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Windshield Winterizing

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Windshield Winterizing Saves Money, Pane.

(ARA) Minneapolis, Minn.--If winterizing your car begins and ends with snow tires and antifreeze, you may be overlooking a crucial component -- your windshield. "Before snow, sleet and freezing temperatures threaten the integrity of your car's windshield, examine it carefully for cracks, dings and 'stars'," advises Leo Cyr, director of marketing of NOVUS Windshield Repair. "Even a small ding, if ignored, can become a big problem, requiring a new windshield costing over $1,000," Cyr warns. "But if caught early enough, the problem can be repaired for as little as $50."

With more than 2,600 trained technicians across the United States and around the world, NOVUS offers these tips on how motorists can avoid unnecessary expenses, inconvenience and frustration this winter.

"It's important to know how to identify windshield problems and to recognize that most can be quickly and easily repaired as a safe and inexpensive option to replacement," Cyr says. He points out that freezing temperatures "can cause the smallest of 'stars' in your windshield to burst into long, irreparable cracks." And many car owners are unaware that heaters and defrosters can accelerate the process of cracking by blowing hot air inside a windshield that is frozen outside. Rapid temperature changes adversely affect glass which is already damaged.

At Novus, technicians replace windshields only if absolutely necessary. "Our policy is to repair damage whenever possible," says Cyr. "This not only saves money for our customers, it also satisfies the interests of car insurers."

He explains, "Because our patented process has proven so successful on windshield dings and cracks and is extremely cost effective when compared with replacement costs of $300 to over $1,000, most insurance companies welcome our money-saving strategies. Many even waive the deductible, so the car owner pays nothing."

The really good part, says Cyr, is that repair does not require the windshield to be removed. The factory seal between auto body and windshield is not broken. In the event of an accident, the windshield remains exactly where the factory intended -- firmly in place. That fact alone makes windshield repair the safest alternative for damaged windshields, says Cyr.

"Winter or summer," he reminds the environmentally-conscious, "windshields cannot be recycled and, instead, end up in valuable landfill space. The NOVUS method of repair has resulted in one cubic foot of space saved for every four windshields repaired."

NOVUS has repaired more than 18 million windshields since the Minneapolis, Minn.-based company was founded in 1972. According to Cyr, all work performed by the factory-trained technicians is guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

NOVUS has more than 500 locations in North America. In the U.S., call 1-800-77-NOVUS for immediate connection to the nearest NOVUS location. In Canada, consult your local telephone directory.

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Now, here's another tip that you should follow year-round. Any defensive driving system teaches you to allow plenty of room between your car and the one in front of you. The typical driver is way too close to the car in front. Even doubling the typical distance, the cars are too close. So back off.

This will result in far less chance of windshield dings. More importantly, it makes everyone in your car much safer.

Winter drivers who drive right on top of other cars invariably have ice caking their windshield wipers and much of their car's front end. If you want to spot an incompetent driver, just look for the frontal ice.

In addition to lowering your visibility through ice-buildup, this kind of close driving on slippery winter surfaces makes it much harder for you to stop in time. What most people refer to as an "accident" is actually a consequence of deliberately bad behavior. If someone is on your tail, wave the moron around you if possible. Then wave again as you drive past that person in the ditch.


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