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Time Tips: Time Structure Tip #2

People tend to follow time structuring techniques at (or close to) one of two extremes: completely structured or not structured at all.

  • Completely structured. This is the person who can't breathe without consulting a Day Planner, PDA, or other scheduling device. Such a person is constantly reacting to his or her schedule, instead of controlling it.
  • Not structured at all. This is the person who doesn't set time aside for important things. Such a person is constantly reacting to the schedules and demands of others, rather than deciding what to do and doing it.

If you structure your time completely, you leave no room for such things as creativity, spontaneity, and other benefits that come from "free time." You are also under constant stress to conform to the schedule.

If you fail to structure your time or are not structured enough, things still get done. But they get done usually in more of a rush and that means less quality and more stress.

When you go about the task of structuring your time, leave some cushion in there. Allow for emergencies, yes. But also allow for time where you have nothing planned. It is in this time that people tend to do their best work solving problems, exploring new ideas, tending to relationships, or just being fully human.

If you feel out of control and can't seem to schedule anything around all of the unexpected demands on your time, then let those demands fit around your schedule instead.

If you feel out of control because your schedule leaves you exhausted, try exerting a bit less control via your schedule.

Remember, there is no law saying you have to get everything done. What really matters is that you are "completely there" when you are doing something. If your day is analogous to trying to fit 55 gallons into a 50 gallon container, remember that the container can't change. Your only option is to put less into that container. Structure your time accordingly.



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