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Time Management Tips for Home Business Owners: How to Make More Money with Less Time & Energy

by Kevin Thompson

Many people equate hard work with success. They mistakenly believe if they work harder, they’ll eventually get everything they want in life. That’s only a myth. In fact, there’s absolutely NO correlation between how hard you work and how much money you put into your bank account. 

I’m living proof. 

I spent seven years of my life working as an Alaska Fisherman, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. And let me tell you, it’s one heck of a grueling job considering the extreme weather conditions and the long hours. There’s no doubt I worked hard. 

Then in 1995 I was involved in a tragic accident on Alaska’s Bering Sea, and I almost lost my life. That’s when I decided I was done putting my life on the line for a measly paycheck. So, I returned home from Alaska, excited to start my own cleaning business. 

The excitement ended when I found myself spending the next year of my life working 16-hour days. And still barely make ends meet. 

I thought working as an Alaska Fisherman was hard, but it didn’t hold a candle to running a cleaning business. 

I invested over $80,000 of my own money just to open the doors to my new business. On a typical day, I’d work in people’s homes for 10-12 hours, then I’d have to come back home, get the equipment ready for the next day, do the paperwork for the day, and then return phone calls to people who wanted to schedule cleaning appointments. 

By the time the day was finished, I’d worked 15-16 hours, and I was doing this six to seven days a week. Only problem was, after a year of maintaining this grueling work schedule, I still wasn’t making any money. 

In fact, I was barely making ends meet. I was almost ready to throw in the towel on all my dreams and aspirations of owning a successful business. Then, I met a man who changed my business mindset forever. He showed me how to transform my cleaning business into one of the most successful by-referral-only companies in the Seattle area. This incredible transformation gave me the confidence to know that I could achieve ANYTHING I set my mind to. 

That’s when I decided to create an automated business at GetMoldSolutions.com. Within a short time, this new business was SO profitable that on April 19, 2004, I sold my cleaning company, and retired from manual labor… FOREVER! 

And now, it seems that the LESS I work – the MORE I make. 

Here are my top 5 strategies to help you manage your time & make more money with less time and energy:


1.Don’t worry about getting all your ducks in a row. In fact, most of the time as an aspiring entrepreneur you’re going to have a fair amount of chaos in your life. Don’t get scared. Chaos can be a GOOD thing, when you know how to manage it effectively. 

2. Make yourself a short to-do list each day. The key word here is “short.” Don’t overload yourself with a million things to do. Choose one to three key tasks. When you complete them, call it a day, even if you finish your tasks in record time. 

3. Ensure that one of your three tasks is a high income-producing task. Get one thing accomplished each day that will have a positive result on your cash flow once completed. 

4.Operate at your peak level and use this time to work on your “high income-producing” task. Don’t let anything distract you from accomplishing this one task. 

5. Understand that you’ll NEVER have the time to accomplish everything you want to do. As your business continues to flourish, more opportunities will become available. Only take advantage of the best opportunities that will help you make more money with little time and effort, while saying “no” to all the rest.


Over the last several years I’ve shared these strategies and my story with countless home business owners just like you. After hearing it, they too have catapulted their successes, and now have a similar story to share. I look forward to hearing your story.


About the Author:


Home Business Expert, Kevin Thompson sells real products and services from the comfort of his home to real people on a daily basis. Now you can get your copy of his FREE report, “The 3-Step System To Automatic Income Riches” and make more money than you ever dreamed of while spending more quality time with your family.



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