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Career Connection: Chunk Up Your Job Search


By Shannon Bradford,

Launching a job search when you are already employed can seem as daunting as tackling Mt. Everest. When you are having trouble getting started on a project, like a job search, tackle it by Chunking It Up. Break the project into smaller, more manageable pieces and then give yourself small victories by completing each piece.

To get yourself started, you could chunk up your search into pieces like these:

  1. Find your old resume

  2. Circle the parts of your old resume you want to use again

  3. Brainstorm a list of ideas for your new resume

  4. Develop a first draft of your new resume

  5. Finish writing your new resume

  6. Lay out your new resume

  7. Investigate and make a list of five online job sites to search

  8. Search one online job site for jobs that interest you

  9. Develop a list of five companies that interest you

  10. Visit the Website of one of your target companies

… and so on.

You can tackle one chunk a day or one a week, whichever seems manageable to you. If these tiny, little chunks seem too easy to you, you can make your chunks whatever size you like.

You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish--and how well you do it--by breaking your job search into these tiny, manageable steps.

Shannon Bradford is a writer and coach, teaching people how to master their brains to succeed in their careers and businesses. She is the author of Brain Power and 15-Minute Career Change. Learn more about it by clicking

2005 Shannon Bradford

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