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Time Tips: Finding Hidden Time Tip #3

Go where others aren't. If you hate long lines, consider these three gems:

Most people start shopping after 10AM. Shop before then.

The day after Christmas, stores are packed with people returning "gifts" they didn't want. Christmas gifts are not actually gifts--they are actually compulsory exchanges. You can opt out of this madness by giving the best gift of all--let others off the hook for shopping for you. This way, neither of you has to stand in line returning something you would not have bought for yourself. Buy gifts for your kids, but don't get dragged into the "buy and bring it back" game.

You can't always avoid lines. When going to the Post Office or some government agency, bring reading material. I can usually polish off U.S. News & World Report while getting stamps. It's usually too noisy to make phone calls, but that is also an option.



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