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Time Tips: Finding Hidden Time Tip #2

If you find you have more work than day to accommodate it, try this proven technique. Carry a small notebook around. For whatever it is you are doing, jot down the start time, a description, the end time, and a grade A - F of how you felt that made use of your time.

By day's end, you'll have a list of timewasters. You know know where to start. If this is too burdensome, use the trigger approach. That is, take notes only when certain events trigger you to do so. Those events are notorious time-wasters, such as the following:

  • Meetings

  • Television

  • Phone calls

  • Business lunches

  • Trips

  • Low-value activities

  • Things you hate doing

  • Things you just aren't good at doing but are saddled with

If you hate doing something or aren't good at it, why are you doing it? Think that through, very carefully and try to change the scenario so you are happier and more effective. For phone calls, make a list of what you want to discuss before you call--if someone calls you, set a time limit. Plan your trips so they are efficient and enjoyable--combine them whenever possible.



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