Complete Cruise Control Kit for 13-15 Nissan Versa

Complete Cruise Control Kit for 13-15 Nissan Versa

Code: 250-9508



Product Description

The Rostra Cruise Control kit is designed to add a cruise control system to those vehicles that did not come with one from the factory. You can set your desired speed by using the Rostra cruise control switch that is steering column mounted.
Once you set your speed, the Rostra cruise control measures engine load and vehicle speed to ensure your car stays cruising at the desired speed.  You can slow down or accelerate from your cruise by using this switch for ease of use. The cruise controls feature set speed, tap up/tap down (1 mph per tap), coast/reduce speed, resume/accelerate, and controlled resume rate.

Rostra has been manufacturing these cruise control units for years, and is an ISO9001 certified company that has proven to be one of the largest manufactures of cruise controls in the United States.

Rostra Cruise Control Features:
  • Slow down or accelerate without the pedal.
  • Increase comfort and reduce fatigue while driving.
  • Includes full color illustrated installation manual.
  • Built in an ISO9001 Quality Certified facility.
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