These days, it seems everyone wants your money. We want your business.

That means we want to sell you the best products at competitive prices while providing outstanding service. Here are some things that we do toward that end.

  • Personal attention to your needs. No matter what your problem is, a real person will help you with it.
  • Personal response. You might have to wait for an e-mail reply or the return of a phone call, but it won't be a canned response.
  • No automated messaging system. You might have to leave a phone message, but you won't have to "Dial 8 if your name starts with D."
Some blather about us:
  • Mindconnection has been in business since 1997. We're known for our personalized service (even the Wall Street Journal has written about this)
  • Something else we're known for is the quality of our offerings. In our Translators line, for example, we don't offer every available model in hopes you'll pick one and buy it. Instead, we offer only those models we would enjoy giving to a friend or owning ourselves.
  • You'll find this attitude extends through all of our product lines. This is what makes us successful, and we hope it will help you be more successful as well.

Some more talking points:

  • Integrity. A good reputation is very important to us. We feel we need to earn it.

  • Pricing. Mindconnection has competitive prices that save you money. But, they aren't always the lowest prices because some merchants price too low. You may be able to find an item cheaper elsewhere, and if all that is important to you is the lowest possible price, then the poorly-priced (read "poorly run") businesses are the ones you will be dealing with.

  • Quality products. There's a lot of stuff we just don't sell. You may have heard the expression, "Too poor to buy cheap." That expression has to do with the concept of value. Shoddy merchandise may cost less to buy, but it usually is a complete waste of your purchase dollars. So, we don't sell it.

The dollars you spend at Mindconnection don't go up someone's nose in the form of white powder, they don't go to outsize payrolls of senior executives, and they don't go to socially debatable causes (for example, did you know that contributes to organizations dedicated to better working conditions for violent criminals? Yikes!).

Plus, Mindconnection staff donates time and other resources to non-profits such as the IEEE and the 7x24 Exchange--groups that help make our way of life possible by taking care of our electrical infrastructure and our data centers.

OK, that's a lot of reasons. Thanks for your business!