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7x24 Exchange, Midwest Chapter

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Uptime. Without it, businesses don't bring in revenue. In today's networked, run all the time, compete globally world, any downtime is costly. Unplanned downtime can be disastrous. That is why 7x24 Exchange came into being. We host an all-day technical conference annually, and smaller events throughout the year.

Our conferences consistently get the highest ratings of all the 7x24 Chapters. Learn who we are, what we do, and the benefits to you.

Who We Are

The 7x24 Exchange, Midwest Chapter is a non-profit group staffed entirely by volunteers.

The purpose of this group is to promote the exchange of useful information between people involved in critical uptime management. The 7x24 Exchange is the leading knowledge and networking exchange for those who design, build, use, and maintain mission-critical information infrastructures. This whole process allows you to alert top management to the importance of protective measures to ensure continued reliable operation of your critical systems.

Typically, our members deal in 7x24 operations. Our members consist of end users and vendors. Our board consists of end-users and vendors, with the emphasis on end-users (our bylaws prohibit a vendor from being Director).

What We Do

We hold a one-day conference each year. Corporate sponsors keep the conference fees down--we have been holding  conferences at a low fee or quite some time.

We have had top names present to us--for example, Mike Holt, Jean-Pierre Wolff, and Michael Daish.

We cover everything important to a facilities manager and related positions: batteries, fuel cells, HVAC, switchgear, testing, grounding, power measurement, disaster recovery, and security are some topics we've covered at conferences.

With a mix of case histories and tutorials, our conferences are interesting and informative.

Benefits To You

End-users can contact each other for brainstorming problems, or they can contact a vendor (supplier or service firm) they know they can trust. This particular feature of 7x24 Exchange is extremely valuable. Additionally, end-users have a direct voice into vendors regarding issues with product development and needed services.

Here's what you get from the 7x24 Exchange:

  • Increased recognition of the importance of your role in ensuring your company meets its goals.
  • Career development via increased knowledge and expertise.
  • Career skill development via officer role opportunities.
  • Case histories directly from the participants.
  • Contacts for job searches.
  • Contacts for technical know-how.
  • Discounts and door prizes at conferences.
  • Information on how others are doing things.
  • Information on trends and developments.
  • Exposure to new ideas.
  • Other ways of looking at existing practices.
  • Product info directly from the experts.
  • Direct feedback to manufacturers and service providers.
  • Technical contacts.
  • Technical papers and presentations.
  • Ties to other organizations.

Join (It's Free)

Membership is free. Click here to join.


Attending one of our conferences is an investment of your time. These tips will help you maximize the return on that investment.
  • Dress for success. So that you are comfortable and look professional, dress as if you're meeting a client. You very well might be. Even if you work for a large company and don't meet its clients, things can change.
  • Arrive early. Mingle with people and make a point of learning a few new names.
  • Discuss your interests. Not during the presentations, of course. But during lunch and breaks, you have a great opportunity to meet new people. And that can mean opportunities for you.
  • Be prepared to give, as well as take. Before the conference, take the temperature of the job scene of your employer, your suppliers, and your customers. You might help two grateful parties make a connection.
  • Take notes. Bring something for this purpose. Jot down the most useful idea in a given session, note the contact information of an expert, note something that you can do for someone you met.
  • Be there to network and to learn. Keep that purpose in mind. Going off by yourself to quickly check e-mail might be unavoidable, but remember why you've taken the day to be part of this conference.
  • Relax. You're among people with whom you have a huge common interest.
  • Have a good time. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the conference and the other people attending it. In fact, we hope you do.


We encourage you to contact board members of the

7x24 Exchange Midwest Chapter