Alternate Payment Methods

We recognize that not everybody can pay by credit card or PayPal. Thus, we do provide other options:
  • Terms.
  • Mailed check or money order.
  • P.O.s followed by invoiceand check or money order.
  • Wire transfers.
These options are described below. We try to make them easy for you.


After 20 business days 3% of order total
After 30 business days 5% of order total
After 45 business days 10% of order total

If you're wondering why we don't use traditional terms like "net 20" it's because we give the discount upfront rather than inflating the price to penalize customers who pay promptly and carry the ones who don't. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we'll try to work something out.


Mailed check or money order.

Procedure: Go through the online ordering process, but stop when the system asks you for the credit card information. Print outthe page (use the landscape setting), then mail it and the check or money order to:

Mindconnection, LLC
4806 Wedd St
Merriam, KS 66203-5414

This method must be used for all orders from "fraud countries." 

Electronic P.O.s:

  1. Go through the ordering process, but stop when the system asks you for the credit card information. This will show you the order totals and shipping charges (there are no shipping charges for electronic delivery items).
  2. E-mail your invoice information (PO number, items, quantities, ship to, and "bill to" e-mail address) to
  3. Note that "ship to" is an e-mail address, if ordering an electronic delivery item. "Bill to" is always an e-mail address, regardless of delivery. Be sure to provide the e-mail address of the person who processes payments.
  4. After your A/P Dept acknowledges they have the invoice, we will process the order. We will not process the order until A/P confirms they have the invoice. Reason: Too many customers have said, "We didn't get the invoice" months after the buyer assured us the A/P department has it.

Paper P.O.s:

Use the electronic P.O. procedure outlined above. Please don't send us paper, unless there is absolutely no other way.  We happen to like Planet Earth, so we don't send paper and we don't fax.

Wire transfers

Ye, we do wire transfers. We handle these manually, on a case by case basis. Contact us for details at

Options we do not provide

  • COD. This is just a needless expense.
  • E-Checks. We looked into this, and found it to be a management-intensive way to handle transactions. We'd rather spend our resources helping customers.
  • Free financing.