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Productivity Knowledge Base: Dangers of Productivity Complacency

We hear about productivity all the time. So much, in fact, we tend to believe we are necessarily at the top of our game and productivity is not a problem for us. You may think your group is "above average" in productivity, so only modest effort toward improvement is necessary. Don't you find it interesting that 70% of drivers consider themselves "above average?" In this business, we find the same inaccurate perceptions. Read the article, "Signs You Need to Improve Your Productivity."

But first, look at what  happens if you don't heed those signs. Complacency about productivity can have any or all of the following results.

Productivity Complacency Results
  • You increasingly lose money on jobs
  • Your competitors consistently underbid you
  • You can't pay your best help enough to stay
  • Tool theft grows
  • Your cashflow becomes "a game of chicken" between you and creditors
  • Your accounts payable grows while you delay payments
  • Your accounts receivable grow while unhappy customers punish your underperformance with late payments
  • You take performance  penalties on projects more often than not
  • Long-term customers decide to drop you
  • New customers tend to choose a competitor, next time
  • Customers avoid giving you a strong reference
  • The jobs you get tend to be commodity-level, low-value, low-bidder jobs rather than those where profit opportunities are high
  • Your callback rates increase
  • Other trades stop referring you, because you take too long to do the electrical
  • You have to lay people off
  • Competitors hire away your senior people, who see working for your company as being very similar to standing on the deck of the Titanic
  • Your markets shrink, your margins shrink, your company shrinks
  • You lay off so many people you lose the minimum qualification for the group health insurance rates that saved you so much money
  • You have to sell company assets to pay the bills

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