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Time Tips: Grocery Shopping Tip #4

While most people waste every second they spend in a grocery store because they use that time to buy poison rather than food, let's assume you are not one of those people. You buy very little in the way of processed foods, and your shopping cart contains mostly items from the produce area. It contains no processed grains, no instant mixes, no formaldehyde-enriched beverages, no osteoporosis in a can, and no hydrogenated oil. Congratulations--you have saved yourself hours of medical care and years of pain.

Now, based on this assumption, let's say you want to save even more time. You want to save time while in checkout. Here are my own habits--maybe you can think of others (send me your suggestions, please):

  • Shop in the middle of the week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the slowest days at grocery stores.
  • Shop during the off hours. I used to work the graveyard shift, and shopping on the way home meant no lines. Today, I work as a telecommuter, so I can shop in midmorning--also a great time.
  • Put items on the belt in an orderly way. I group things, according to how I want them packed. Canned goods go first--you don't want these on top of your kale or bok choy. All the produce goes together. Eggs (free-range), yogurt (plain), and frozen vegetables (no carrots or peas) go together--the frozen provides refrigeration for the trip home.
  • Turn the barcodes toward the cashier. When you put that bag of apples on the belt, turn one so the cashier can see the label. Line cans and jars up neatly, facing the same direction.

I go to my in-the-store bank, shop for my groceries, and am on my way home in about 20 minutes. I know that's not normal and that normal means a long time at the store (all of which is normally wasted, due to what is purchased). These little tips can save you a great deal of time. If you go shopping once a week, how much time to you save in a year? Suppose it's twice a week?



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