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Vendor Door Prizes

Most vendors totally blow the opportunities provide by door prizes. The information here will help you optimize that opportunity, instead.

Most vendors have a bag of inexpensive incentives (the promotional industry's name for these things). These are highly commoditized items like pens, coffee cups, and various knick-knacks. Providing these as door prizes makes a statement, but not the one you want to make. And, it's poor marketing. These incentives are for handing out at high-traffic, low-qualification trade-shows. At this conference, you are meeting with a highly select group. Take advantage of that.

What you want is something that:

  • Distinguishes you, rather than brands you as a "me too."
  • Generates some excitement.
  • "Says something" in regard to critical facilities.
  • Helps bring the winner (buyer) and seller (you) closer together.
  • The winner is likely to use or enjoy, rather than toss in a drawer.
  • Has some class.

This doesn't mean it needs to be expensive. But you will get a much higher ROI by supplying a couple of nice prizes rather than a dozen cheap ones. Keep in mind the demographic, and target accordingly.

Winning past prizes have included such things as:

  • Canvas carry-alls (high-end)
  • Computer gear
  • Conference fee paid
  • Desktop UPS units
  • Dinner at Hereford House
  • Discount coupons
  • Golf balls (lots of golfers in this group)
  • Home-grown honey (yes, it was actually a prize)
  • Polo shirts
  • Test equipment
  • Tools (buy quality, or not at all. Think Milwaukee and Snap-on, not SkilSaw and BrandX).

Yawner past prizes have included such things as:

  • Educational courses
  • Hats (way overdone)
  • Pens (these folks mostly use computers, not pen and paper)
  • Sports supplements
  • T-shirts (not for this age group )

More tips:

  • Think. We can't stress this enough.
  • E-mail us before the conference regarding what you're providing, and we'll give you a bit more promo.
  • Show up early with your prizes, or contact us about mailing them ahead to one of us in KC.
  • Ensure your prize comes with something that says who donated it. It doesn't hurt to provide a short blurb about your company--it will be read when the prize is awarded.
  • If you have a very cool prize and would like to present it yourself, contact us ahead of time. Syska Hennessy Group, Inc. has presented its prize--one year, that was 100% payment of conference fee to the lucky winner and another year it was dinner at the Hereford House.