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Mindconnection eNL, 2002-08-26

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  1. Featured product line
  2. Schools are encouraging students to sell their bodies
  3. Brainpower tip
  4. Finance tips
  5. Health tip
  6. Fitness tip
  7. Thought for the day


1. Featured product line

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2. Schools are encouraging students to sell their bodies

As we all know, prostitution is the art of selling one's body. While most of us would be horrified if prostitution were rampant in our public schools, most of us blithely ignore that another form of selling children's bodies is more common than not.

Because schools have squandered tax dollars on attorney fees, school superintendent salaries, and other items that have nothing to do with education, they are now seeking other ways to find such minor things as actual education.

To the rescue have come purveyors of osteoporosis in a can. I am talking about the soft-drink companies, whose products destroy the bones of the victims (consumers) of such products. They give the schools a cut of the proceeds from every can of osteoporosis they sell. The school authorities, in effect, sell the bodies of children to get money for the school system. How much longer before they sell photos taken in the locker room, or actual body parts?

It is really a form of prostitution, and one no parent should abide. Most  folks do not understand that soft drinks are so harmful and that they cause osteoporosis--an old person's disease that is now showing up in the schoolchildren being prostituted for the benefit of the soft drink companies. Here is the chemistry behind how it works:

  • The dissolved carbonated gases are released, upon ingestion of the drink, into the stomach.

  • The stomach senses irritation due to the combination of increased pressure, increased acidity, and the fizz action of all those bubbles.

  • The stomach can't differentiate between sources of irritation, so assumes it has too much acid.

  • The only antacid available to the stomach is calcium. It gets this from the blood. So, it takes calcium from the blood until the irritation is gone.

  • The blood, now low on the calcium it needs for brain and muscle function, replenishes by drawing from the bones.

  • The bones can't draw from any other source but diet. They thus wait, weakened, until new calcium arrives. While in their weakened condition, they begin the process of becoming osteoporitic.

This is madness. You must stop it in your community. Well, maybe this isn't a must. Another choice is to buy stock in wheelchair companies and other companies whose revenues increase as the customer base of bone-damaged people continues to rise. My choice would be to prevent the carnage.

Don't take any excuses from the school authorities. There is no excuse for this barbaric treatment of the next generation.


3. Brainpower tip

The brain needs the right kinds of fats and protein to function properly. Most people get far too many of the wrong carbohydrates, the wrong fats, and proteins of dubious quality. We have essential fatty acids (EFAs) in convenient capsule form at affordable prices. Plus, we have the top names in protein supplements. Just go to Our Nutrition Store.


4. Finance tips

The most effective way I know of to throw off the chains of money-wasting consumer-itis is to stop watching television. Just make it a rule that the television is for watching rented movies, a treat you'll engage in as one of many activities. You'll be amazed at how much money this saves. By the way, you can usually get mentally-productive videos at your local library and be just as entertained--or more so--than by the videos of current hits. Use the cost-savings to make a tax-deductible $100 donation to your library at the end of the year.


5. Health tip

If you go out to eat, don't eat the whole meal. Portion sizes are unrealistically large. Did you know the average brown bear needs 3,000 calories a day, while two MacDonald's Happy Meals (what a misnomer that is!) will exceed that? No wonder humans are starting to look as big as bears! Just do the math!

Wait, you say, this is financially wasteful. Not really. Obesity is financially wasteful. But, just for those who want their money's worth, here's another set of tips:

  • Don't order any beverage other than water.
  • Discard the junk stuff (salad croutons, bread, potatoes, dressings, sauces, white rice, etc.) and you'll actually have something approaching a reasonable proportion.
  • Ask for a doggy bag when you place your order, or ask for a reduced portion at a reduced price.
  • Understand that a steak larger than the size of your fist means steak that will pass through your bowels partly or mostly undigested. For the average person, this is about 6 oz. If one person orders a steak and the other orders a salad, splitting these items often results in appropriately-sized meals.


6. Fitness tip

Take a look at most people's calves, while it's still shorts-wearing weather. A fit calf muscle should be visible from the front, bulking out around the leg. Don't be deceived into thinking a "tulip" at the bottom means the calf is sufficiently developed--that is largely just a matter of fat distribution or, worse, a shortened calf muscle (which has some long-term health implications).

To work the calf, nothing beats a seated calf machine (which is why I have one). However, such a machine is not required. Simply taking a brisk walk on a variety of surfaces (uphill, downhill) routinely, plus going barefoot as much as possible, will usually produce a healthy calf muscle. Don't forget, the foot must flex backward from horizontal, not just forward (as in the case of heels).


7. Thought for the Day

A tax increase is the same as a wage decrease. Remember this, and keep track of which politicians give you a wage decrease. You'll have a clear idea, at election time, of whom to vote for. 


Wishing you the best,

Mark Lamendola


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