you? Try to top it.

Please forward this eNL to others.


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