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Time Tips: Time Wasters #2

Many of the things people do to "speed things up" actually waste time. Here are some examples:
  • Failing to plan things out properly. You have probably seen this on the job. Your boss gives you an assignment, and then keeps changing the requirements. So instead of completing it in 100 hours you complete it in 300. If your boss had taken the hour or so necessary to properly plan the job, you would have done it far better and faster.
  • Working frantically. When you get in a hurry, mistakes (and often injuries) happen. Working above your natural pace will nearly always cause you to take longer to do something than if you hadn't rushed.
  • Not leaving a trail. This is a problem people have when doing complex tasks. Keep notes on what you do, as you go. That way, if you make a mistake you can see what you did and back up. This is especially time-saving when making changes on your computer!
  • Not listening. As we rush around in this world, we often miss out on major pieces of information. We get the first "sound bite" from someone, and don't hear the rest of what's being said. Listen completely to people. Be totally in the moment and give them all of your attention. This does wonders for relationships, but there are many time-saving benefits to it as well.



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