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Time Tips: Organize for Speed

Organize for speed.

At one time, factories were set up with shipping and receiving at one end. Suppose your body were set up this way (man, talk about bad breath!).

Parts and materials crossed the same paths dozens of times. This resulted in all kinds of needless activity, waste, and added cost. By rearranging workstations to reduce the amount of parts and materials transportation inside the plant, many factories were able to double their output with no additional resources--while simultaneously reducing their floor space requirements by as much as 70%!

Granted, many companies are using the bounty to pay their CEOs 800x what the average worker makes while  laying off the average worker, but it's still a good example of a principle being applied.

Think of how you have arranged your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, garage, workshed, whatever. Simply moving a few drawers around or moving some furniture could save you hours each year.

Organize tasks the same way. One company that does housecleaning says to clean one room at a time. You bring in everything you need for that room, and just go around it from one corner and back. They have been able to reduce cleaning time by an astounding 50%. That's like having a clone of yourself. It also says we may be wasting half of our time by working inefficiently. So, organize for speed!

You are smart enough to figure out the details. I am giving you the principles.


Do you want to radically improve how well people in your organization make use of the limited number of hours in each work day?

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