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Time Tips: Finding Hidden Time Tip #6

Warren Buffet, in a 2004 interview, answered the question of why he refuses to write another book about investing. He said, "Everything that should be written about that subject has been written."

This brings us two lessons on time management:

1. Read what's new. How many magazines and newspapers do you read? How much of these do you read? How much of this is truly new, and how much is the "Same sh--, different day" kind of stuff? One way to save a great deal of time is to scan things and look for what's new.

2. Read what should be read. Are you wasting time reading People Magazine or other trite stuff about people you don't know, will probably never meet, and have no interaction with? Who really cares what Hollywood celebrity is sleeping with some other one?

Rather than waste time on reading useless stuff, you can invest time to:

  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Share experiences with your spouse or children, so you don't grow apart.
  • Learn more about your trade, craft, practice, or profession.
  • Learn or experience something new.
  • Browse the vast and informative library at www.mindconnection.com/library. The knowledge you gain will make you look even smarter than you are!
  • Take care of important things, so they don't become urgent things.
  • Write to your legislators about the need to dissolve the IRS.

Do you want to radically improve how well people in your organization make use of the limited number of hours in each work day?

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