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Business Tips: Succeeding on the Internet


Qualities of Success

By Chris Small

On the Internet, a small business has virtually the same opportunity that much larger well-monied companies and individuals have. Some of the little guys are doing extremely well on this new medium. Some of them started with nothing more than an idea and turned it into thousands. Some have even become millionaires.

And then there are the super stars of the Internet. The people who are now billionaires after only a few short years. The creators of Yahoo, Hot Mail, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

What characteristics do they posses that most people don’t? Or do we all have these qualities hidden within us just waiting to be unleashed?

Why do some Internet Marketers achieve phenomenal results while others barely break even? What differentiates a success from a failure?

We are going to look at five essential qualities to success. Recently I had a conversation with very successful Webpreneur and asked him what he thought the necessary skills were to achieve great success on the net. His immediate response was the following five points. These five are not the only ingredients to high achievement, but they are crucial elements of it.


No major success happens without desire. Successful people all know what they want and are willing to exert great amounts of energy and effort to achieve it. They find an eagerness and enthusiasm that overcomes simple wishfulness and translates into intense commitment
The Internet (and the World) is filled with people who WISH for success. The ones who achieve it are always the ones who truly DESIRE it and are willing to commit to it.


People who are committed to their business objectives have equipped  themselves with an essential tool that will see them through the trials and challenges of building an Internet business. They will persistently forge on until they see the resolution to their problems. They may have to change direction to reach the target, but they will never quit.

On the Internet, the only thing that doesn’t seem to change is change itself. What worked yesterday may not work today. New technologies keep popping up and replacing old ones. A committed webmaster will not be daunted by this but rather embrace it. You know the old saying, “Place your goals in concrete, but the path to them in sand.”


Cooperation of Family

Whenever you embark on a new path it is extremely important that you acquire the support and cooperation of your loved ones. If you doubt this you either live alone, or you have never tried to do something BIG.

Time Management Skills

Time is something that happens only once. You can’t go back, only forward. Make that time count. The most significant portion of your commitment to your Internet business is in the time that you devote to it. Editor's note: You can order Secrets of Time Management from Mindconnection.

It is advisable to make a list of all the projects that you need to work on for the week and break them down into Daily Action Plans (DAP’s).  Look at your DAP each morning and prioritize each item. Then determine how much time you will need to commit. Here is a sample DAP:

  • Check and respond to last night's emails - 30 minutes

  • Check stats for site - 5 minutes

  • Check Affiliate program activities - 5 minutes

  • Write sales letter for the Smith project - 90 minutes

  • Edit the text on Project 2 web page - 20 minutes

  • Rework ad for Project 2 to reflect changes - 15 minutes

  • Change Meta Tags on Project 6 page - 5 minutes

  • Contact Graphic Artist about the new logo - 5 minutes

  • Recheck and respond to new emails - 10 minutes

  • Go for Lunch with Spouse - ???

According to this mock DAP, you would need to commit approximately 3 hours and 5 minutes to get everything completed for the day. Of course, new things will pop up that you hadn’t planned on and some things will take longer than anticipated. Other items may take you less time. The key here is to get the most important things done first and then you can decide if you want to pursue lesser tasks.

Simply spending time on the Internet is not necessarily time used effectively. It’s alright to have some recreational time, but make sure that when you are engaged in building your business you don’t get distracted with unfruitful activities.

Identify Areas of Profit

This is critical. Successful webmasters will zero in on the most profitable areas of their business and spend the bulk of their efforts there. It’s very easy to become distracted with unproductive tasks and neglect the important ones.

Practice the 80-20 rule. Find the 20% of your business that produces 80% of the profi. Then focus on it. This may sound slightly unrealistic, but it is a very effective success mechanism. Devote 80% of your efforts to these key areas and leave the remaining 20% for the other things.

Do you have these necessary areas under your own control? Are you ready to take that big step onto the cyber stage? All the world loves a winner! We’re eagerly awaiting YOUR appearance.

Ready, Set, Go...

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very successful World Deal Center. You can reach him at His main Website is http//


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