2017 Master/Contractor Exam Prep Comprehensive Course

2017 Master/Contractor Exam Prep Comprehensive Course

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Product Description

This Comprehensive Exam Prep program for the Master Electrician / Contractor Exam prepares you to take that exam with confidence. And pass it on your first try. You can then pull your own permits rather than work under someone else's license. This program uses texts, practice questions, illustrations, and videos to give you a solid understanding of the material you'll be tested on. This is why you'll be able to pass that exam the first time, as do others who use this exam prep program. The texts and videos walk you through each NEC Article that you have to understand for the exam and teaches you the applicable concepts. You not only know the Code rule, but you understand the "why" behind it. Think of the implications of that, when the exam tries to throw you a curveball. FREE Formula book and FREE harmonics course with purchase! Pass your Master Electrician Exam the first time!