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Time Tips: Batch Meals for Speed

I find that preparing a large batch of "major meal components" all at once is very time-saving. For example, I:

  • Make a big batch of my tuna/egg mix (eggs, tuna, yogurt, mustard, onions, various spices) and stick that in the refrigerator. I have it over the next few days, making "sandwiches" with it. Instead of eating bread, I use leaves of bok choy, kale, romaine lettuce, etc.
  • Make a big stir fry in a big pan. I put that into several containers that go into the freezer. I thaw one at a time in the refrigerator as needed.
  • Make a pot of beans, which I divide into containers and freeze, etc. In the summer, I buy canned beans because of the heat.
  • Make up several bags of raw nuts and raw soybeans, which I use as snacks when I am away from the house or get the munchies--about 100 calories worth stops the hunger.
  • Make a batch of salad dressing that I use over the next week or so (the stuff in the store is usually loaded with sugar, damaged fat, and other poisons--mine tastes infinitely better and doesn't try to kill me).
  • Boil 8 or 10 eggs right after cooking a morning omelet.
  • Cook several steaks, chicken, etc., at one time--cut them into chunks or sections for freezer storage. On this last point, I have pretty much given up on cooking meats at home. With my various networking meetings, I am dining out a few times a month and use those occasions to have a small steak, fish, or chicken portion. Anything larger than my palm goes into a doggie bag and into my refrigerator!

Note that I don't do all of this at once. It's just that when I need a component, I make enough to last a while. Depending on what it is, I freeze it or refrigerate it. Here are some advantages:

  • Quick meals or some "mix and match" components.
  • No temptation to eat junk--good food is ready and waiting.
  • Ability to throw together something tasty and nutritious--quickly.
  • Meal planning is quite easy, this way.
  • Because the meals are good and the portions are pre-controlled, I am able to eliminate hours of treadmill time, doctor visits, jogging, getting sick, etc. I'm pretty happy with my present 8% body fat level. The average man my age is at 30%--and he spends a lot of time getting there!
Note: this article was originally written in early 2003. I have since changed my diet a bit and also am happy with my body fat at 6%, not 8%.  -- Mark Lamendola, March of 2005.

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