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Time Tips: Finding Hidden Time Tip #5

Most of us let time control us. We answer the phone, just because it rings. We watch television, just because a show is on. We answer e-mail, just because it's in our inbox.

But, suppose you are at your peak creativity and energy level. You need to tackle a tough project. The phone rings. You answer. Then, you get your e-mail. Where is all the peak creativity and energy going? Yep--nowhere.

So, you get all of this non-urgent stuff done and you are ready to tackle that tough project. But now, you are 20% less efficient. How much more time will it take you, now?

This is one of the core principles I teach in my seminars. People really have a problem with this concept. They will say things like, "But, what if there's important e-mail? What if it's an important call?'

Let me ask you something. Do you think Abraham Lincoln answered the phone or e-mail when he was composing the Gettysburg Address? Why on earth, then, must you set aside what you are doing to answer the phone or e-mail? Your peaks of creativity and energy last only a short while each day. Make the most of that time.


Do you want to radically improve how well people in your organization make use of the limited number of hours in each work day?

Contact me to arrange a time when we can talk about a presentation: mark@mindconnection.com. Why arrange a time? So I can give you full attention during the call. There's a really powerful time management tip. Ask me why it works.