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Business Tips: Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

By Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller,

If you're like many small business owners and entrepreneurs today, you’re not attracting new customers the way you should. There was a time when you could just buy a small ad, handout business cards at a networking event, or mail a postcard--and subsequently get clients.

That’s no longer the case. 

What changed? Where has all the business gone? 

The traditional model is broken and traditional marketing methods are quickly racing toward obsolescence. You want—and have a right to expect— more. 

  • More prospects.
  • More sales.
  • More money.

But too many entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales people are wasting their time, money, and efforts with traditional marketing practices. These practices  are washed up and worn out. They do not deliver profitable results. 

So what’s alive? What's working? What can you do today to make a difference tomorrow without breaking the bank?

Here’s a sure-fire approach anyone can take immediately to make a dramatic impact on the bottom-line: 

How to Revitalize Your Business Using Powerful, Low-Cost Marketing 

1. Stop Thinking Media 

Most business owners jump right to asking, "Where should I place my ad?" Then when the chosen media doesn't perform the way they think it should they state triumphantly, "______ doesn't work."Then that media gets crossed off the list of possible choices and you're one step closer to finding the magic media.  

Or so you may think. 

If you continue this trend and this way of thinking, you will quickly run out of media options and be left with only bus benches and match book covers. With every other media crossed off your list you'll be forced to come to the conclusion that marketing doesn't work. 

That's certainty not the case. It just doesn't work the way you're doing it…the traditional way.  

You have to stop thinking about where the ad should go and start thinking about who the ad is for.  

2. Stop Selling Products  

Perhaps we should say, stop MARKETING products. Everyone sells products and features. Whether you're selling computers or accounting most people could care less about what you offer and have a thousand options.  

So why should they pick you? 

If you fail to create a compelling reason for people to buy what you're selling, you will wind up right in the middle of the commodity market where logic dictates the sale. You will be left with no option but to compete on price and selection. That’s when your lead flow dries up and your profits suffer. 

3. Start Selling Outcomes 

Instead of talking about the features of your products and services, declare to the world, “I am the obvious choice! Doing business with anyone else would be foolish.” 

Start talking about the specific reasons a prospect should choose you over everyone else. Discuss what they will gain from their investment. 

You want to make concrete offers and tie those offers to powerful benefits by answering these questions:  

  • What are the big obstacles your customers are facing?
  • What do they have gain by working with you?
  • What do they have to lose by not working with you?
  • What are your competitors missing?
  • What do you do potentially better than anyone else?

Your potential customers are dying for a buying preference that makes their decision making process easy. So, make your claim, back it up with a promise and a guarantee, and tell the prospect exactly how and why you will make their life much, much better.  

Traditional Marketing is Dead … Now What? 

Here’s an important distinction: we’re not talking about spending money on marketing or advertising in order to “get your name out there” or to “build brands.”  That's traditional and tends to be a waste of money for smaller businesses. 

We’re suggesting that you communicate your ideas through a compelling story or message that causes people to take action and allows you to measure your results. 

Most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know this information and many of the ones who do know it are too stubborn, too lazy or too afraid to do anything with it. 

The wise person who takes this information and runs with it will be in striking distance of dominating their market. They will make their competition impotent and end up with a lead producing machine so powerful that they're actually able to take a few days off each week to spend with their family because the marketing is so effective.


About the Authors

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller, small business marketing experts & authors of “Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers,” turn the traditional sales and marketing process on its head.  Their powerful concepts show business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to naturally attract a steady stream of qualified prospects who pay, stay and refer. Now you can get their ULTIMATE FREE GIFT -- $539.00 worth of free business building tools @


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