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Time Tips: Phone Tip 001

How many times have you called someone and then spent several minutes discussing what it might be you can’t remember you wanted to say? Make a list of topics to cover, before calling someone. Stick to the list, and don’t belabor any one point. If you find yourself droning on and on, you are wasting the other person’s time and probably making that person bored to tears.

If someone is boring you to tears or dragging out a phone conversation, you can always say, "There’s someone in my office. I need to let you go." Don’t say, "Can I call you back?" This person was wasting your time—don’t reinforce the behavior.

Since you are in your office, you can always say, "There is someone in my office." If you are a motor mouth yourself, just start drinking water or coffee while on the phone, and you won’t be able to have long conversations.

In addition to saving you time, following this tip will make the other person feel appreciated and valued by you, plus it will help you project an image of strength and purpose rather than one of weakness.



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