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Time Tips: Grocery Shopping Tip #2

This tip isn't about how to save time while grocery shopping. It's a tip on how to use grocery shopping to save you time.

Suppose you were out on business and your trip runs into mealtime. You need to get back to the office and don't want the hassle of dealing with a restaurant. What would you do in such a situation? Would you go hungry? Grab a candy bar?

Well, my solution is one I have used for many years. When I travel, I pack my own food. One of the items I travel is also an item I keep in my center console of my car, as well as in my climbing bag (I love climbing, but have to drive a ways to do it).

Now, you have to understand I'm in my mid-40s and have this desire to always keep my body in GQ cover or better condition. So, I don't eat junk food. No pizza, no doughnuts, no birthday cake. Not ever. Also, that means I'm not consuming medical services as a result of eating the garbage.

What does someone like me grab?

I've been using a variety of food bars, over the years. Bars aren't the best meal substitute, and most of them are loaded with sugar. If you pick 10 different "nutrition bars" or "energy bars" at random, it's likely all 10 of them will be unfit for human consumption. But if you are careful, you will find quality bars. Read the labels. Or, shop at:


and get bars that I have tested and selected.


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