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Productivity Knowledge Base: When Productivity is a Dirty Word

Productivity enhancement efforts often bomb, despite management's high hopes and complete backing. Why is this?

Productivity enhancement isn't something you install, like a light bulb. It's something you do as a team. However, many well-meaning people forget this--or never knew it.

Many productivity efforts require changing work methods. Keep in mind that the typical front-line worker has a work ethic that is based primarily on personal pride in a job well-done and in giving a good day's work for a good day's pay. When you come out and say, "Well, you are now going to do things this way instead of how you have been doing them," what do you think that person actually hears?

You probably know what is going to come next.

That person hears that you are saying s/he is lazy, stupid, or deficient in some other way. You have insulted that person and simultaneously insinuated you are superior. This is not a recipe for success or for building team spirit.

So, what should you do instead? You'll find that our in our productivity seminars.

Keep in mind that productivity enhancement isn't just another project. It's the way your  company can stay competitive. If you fail at this effort, your company will start a downward slide into oblivion. Perhaps it already has. Even if you are busy, are you really making good margins on your projects? Do you even know the answer?



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