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Productivity Knowledge Base: Signs You Need to Improve Your Productivity

How do you know you need to improve your productivity? With all of your  other concerns, you can't devote all of your time to this one aspect of your business. So, how do you know whether you must increase your efforts?

The good news is inadequate productivity improvement efforts will result in some outward signs. The bad news is these signs don't show up until some damage is done and it takes time for your efforts to turn things around. That said, below are some signs to be looking for.

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Productivity Red Flag Severity Cost to fix
Estimates frequently less than costs High Med
Good talent is hard to retain High Med
You frequently slip deadlines High Med
Customers complain about quality High Med
Your callback rate exceeds 10% High Low
Your crews complain about poor working drawings High Low
You frequently take performance penalties Med Med
Scrap rates seem high Med Med
Competition seems to "steal" your jobs Med Med
You make concessions on price to get repeat work Med Low
You underbid on purpose, counting on scope changes for profit Med Low
Your training budget is low Med Med
Tool loss and/or breakage is high Med Med
Employee bickering isn't rare Med Low
Your work doesn't always pass inspection Med Low
There's always an excuse for the same problems Med Low
You cut your budgets for training, marketing, or back office Med Low
Your callback rate exceeds 5% Med Med
Your callback rate exceeds 2% Low High
The differences in time used for a task vary widely among your workers Low Low
The differences in time used for a task vary widely among your workers of similar experience and training levels Med Low
Your project managers keep talking about "the good old days" when it was easier to make money on a job Low Med



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