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Time Tips: Finding Hidden Time Tip #11

How much time do you spend doing the same things over? This is a very common practice. Some examples:

  • You can't find your keys. So, you look everywhere. Then, you look in the same places again. This is rather pointless, isn't it?
  • You have a conversation and discuss the weather. Guess what? It's going to rain, snow, sleet, or be dry. What's to discuss? How many times in your lifetime will you tell someone else you have rain? Why would they care?
  • You are cleaning your house. You go to your supply area to get a bottle of cleaner X. You go back to get a bottle of cleaner Y. You go back to get another rag. How many times are you going to make that trip? Why not get all of your stuff together the first time?
  • You pay your bills by check. How many times are you going to write the name of the same company, put the same kinds of paper in the same kinds of envelope, and put a stamp on it? Use autopay.
  • You have a fight with your spouse. Have you ever noticed how the same tired arguments and accusations come up again and again? Why don't you either resolve those, or make a Chinese menu? Then, you can save time while quarrelling by simply saying, "Gripe #13." You can reply with "Defensive remark #7, and epithet #23!" Quit dragging your "loved one" through the same mud. Or, save time by using the technique just described. If you think this technique is silly, then just tape your next argument and try to tell me that isn't silly. People say the most absurd things when they argue.
  • You have developed consummate skill at backseat driving. Look, if you've already told your spouse (or other driver) how to drive and that person hasn't improved, why are you wasting your time repeating yourself? Maybe all that repetition and nagging is the problem.
  • You go through an appraisal at work and your boss is unaware of your accomplishments. Why repeat that drill? Keep a running list of your accomplishments, and present this to your boss at least 3 weeks before your appraisal is due. Using a spreadsheet where you've also shown ROI and other factors is a very good idea.



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