Hoyt Fiasco: $103M Heist + Kevin Brown's Criminal Cover-up
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     Why did the IRS lead prosecuting attorney in the Hoyt case quit in disgust?

The Hoyt Fiasco: Who we are

The Hoyt investors are good and responsible people. We're just a cross-section of America with these typical and not-so-typical jobs (among others):

  • Air Base Commander
  • Attorney
  • Bank worker
  • Business owner
  • Church leader
  • Community volunteer
  • Computer programmer
  • Department of Energy worker
  • Election campaign volunteer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Executive officer in professional organization
  • Factory worker
  • Fire fighter
  • FBI Agent
  • Grandparents
  • Licensed Master Electrician
  • Magazine editor
  • Martial arts instructor
  • Military Sealift Command Personnel
  • Naval aviator
  • Naval Commander
  • Oil rig worker
  • Parent of "honor roll" children
  • Politician
  • Power plant worker
  • Private tutor
  • Project manager
  • Ranch hand
  • Retired
  • Self=employed
  • Senior reactor operator
  • Teacher
  • US Postal Worker
Many of us are now working two jobs just to feed our families and pay for legal defense. Most of us are well-educated, some with advanced degrees. All of us are ordinary folks who are now "going through hell" for making an investment  vaporized by fraud.


Has the IRS victimized you? If so, read this IRS victim's advice.

Last updated: Friday, October 09, 2020

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