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Information Connection: Parking safely in your garage

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This one's a bit advertorial, but the idea it promotes is a good one....

(ARA) -- Know anybody who has trouble parking their car in the garage, not knowing how far to pull up before bashing the bumper against the back wall? Or anybody who leaves his/her car too far out and has the garage door grind down on its back end? Park-Zone is an inexpensive device offering a simple, yet high-tech solution to this daily problem.

In the often-crowded home-garage environment where depth perception is so difficult, parking a car can be quite a headache and lead to expensive bumper damage. Now, homeowners can use Park-Zone by Exeter Technologies, which offers a convenient, high-tech solution to this daily parking dilemma.

Park-Zone looks and acts like a space-age traffic light. Upon a vehicle's entry into the garage, the green light illuminates, indicating that the driver can proceed. Next, midway through the garage, an amber light cautions the driver. Finally, the red light comes on, signaling for the driver to stop in the 'park-zone.'

"It uses green, yellow and red lights to guide drivers as surely and smoothly as if they were docking a passenger jet," says "TIME." Exeter Technologies' Sr. Managing Director Arman Rousta reaffirms, "Park-Zone will work on any vehicle, no matter what you drive -- it can be a simple sedan, even an SUV or a Mack Truck. A number of fire houses are using Park-Zone to park their fire trucks."

"You ought to have one of these if you're having problems parking. I used to scratch my front bumper regularly against the back wall. I'm very happy with Park-Zone," says Orthello Byers of Bellaire, Texas, who has been using Park-Zone for a few months now.

Taking a look at how cars have evolved over the years, you may notice that bumpers are no longer two pieces of durable rubber protruding from the ends of a vehicle; rather, they are an element of aerodynamically designed automobiles, made of fiber glass or some other fragile material. Studies show that even the most minor scratch will cost you at least $300 to repair!

In an independent study, brand new cars [different models] were chosen to hit garage walls while parking at merely 5 MPH. No bumper went undamaged, as the cost or repairs ranged from $3,000-$7,300! Ridiculous as it may sound for a bumper, that is reality.

Park-Zone is mounted on the back wall of the garage and operates on 4AA batteries that will last for up to one full year. The ultrasonic sensing unit connects to the traffic light display via a standard telephone cord. To calibrate your own park-zone, simply park your car at the desired distance from the back wall of the garage. Push the injection button on the display unit, and through a simple calibration in a matter of seconds, Park-Zone presets the distance at which the red light turns on every time.

"Users will find that Park-Zone's ease of installation and operation makes it an extremely simple, yet very effective high-tech gadget," states the inventor of Park-Zone and, Chairman and Principal of Exeter Technologies Inc., Dr. Michael Yaron.

They call it Park-Zone. Drivers will call it peace of mind.

Special Features

The "brain" of the device is an ultrasonic transducer Made in the USA by the Polaroid Corp. The Sensor emits repeated sound waves that reflect off of surfaces and travel back to the sensor as an echo. After detecting an object, the sensor transmits a signal to the display unit.

4AA batteries will last for up to one year. The all new Platinum Edition Park-Zone offers the choice of either using batteries, or plugging the unit into the wall via the included AC Adapter.

The special "watchdog timer" offers special modes of operation. While the car is parked in the garage, Park-Zone enters the "Home-Mode," pinging (emitting sound waves) less frequently. When the car is away from the garage, Park-Zone enters the "Away-Mode," pinging more frequently anticipating the arrival of the car.

Default Modes:

If another object or human should pass by the sensing unit, Park-Zone will differentiate between them and the vehicle and automatically revert to whichever mode it was previously in.

When batteries are running low, the red light will flash repeatedly for up to two weeks to remind you to change them.

If the telephone cord is improperly connected to either the sensing unit or display unit, the solid red light will remain illuminated.

With a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $79.95, $89.95 for the Platinum Edition, Park-Zone is available at The Sharper Image, Brookstone, K-Mart, Caldor, The Herrington Catalog, AAA Catalog, Amway and numerous other locations.

For more information, contact Exeter Technologies Inc., Yogesh Shyam, One Penn Plaza, Suite 4025, New York, NY 10119, (888) EXETER1 [888-393-8371], Fax: (212) 760-0470, email:, or visit

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