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Time Tips: Prioritizing #1

Yet another magazine interviewed me as a time management expert in 2006. Christian Singles Magazine included this among its quotes from me:

"At some point, people need to understand it’s OK not to be everything to everybody. You can only do so much, and life is very short. It’s not supposed to be about being stressed out, trying to meet some ideal."

As you go about trying to juggle the many demands on your time, think about this quote. Many of the things you think you must do either don't need to be done by you or don't need to be done at all. This is especially true in the workplace, where legacy processes (e.g., processing paper) are there simply because they've always been there.

Start looking for activity to eliminate, and you'll get far more work done. The key principle here is to do first those things that are most important, and to say no to those that you really don't need to do.



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