Hoyt Fiasco: $103M Heist + Kevin Brown's Criminal Cover-up
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     Why did the IRS lead prosecuting attorney in the Hoyt case quit in disgust?

The Hoyt Fiasco: Senate Finance Committee

The Senate Finance Committee allegedly has oversight of the IRS. So, writing to them about the Hoyt Fiasco is possibly worthwhile. Keep your letters short and factual. Give them something concrete to latch onto.

For information who is on this committee, and how to contact them, see this Website:


See also: How to Write

But do note that this committee has been around a long time. The people on that committee have been apprised of a large number of misdeeds and outright crimes conducted by IRS employees. Yet, here we are with an IRS that STILL completely lacks meaningful oversight.

The solution to this problem is obvious, and it means a world in which the IRS no longer exists. So if you feel like giving committee members some information go ahead. But if you really want to stop the systematic abuse, terrorism, theft, and civil rights violations that are routine policy at the IRS you are going to have to talk with legislators about not having an IRS at all.

This agency costs the government more than it collects (do the math, and you'll see this--but work all the numbers, not just the usual limited set). So what purpose does it serve? Not one that is useful to a lawful government.

That is not to say all IRS employees are bad people. They aren't. But the IRS has so many bad people on its payroll and has so little oversight that it simply cannot be fixed. Crime and misconduct are in its cultural DNA, a fact that has caused many people to become "ex-IRS."

If Congress steps up to behave responsibly and abolish the IRS, the relatively few good people who do have IRS jobs can be retasked to do something useful with their lives. Most of the others belong in prison.


Has the IRS victimized you? If so, read this IRS victim's advice.


Last updated: Friday, October 09, 2020

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