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Time Tips: Grocery Shopping Tip #1

Have you ever noticed how much time you can burn, every time you buy groceries? You may be wasting far more time than you think you are.

You can save time by ruthlessly stocking your shopping cart at the grocery store. What do I mean by "ruthlessly stocking?" Don't give in to the temptation--if that exists for you--to buy the wrong things.

By eliminating all products with highly refined grains, you will save enormous amounts of time visiting doctors and taking medications. Plus, you will have more energy and clearer thought processes for engaging in meaningful activities.

Make a list before you go to the store. Note what's on your list. Does your list contain any sauces, mixes, packaged foods, instant anything, reduced fat anything, soups, or dressings? If so, you probably need to scratch things off that list!

The items mentioned are nearly always loaded with sugar, corn starch, hydrogenated oil, and other toxic waste that merely slow you down and/or sicken you.


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