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Time Tips: Have the Right Perspective

Too often, we approach time from the wrong perspective. The obvious solution is to approach it from the right perspective. But, what would that be?

Think of time as opportunity, then turn opportunity into accomplishment. When you think of time merely as something that passes along the face of a clock, you tend not to think of it until you're about out of it. That's a passive approach that frequently puts you into damage control mode or some other high-stress, low-productivity mode.

By thinking of time as opportunity and making plans accordingly, you are taking an active approach that puts you in charge.

Example #1. Time passes on a clock. You are about to go to bed, when you realize you have a test to take tomorrow. So, you stay up late studying for it. The next day, you are tired and your recall is week.

Example #2. Time is opportunity. You find out you have a test to take two weeks from now. You make yourself some study notes, and read them when in line at the grocery store. You recite material while in the shower. You read a little bit each night before bed, and at other times. On the day of the test, you walk in there fully confident and well-rested.



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