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This information gives you an idea of how many page views the Hoyt Fiasco site has had since we started tracking these in 1999. The site was actually in place well before that time. The PDFT wrapped up its operations in 2011, so we stopped trending Hoyt site traffic that year as well.

The three principle contributors to this site do get a daily traffic and downloads report, at least for now. That traffic has dropped dramatically from the heydays of the site and of the Hoyt Fiasco itself. Since the PDFT folded, we've edited the text to be more blunt about the:

  • Crimes committed by Kevin Brown.
  • Apathy of Congress.
  • The double standard that lets tax evaders like Chuck Rangel get a free pass but imposes a severe "theft tax" on the victims of Kevin Brown and Jay Hoyt's fraud.
  • Malfeasance that overwhelmingly characterizes the IRS.
  • Other objectionable actions that we previously were silent about.

Web stats through 2010: Right click this PDF.

Older views of traffic:

We also get a massive number of downloads on some days. See the reference documents area.

Congressional Stats

  • Members of Congress who say they have visited the Hoyt site (since inception): Over 700.
  • Members of Congress who have made more than a pro forma response: 0.
  • Members of Congress who deserve to be re-elected: [We leave that up to you].

We are regular people, victimized by misconduct from within the IRS. Why this abandonment of law and order? What are they hiding?

Act now to stop IRS employees from further damaging a government agency and the people it serves. What can you do?
  1. Read this: Judge sentences Hoyt, rebukes IRS for their behavior.

  2. Read Hoyt Fiasco: Why Lead Attorney Quit the IRS in Disgust
  3. Write to legislators and express your outrage that they let this kind of thing go on. What's next, if we allow this?
Has the IRS victimized you? If so, read this IRS victim's advice.

Last updated: Friday, October 09, 2020


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