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Many of our nation's deployed troops are Mindconnection customers, as are various branches of the Armed Forces and some international military organizations and operations.

We've had the honor of receiving phone calls and e-mails from these brave people. We've also received some photos. USAF Sergeant Melahn (pictured in first row of photos), sent the Afghanistan photos on this page and has asked us to post them for the world to see. Sarge, consider it done.

Recon 006.jpg (53326 bytes)Shooting M240 008.jpg (371602 bytes)CMA 017.jpg (54160 bytes)CMA Day 2 004.jpg (26355 bytes)

You'll notice that many of these are townspeople and even children. That's because Sergeant Melahn, who sent these photos, is a grandmother and her role at the time she took these photos was to help protect children from the same Taliban forces that had already invaded schoolhouses with lethal consequences to the children in classes (something they have done a lot less since US troops arrived). You'll also see photos of the Sergeant with troops from various countries. There's even a photo of a tornado.

Click a photo to enlarge it.

20060503_0279.JPG (224198 bytes)Afghan Boot Camp 1.jpg (746494 bytes)Bread House 002.jpg (628530 bytes)Bread House 004.jpg (768933 bytes)

Bread House 005.jpg (801342 bytes)Bread House 006.jpg (578820 bytes)CMA 012.jpg (58299 bytes)CMA 017.jpg (54160 bytes)

Note to John Kerry: Our troops and those of the other 3 dozen or so countries in this effort are not a bunch of idiots using crappy equipment and getting their butts kicked. In fact, the average IQ in our active military is higher than that of the US population and higher than your college test scores indicate your IQ is. Check your facts, next time you decide to burden us with a "joke."

CMA 019.jpg (54258 bytes)CMA 027.jpg (67796 bytes)CMA 033.jpg (63795 bytes)CMA 034.jpg (64445 bytes)

CMA 036.jpg (67780 bytes)CMA Day 2 004.jpg (26355 bytes)CMA Day 2 005.jpg (24441 bytes)CMA Day 2 012.jpg (30668 bytes)

CMA Day 2 014.jpg (32045 bytes)CMA Day 2 017.jpg (39807 bytes)CMA Day 3 004.jpg (631341 bytes)CMA Day 3 017.JPG (156548 bytes)

CMA Day 3 018.JPG (188806 bytes)CMA Day 3 020.JPG (122182 bytes)CMA Day 3 021.JPG (188169 bytes)CMA Day 3 024.JPG (132860 bytes)

CMA Day 3 022.JPG (153206 bytes)CMA Day 3 023.JPG (119773 bytes)CMA Day 3 019.JPG (222958 bytes)CMA Day 3 026.JPG (196953 bytes)

CMA Day 3 027.JPG (151097 bytes)CMA Day 3 028.JPG (214755 bytes)

CMA Day 3 030.JPG (190949 bytes)CMA Day 3 031.JPG (132783 bytes)Cutting Grass by Hand.JPG (322556 bytes)Full Moon.JPG (76706 bytes)

Group1.JPG (433286 bytes)Helmand province 158.jpg (278352 bytes)IMG_0406.JPG (119898 bytes)IMG_0457.JPG (118415 bytes)

IMG_0470.JPG (137842 bytes)Kabul.jpg (445819 bytes)Kichen 1.JPG (143967 bytes)Kitchen.JPG (139140 bytes)

Me and Afghan PresidentalSecurity Soldiers.jpg (598048 bytes)Me and French Soldiers.jpg (518842 bytes)Me and Italian Soldiers.jpg (717459 bytes)Me and MY RPG.jpg (545430 bytes)

Me and Romanian Soldiers.jpg (710153 bytes)P1010015.JPG (50160 bytes)P1010019.JPG (55238 bytes)PA020073.JPG (889302 bytes)

Ready To Go To Work.jpg (699216 bytes)Recon 006.jpg (53326 bytes)Recon 010.jpg (41556 bytes)Recon 016.jpg (52538 bytes)

Rolling out the gate to work.JPG (216224 bytes)Shooting M240 008.jpg (371602 bytes)Snow on mountains.JPG (110594 bytes)tornadoin softball field.JPG (104607 bytes)Where they cook lunch.JPG (117110 bytes)


Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, 2006:

Thanksgiving 06 003.jpg (609246 bytes)Thanksgiving 06 004.jpg (688576 bytes)Thanksgiving 06 005.jpg (539994 bytes)Thanksgiving 06 010.jpg (495377 bytes)Thanksgiving 06 013.jpg (507806 bytes)

A March 2007 update:

Fuel donation article (right click to read) DSC_0460.jpg (61029 bytes)
DSC_0442.jpg (84189 bytes)DSC_0443.jpg (109343 bytes)

A June 2007 update:


If you are viewing these photos from Afghanistan, Iraq, an aircraft carrier, or any place of deployment--thank you!

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