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Viagra Tips: Getting the most from your Viagra purchase

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Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Viagra purchase.

  1. Make blood. Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. This gives you blood volume, and it also helps you look and feel better. Viagra helps very much, but Viagra needs help too!
  2. Get firm. An erection alone is not enough. Get in better shape. Just a few things such as cutting back on bread, reducing portion size, and going for regular walks will help. Becoming very physically fit will help even more. Viagra in a fit body works better than Viagra in an unfit one. In fact, becoming very fit usually eliminates the need for Viagra in the first place.
  3. Make love all day. Your partner will respond better and thus raise your own excitement level, if you make a point of doing random acts of kindness throughout the day. A love note left in the refrigerator, a rose given for no special reason, engaging in real conversation for even a few minutes, and doing one of your partner's regular chores are all ways to say "You are special." Most guys can make big headway by leaving the toilet seat down. You may find you will need Viagra not because of impotence, but because your partner wants you several times a day.
  4. Make love to the whole person. This means showing you care--sort of like #3 above, but not just by acts of romance and thoughtfulness. You make love to the whole person by finding out what your lover really wants--and delivering.
  5. Make love to your partner's whole body. There's a lot of skin on the human body--make use of it.
  6. Don't rush into the bump and grind. Try kissing and caressing, warming your partner up to peak desire. Work at treating your partner as something other than a receptacle for your Viagra-charged tool.


These six tips can help you go from a Viagra-charged person who can do penetration to a dynamic lover who uses Viagra to help complete the job. There is much more to love-making and star-bursting satisfaction than Viagra can bring to the bedroom (or the kitchen table or wherever).

Use Viagra when you need to, but work on the other things, too. 


Viagra also helps women.

Women have some problems, too, and one of those is a form of "female impotence," which we'll explain shortly. The good news is Viagra may help "impotent" women. Viagra may help you, if you are one of these women. There are many of you out there. Why so? In most cases, probably the same blood flow problems that result in male impotence.

A shortage of a certain compound (GMP) in the bloodstream causes the blood flow problems that cause impotence. Viagra enhances the performance of GMP by lengthening GMP cycle times. This causes the penis to engorges blood. You may not know this, but the original purpose of Viagra was to treat angina (chest pain associated with poor circulation to the heart). Coincidentally, patients on a Viagra protocol were having better and longer erections. And that led us to see Viagra as a cure for male impotence.

What about women? Nitric oxide, which is important to male erections, also exists in females. In fact, the clitoris--the counterpart of the penis--produces Nitric oxide. Hmm. This got the doctors to thinking. And what they thought was the same kind of blood flow problems that cause male impotence might be causing female impotence. Sound logical, right? Read on.

What is "female impotence?" We all know clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication are real, right? How do you think that happens? Blood must flow into the vaginal area, especially the area near the clitoris, for a woman to respond sexually. When women have poor orgasms, can't reach orgasm, suffer from vaginal dryness, or have other problems indicative of poor stimulation, poor blood flow to the vaginal area may be a culprit. For whatever reason.

Those reasons can be many. Generally poor circulation is almost always a result of poor health practices. Smoking is a major cause. So are heart disease and diabetes. Smoking is a major cause of heart disease. Diabetes is diet-related. People on highly glycemic diets (see http://www.supplecity.com) are at high risk for diabetes and other illnesses. Lack of exercise is yet another factor.

Then there's a host of medicines that treat diseases brought on by smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, and--in some cases--just plain bad luck. These may contribute to sexual dysfunction. Add in the stress of such things as working in today's global economy and dealing with such agencies as the IRS, and it is sometimes a wonder anyone can get it up or get it on.


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