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Mindconnection eNL, 2001-08-23

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  1. Job survival tip
  2. Featured course
  3. Polo shirt contest: update
  4. Recommended reading
  5. Fitness tip
  6. Thought for the day

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1. Job survival tip

We in the U.S. had year after year of record layoffs during the Clinton administration. By mid-year this year, we set a new record. Yes, we can blame Clinton for some of this, because of his Economics 101-defying policies. But, even if he had done everything right, we'd still be in a pickle today. The forces at work go far beyond what any politician can influence. That said, there is no quick fix on the horizon, despite what Bush's troops and Alan Greenspan would have us to believe. That's the bad news. The good news is you have significant influence on how you fare in these tough times. As you know, people make layoff decisions. So, take care of those relationships. Even on days when you don't feel good, smile and encourage others. If you find yourself griping, stop. Assess the situation, and think of what specific actions could make it better. Then, contact the person in charge of whatever is bugging you and explain you may have identified a solution to a problem. Don't get huffy or impatient with people--they are probably doing all they can to cope with whatever life is handing them.

It is my belief that positive attitudes on a grand scale will reverse the economy faster than any government intervention. When you have a chance to extend outstanding service to a customer, do so. Even if it means helping your competitor. What goes around comes around.


2. Featured course: How to write a business letter

A well-written business letter makes a huge difference in what kind of service you get. Here are some tips:

  • Keep it short and organized. Nobody will take the time to read a long, rambling letter.

  • Don't lace it with emotion. You can add an emotional closing, such as "I really feel this is an injustice," or "I am truly pleased with your service," but keep your letter factual in tone.

  • In reference the above: in other words, don't whine and don't gush.

  • If writing a complaint, make the reader feel you are open to mutually acceptable resolution.

  • Always reread it before sending it!

For more detail, spend a few bucks on this inexpensive course. If you don't like the course after you take it, you can get a full refund. Here is the URL:



3. Polo shirt contest: update

I have mailed out some shirts, based on what we have in stock. The other shirts will arrive soon, then I'll update the list of winners. I'll  be immediately placing yet another order, if our new vendor does a good job, because we've had several requests for these shirts. Now, we don't just give them away--even though people frequently ask us for one. You have to enter the contest (and win), or do something else for us. If you want a shirt and don't want to pay for it, just refer a bunch of people to the site and you will probably win one. Each contest has several winners.

You are automatically enrolled in this contest simply by being a subscriber. To up your chances, visit or (URL deleted(. Just so you know, one person who sent in over two dozen referrals after the mid-year deadline got a shirt just for doing that. We matched her to the lowest # of the other folks who won by referral and put her balance into the end-of-year contest--which is running now. We name extra winners because we appreciate good PR when we get it!


4. Recommended reading

You might want to bookmark our recommended reading page: It's pretty useful, if you're into feeding your mind. If you're not into feeding your mind, now might be a good time to start!



6. Fitness Tip

What do people who are fit, lean, and strong have that other people don't? The answer may surprise you: a high testosterone level, regardless of gender. "High" for men and "high" for women are not the same, though.

How do you raise your testosterone? The almighty squat--an exercise which is the staple of serious bodybuilders--raises testosterone when done regularly. Experts disagree on whether you should do squats once a week or twice a month, but this brutal exercise kicks in your body's "make me an athlete" hormone production bigtime. This causes your body to consume fat and build muscle. The opposite effect occurs when you eat refined sugar (most flour products, table sugar, fruit juice, and most "low-fat" foods).

What else drives down your testosterone and increases fat storage/muscle consumption? Overtraining, such as long distance running, raises cortisol. Take a look at long-distance runners. Do they look healthy? Not even close. Sprinters, on the other hand, look very healthy.

So, do your squats, get plenty of rest, and eat right. You will be more fit.


7. Thought for the Day

When you need someone to change behavior for any reason (to help you, for example), always remember you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.


Wishing you the best,

Mark Lamendola


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